Where Can I Test Mechanical Keyboards?

Where Can I Test Mechanical Keyboards? Currently there are various free offline and online software that you can use to test your mechanical keyboard.

Testing the mechanical keyboard is one of the important activities to do because by testing your mechanical keyboard, you can find out whether all the functions and buttons on your mechanical keyboard are functioning properly or not.

There are various ways to test the mechanical keyboard that you do, such as the simplest by opening Notepad or writing software on your laptop or PC. One of the most accurate ways to test all the functionality of the switches or keys on your mechanical keyboard is to visit several free websites dedicated to testing mechanical keyboards.

Where Can I Test Mechanical Keyboards?

The following is a list of websites that we recommend to test your mechanical keyboard:

1. https://en.key-test.ru/

https://en.key-test.ru/ is a free website to test your mechanical keyboard, especially for those of you who have a mechanical keyboard that has a variety of additional keys such as multimedia keys, macros, numpad, and various other additional keys.

The appearance of https://en.key-test.ru/ is quite minimalistic and already in use. The mechanical keyboard keys that you have pressed will be marked with white color, which means the keys are functioning and can provide good input to the computer.

2. https://mechanicalkeyboard.com/keyboard-tester/

For those of you who use standard keyboard layouts such as 40%, 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 1800-Compact, or full size keyboard, https://mechanicalkeyboard.com/keyboard-tester/ is a very good mechanical keyboard tester website. right for you, especially for mechanical keyboards that do not have additional keys such as macro or multimedia keys.

The appearance of this website is quite simple with a white virtual keyboard layout and green marks for keys that have been pressed. Its use is quite simple, you just need to visit the website and start testing all the buttons on your mechanical keyboard.

3. KeyboardTester.com

KeyboardTester.com is one of the most familiar mechanical keyboard testing websites for mechanical keyboard custom enthusiasts. How not, this website is always used to test whether the PCB on the custom mechanical keyboard they are building can function properly or not.

When you visit the KeyboardTester.com website, you will find the “Launch The Tester” option button which, if you click on it, will take you to a new window of the mechanical keyboard testing page.

The virtual keyboard has a minimalist appearance with a white layout and is quite easy to use. Unfortunately, the available keys are only for standard keyboard mechanics because there are no keys for macro functions or media keys.

4. https://keyboard-test.space/

The website for testing the next mechanical keyboard function is https://keyboard-test.space/. This website has the appearance of a black keyboard layout with rounded button designs.

Unfortunately for the sound effects of each type you input is not contained in https://keyboard-test.space/. The keys that have not been pressed will be black and the keyboard keys that you have pressed will be marked in white.

https://keyboard-test.space/ is a website for testing standard mechanical keyboards that do not have additional keys such as macros or multimedia keys.

https://keyboard-test.space/ also has a feature to test the functionality of your left and right mouse buttons.

5. https://keyboardtestt.com/

https://keyboardtestt.com/ is a free website to test your mechanical keyboard. https://keyboardtestt.com/ has an easy-to-use interface and there is a feature to activate typing sound effects.

Unfortunately, https://keyboardtestt.com/ only provides a layout for testing a mechanical keyboard with a standard layout because there are no additional keys such as media keys or macro keys on the keyboard layout on this website.

6. https://www.passmark.com/products/keytest/

https://www.passmark.com/products/keytest/ is a website that provides free software that you can download freely and can be used to test your mechanical keyboard offline or without internet because the software can be installed stand alone on a laptop or your PC.

The software interface made by Passmark is quite simple with quite complete features such as sound effects, the last key pressed indicator, and various other indicators that can help you find out which keys on your keyboard are functioning properly or not. You can download the keyboard tester software from passmark here.

7. https://kbs.im/

https://kbs.im/ is one of the free online keyboard testers that we highly recommend. In addition to being able to test all key functions on your mechanical keyboard, https://kbs.im/ also provides a feature to test the sound of typing a particular switch that you want to try.

https://kbs.im/ also provides a variety of different keyboard layouts ranging from 60% to full size keyboards. https://kbs.im/ provides sound testing options for switches from various switch brands such as Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, Outemu, and Drop switches.

If you want a complete and in-depth test of your mechanical keyboard, https://kbs.im/ is a website that we highly recommend.

Why Should You Test a Mechanical Keyboard?

Testing a mechanical keyboard is the right step to ensure all the keys and functions on your mechanical keyboard can work according to their respective functions.

One of the main functions of mechanical keyboard testing software is that it is used to test the mechanical keyboard PCB which is a very important step before you proceed to assembling your own mechanical keyboard.

Making sure all the mechanical keyboard keys are working properly is important before you use them for typing every day.

By using a mechanical keyboard tester, you can determine whether or not there are keys on your keyboard that send input on time, delay, or even don’t send input at all to the computer.


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