Where Can I Buy Mechanical Keyboard Parts?

Where Can I Buy Mechanical Keyboard Parts?

One of the advantages of having a mechanical keyboard is that you can easily maintain, modify, upgrade, and replace the existing component parts on your mechanical keyboard. Almost all parts on the mechanical keyboard can be replaced such as switches, keycaps, stabilizer, casing, USB cable (as long as the USB cable is removable), PCB, Plate, and additional components such as dampening foam on the mechanical keyboard can be replaced.

But where can you find parts for a mechanical keyboard if you want to build a mechanical keyboard or replace an existing part on your mechanical keyboard? Currently, there are many trusted websites on the internet that can make it easier for you to find parts for your mechanical keyboard.

There are websites that provide direct purchase services and also for some parts that are quite rare you can preorder. Several websites such as mechanicalkeyboards.com, Amazon, Banggood, Drop, Kbdfans, WASD Keyboard, Novelkeys, Cannon Keys, 1upkeyboards, and Aliexpress are trusted wbesites that sell various types of parts for mechanical keyboards.

Let’s discuss one by one about trusted websites that sell parts for this mechanical keyboard so that you can find one of the websites that you might use as your subscription to buy mechanical keyboard parts.

1. Amazon

Intsall Foam Inside The Keyboards C...
Intsall Foam Inside The Keyboards Case

Who does not know that Amazon, one of the largest marketplaces in the world, is one of the easiest and fastest places to find various parts for mechanical keyboards. Ranging from barebones keyboards, switches, keycaps, stabilizers, PCBs, keyboard cases, foam dampers, plates, custom USB cables, to prebuilt mechanical keyboards are available on Amazon.

What makes Amazon a convenient place to buy mechanical keyboard parts is that this marketplace is very trusted, there are a lot of product choices for mechanical keyboard parts, easy transactions, and very fast delivery.

Amazon also provides mobile applications for Android and iOS that can make it easier for you to order the mechanical keyboard parts you need just from your palm. Amazon is one of the best places to find parts for your mechanical keyboard.

2. Mechanicalkeyboards.com

Mechanicalkeyboards.com is one of the trusted websites to get your mechanical keyboard parts. This website is very popular among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts because it provides almost everything needed for your mechanical keyboard such as switches, keycaps, stabilizers, casings, custom keyboards, prebuilt keyboards, PCBs.

For shipping, mechanicalkeyboards.com usually completes 5 to 10 days delivery to various countries. What makes mechanical keyboards very popular with mechanical keyboard enthusiasts is because they sell mechanical keyboard parts at affordable prices and the products they sell are guaranteed to be original.

3. Drop

Drop.com is one of the right places if you want to get mechanical keyboard parts products that have great quality. Drop.com is an online store based in the USA and all the products they sell are shipped from the USA.

Drop.com is known as an online store that sells quality mechanical keyboard parts with prices that vary from the cheapest to the most expensive. Drop.com also manufactures their products such as prebuilt mechanical keyboards, switches, keycaps, casings, and PCBs.

Drop.com is also known as one of the most trusted online stores that sells high quality keycaps from several brands such as GMK, ePBT, and Drop Keycaps, which are keycaps products in collaboration with well-known keycaps designers.

Drop.com also sells various brands of switches from Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh that can be guaranteed authenticity. Drop.com also manufactures their high-quality switches.

4. Kbdfans

Kbdfans is an online store that sells mechanical keyboard parts located in China. Kbdfans have an excellent reputation among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who have shopped on their website.

Kbdfans does not ship as fast as Amazon and Drop, they may take up to 14 days maximum for the delivery of the product you buy.

Kbdfans is known as one of the best places to buy a variety of mechanical keyboard needs ranging from keyboard mechanical components such as switches, keycaps, PCBs, casings, stabilizers, plates, and others.

Kbdfans also have their own custom mechanical keyboard products for various layouts ranging from 40%, 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 1800-Compact keyboard, to full size keyboard. When ordering their custom made keyboard, you have the flexibility to choose what components you want from the various brands available. For example you get a switch option from Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, or Outemu. Likewise with keycaps you can choose keycaps according to your wishes.

Kbdfans also sells mechanical keyboard parts at quite affordable prices and the shipping costs are also relatively affordable even though the shipping they serve is on an international scale.

5. Aliexpress

AliExpress, which is also one of the largest marketplaces in the world, currently provides various parts needs for mechanical keyboards. All the parts needed for a mechanical keyboard are widely available on AliExpress, from switches, keycaps, casings, stabilizers, custom USB cables, prebuilt keyboards, PCBs, and several other well-known mechanical keyboard products that you can find in this Chinese marketplace.

AliExpress also serves the delivery of goods on an international scale which in our opinion is very fast. Some of the rare parts for mechanical keyboards you can also usually find on AliExpress such as PCBs for mechanical keyboards which are hard to find in computer shops in your city.

AliExpress is a marketplace where vendors sell mechanical keyboard parts products where you can order custom mechanical keyboard parts by contacting the seller directly, of course you might get a slightly higher price if you order custom parts for your mechanical keyboard this way.

6. NovelKeys

NovelKeys is one of the most trusted online stores that sells a wide range of quality mechanical keyboard parts products. At NovelKeys, you won’t find mediocre quality products because they really focus on selling the best quality mechanical keyboard parts.

This makes NovelKeys display its mechanical keyboard parts products at a fairly high price compared to other online stores selling mechanical keyboard parts.

NovelKeys is also trusted as one of the authorized sellers by well-known vendors who produce limited custom mechanical keyboards, limited premium keycaps, and limited keyboard cases.

NovelKeys focuses on selling products such as prebuilt custom mechanical keyboards, keycaps, switches, custom cases, rare PCBs, and tools needed to maintain your mechanical keyboard.

7. Cannon Keys

One trusted website that has a very good reputation and sells quality and rare mechanical keyboard parts is Cannon Keys. Cannon Keys is known as the official seller of limited edition GMK keycaps which you can only buy through pre order or group buy channels.

Cannon Keys is known as an online store that sells high quality keycaps from well-known brands such as GMK, ePBT, NicePBT, and their own keycaps product, CannonCaps, which has very good quality.

Cannon Keys also provides a Group Buy service for the purchase of rare, limited edition products such as limited edition GMK Keycaps, limited edition switches, and limited edition custom keyboards.

For those of you who want exclusive mechanical keyboard parts who want to have rare keyboard mechanical parts, Cannon Keys is the place we highly recommend.

The ordering process at Cannon Keys is quite easy and the delivery is also relatively fast, except for the group buy route which may take months.

8. 1upkeyboards

1upkeyboards is one of the most complete online stores that provides various mechanical keyboard parts such as switches, keycaps, PCBs, Stabilizers, USB Cables, Cases, mechanical keyboard accessories, lubricants, mechanical keyboard tools, even you can find parts for switches also in 1upkeyboards.

1upkeyboards also sells various prebuilt mechanical keyboard products with various layout sizes and the prices are quite varied, ranging from cheap prices to quite expensive prices.

1upkeyboards is known as an online shop that sells quality mechanical keyboard PCBs and they also make their own mechanical keyboard PCB products which have quite distinctive designs.

9. WASD Keyboard

One of the next trusted places to buy mechanical keyboard parts is WASD Keyboard. WASD Keyboard provides various accessories for mechanical keyboard needs such as O-rings, Keycaps Pullers, Switches Pullers, Lubricants, Keyboard Cases, Custom Keycaps, and artisan keycaps.

WASD Keyboard is known as one of the online stores that allow you to design the custom keycaps you want to have and have them produce them for you. Not only keycaps, you can even order a custom prebuilt mechanical keyboard that you can design yourself on WASD Keyboard.

10. Banggood

Banggood is a marketplace that is currently growing rapidly and has grown to become very large in recent years. Banggood is known as a marketplace that provides a variety of products that you can buy in very large quantities, it can be said that this is an online store that is a supplier for various businesses who want to sell products.

For mechanical keyboard parts, you can also find quite a lot at Banggood. Starting from PCBs, keycaps, switches, stabilizers, lubricants, prebuilt mechanical keyboards, to all the tools needed to maintain your mechanical keyboard are available in this marketplace.

Banggood sends orders from China, because the majority of product sellers in this marketplace are vendors from China. Shipping to various countries is known to be quite fast and safe.

Banggood provides almost the same mechanical keyboard parts as Amazon and AliExpress, you can find a variety of keyboard mechanical parts from the cheapest to the most expensive price range.

The best online shop to buy mechanical keyboard parts

  • Mechanicalkeyboards.com
  • Drop
  • Kbdfans
  • NovelKeys
  • Cannon Keys
  • 1upkeyboards
  • WASD Keyboards

The best marketplace to buy mechanical keyboard parts

  • Amazon
  • AliExpress
  • Banggood