What Does Mechanical Keyboard Mean?

You may have used a mechanical keyboard or you already have one now. But, What Does Mechanical Keyboard Mean?

The keyboard is one of the most important computer/PC devices, especially for gamers. There are two types of keyboards that are most often found on the market, namely membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are often used by gamers because they are stronger and more durable. Before using a mechanical keyboard, you must know each type of mechanical keyboard with different functions and characteristics.

What Does Mechanical Keyboard Mean?

What Does Mechanical Keyboard Mean?
What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

This mechanical keyboard or mech keyboard actually has the same function as other types of keyboards, namely as a keyboard. However, this type of mechanical keyboard has excellent features in which users will feel more comfortable. A good quality keyboard is the answer that can be given to what a mechanical keyboard is. With better quality, the price is relatively more expensive, especially if the mechanical keyboard has quite complete features.

Mechanical keyboards deliver innovations that are more efficient and provide extra comfort with a wire and spring system. This system allows the keyboard user to press it just a little so there is no need for big pressure. That’s why mechanical keyboards are considered more suitable for the needs of playing games, writing articles or documents. Based on the reviews of several users, mechanical keyboards have better stamina so typing will not be tired.

Mechanical Switches are used in mechanical keyboards thus making them referred to as “Mechanical Keyboards”

Mechanical Switches are used in mechanical keyboards thus making them referred to as "Mechanical Keyboards"
Mechanical Switches are used in mechanical keyboards thus making them referred to as “Mechanical Keyboards”

The use of mechanical switch components on a mechanical keyboard is the main reason why this type of keyboard is called a “Mechanical Keyboard”. A mechanical switch on the mechanical keyboard is attached individually to each key. Each switch consists of a bottom housing, top housing, spring, stem, and pin components which are the connectors of the switch to the PCB.

Characteristics of Switches

Each switch on has a different character, you can see this from the color difference on the stem switch. Currently there are many switches with different colors. But there are 3 switch colors that you should know based on their characteristics, namely Red Switch, Brown Switch, and Blue Switch.

Characteristics can be defined as technical specifications, mechanical feedback obtained, and the typing feel felt on a switch such as:

  • Depth Level: “Actuation Point”
  • Feedback is linear, tactile, or clicky typing.
  • Typing sound generated.

If you are still confused with the terms above, here is the explanation:

  • Actuation Point: This is the point where when the switch is pressed to that point, the switch will provide input to the PCB and the PCB will convert the input to a computer.
  • Sound produced: The switch can produce different typing sounds depending on the type. Linear switches produce the quietest typing sound, tactile switches produce slightly louder typing sounds, and clicky switches produce very loud typing sounds.
  • Linear: One of the most popular linear switches is the red switch which provides smooth typing feedback, light actuation, and produces a very quiet typing sound.
  • Tactile: One of the most popular tactile switches is the Brown Switch, which provides slightly bumpy typing feedback and produces a slightly louder typing sound.
  • Clicky: One of the most popular types of clicky switches is the Blue Switch and Green Switch. Clicky type switches can provide very bumpy typing feedback and produce a very loud typing sound.

Meaning of Colors in Mechanical Switches

Each stem color on a mechanical switch has a different meaning. The difference in stem color on the mechanical switch can be interpreted as a differentiator for the typing feeling you get, the typing sound produced, and the typing feedback you will get. The following are the switch colors by color and type:

Switches ColorType
Meaning of Colors in Mechanical Switches

Switch manufacturers for mechanical keyboard

Currently there are several well-known brands that produce various types of switches for mechanical keyboards. Here is the complete list:

  • Cherry MX
  • Kailh
  • ZealPC
  • Gateron
  • Outemu
  • Logitech Switches
  • Akko
  • Drop
  • Alpaca
  • C3


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