What Are Mechanical Keyboards Good For?

In this post we want to explain about What Are Mechanical Keyboards Good For? is it just for playing games? or can it be used for other purposes?

A mechanical keyboard is a computer device that is used for typing. Mechanical keyboards have various advantages compared to membrane keyboards from various aspects such as being able to provide a more pleasant typing experience, having a more robust and solid design, easier to maintain, easier to modify, and, having more features, has greater durability. very good.

Like other keyboards, mechanical keyboards are very good for use in fulfilling your typing needs such as gaming, writing articles if you are a blogger, programming or coding if you are a programmer, For Those of You Who Have Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Problems, and for normal typing when you are using a computer.

What Are Mechanical Keyboards Good For?

  • Gaming
  • Coding or Programming
  • For Those of You Who Have Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Problems
  • For Normal Typing Like Internet Browsing or Writing Articles

1. Gaming


One of the reasons a mechanical keyboard was created is to provide a responsive and precise typing experience. The mechanical keyboard is very reliable for playing games, this is because the mechanical keyboard has a very responsive switch component to support your gaming needs.

The switches on the mechanical keyboard are attached individually to each key and will provide the same typing feeling. Whether it’s a linear, tactile, and clicky type switch, it can provide excellent typing responsiveness when you use it to play games. This makes the use of a mechanical keyboard the standard for competitive games such as CSGO, Valorant, Dota 2, Fortnite, and many other popular computer games.

2. Coding or Programming

Coding or Programming
Coding or Programming

If you are a software maker or what is often referred to as a programmer, using a mechanical keyboard to get work done is a very good choice.

Programming activities are activities that require processing time that require a long duration. Typing every letter, number, and character must be really paid attention because if there is a typo, it is certain that it will cause an error in the application or software that you create. Therefore, to minimize typing errors, a programmer is strongly advised to use a mechanical keyboard.

Several features on the mechanical keyboard such as the Anti Ghosting feature and N-Key Rollover provide a very important role when writing program code. Both of these features can minimize typing errors very well so that typing program code will be more precise and there will be minimal character input errors.

3. For Those of You Who Have Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Problems

For Those of You Who Have Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Problems
For Those of You Who Have Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Problems

Repetitive Strain Injury is an injury to the joints due to tension in the muscles and nerves due to certain physical activities that are carried out continuously for a long time.

Some symptoms of RSI are often experienced such as a sore lower back, sore shoulders and elbows or to pain, RSI is a result of bad playing posture, and also bad ergonomics of the device. In addition, rest between playing time is very important. to reduce the risk of strain.

One of the injuries that are often experienced by people who use their hands to type are symptoms that fall into the RSI category, namely experiencing muscle tension, soreness, and fatigue.

Using a mechanical keyboard for typing can minimize this risk. Currently, there are many mechanical keyboards that have ergonomic designs with various accessories such as wrist rests, for example.

The mechanical keyboard is also designed to be easier to use, such as the keys being lighter to operate, more responsive, and more comfortable to use for a longer duration. So for every keystroke on the mechanical keyboard it feels very easy and doesn’t require excessive effort like using a membrane keyboard and other types of keyboards. If you have symptoms of RSI, we recommend that you start using a mechanical keyboard with an ergonomic design, a low profile mechanical keyboard, or a mechanical keyboard that uses linear switches that have the lightest weight to operate.

4. For Normal Typing Like Internet Browsing or Writing Articles

For Normal Typing Like Internet Browsing or Writing Articles
For Normal Typing Like Internet Browsing or Writing Articles

Mechanical keyboards have the advantage of being more fun to type on. The mechanical keyboard can provide tactile feedback that feels a little bumpy and produces a very distinctive typing sound.

For ordinary use such as typing while browsing on the internet, blogging, typing office work, and various other typing activities, a mechanical keyboard can provide a very pleasant typing experience.

This is because the mechanical keyboard can provide a typing experience that is faster, responsive, and much lighter to operate than other types of keyboards.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?
What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

Mechanical Keyboard or what may be known as a mech keyboard, basically has the same function as a keyboard in general. One of the superior features of this mech keyboard lies in its high level of comfort.

Usually the keyboard is widely used by people who really want to have good quality. Good quality of course comes with a price range that is more expensive than a regular keyboard.

In normal use of the keyboard, users must apply enough pressure to be able to input the keys, given the rubber inside.

Talking about the mechanics of its use, the mechanical keyboard comes with a more visionary innovation in providing a sensation of comfort. The mech keyboard uses a spring and wire system, so we don’t have to press deep enough when we want to type.

Thus, its users can comfortably operate it because of the good sensitivity and also the feel that is felt is quite good for the fingers when working.

For those of you who often work such as typing documents, articles, to gaming, of course, you will have more stamina if you use a mech keyboard than a regular keyboard which is more tiring when typing.

Reasons to Choose Mechanical Keyboard

1. Have Good Resistance

If you use a regular keyboard, you may often encounter problems starting from some keys that sometimes don’t work or are easy to break and crack. If you spend a lot of time using the keyboard, it’s a good idea for you to start trying using a mechanical keyboard. By using this type of keyboard, the keys will be very durable because they use an individual switch design.

Every push on the keyboard switch will be in direct contact with the onboard circuit, which strengthens the durability aspect of this typewriter to be very durable up to 50 million taps.

2. Comfortable to Use for a Long Time

The feel produced by this mechanical keyboard as described previously has various types of comfort from each switch. But of course the resulting feel is quite comfortable than other ordinary keyboards. Usually those who have used a mechanical keyboard don’t want to go back to using a regular or membrane keyboard.

3. Easy to Repair and Clean

Ever cleaned the keyboard? Usually, when you clean a membrane keyboard, it will be very difficult, especially if the rubber is easy to come off, move, or even attract a lot of dirt. By using a mechanical keyboard, you just need to open the keycap and clean it with ear cleaner or other cleaner.

This cleaning model really helps reduce the damage that can occur when cleaning, and of course it will be very durable because it uses a switch. Usually the rubber on an ordinary keyboard will turn yellow easily and not last long, so it will be quite easy to damage or even pull when you remove the keys.

4. Able to Press Multiple Buttons Simultaneously

When you use a regular keyboard, it will be quite difficult to press several key combinations simultaneously because some will not appear. With a mechanical keyboard that uses individual switches, you can easily press several keys at once. Usually this feature is called anti-ghosting, which may be suitable for certain games that require us to press several buttons at the same time.

5. Have Attractive Visuals

The current development of mechanical keyboards is quite good, because almost all available mechanical keyboards have good visuals. For example, there is an LED backlight that makes the keyboard produce visually cool colors. In fact, the color can be set either as static, flashing, to like a rainbow that moves in a loop.

6. Every Button Can Be Modified

Even cooler, you can change each button according to your wishes and even the many types that are currently available. Of course that way, the visuals of the keyboard will be even more interesting with a variety of colors on the buttons.

So that’s it, a little introduction about what a mechanical keyboard is. For those of you who do spend a lot of time typing either as writers, or programmers, or even gamers, don’t hesitate to try using a mechanical keyboard.


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