What Are Mechanical Keyboard? Things You Should Know

In this post we will explain about What Are Mechanical Keyboard? and how it differs from other types of keyboards.

The keyboard is one of the most important computer/PC devices, especially for gamers. There are two types of keyboards that are most often found on the market, namely membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are often used by gamers because they are stronger and more durable. Before using a mechanical keyboard, you must know each type of mechanical keyboard with different functions and characteristics.

What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

What Are Mechanical Keyboard?
What is a Mechanical Keyboard?

This mechanical keyboard or mech keyboard actually has the same function as other types of keyboards, namely as a keyboard. However, this type of mechanical keyboard has excellent features where users will feel more comfortable.

A good quality keyboard is the answer that can be given to what a mechanical keyboard is. With better quality, the price is relatively more expensive, especially if the mechanical keyboard has quite complete features. Mechanical keyboards deliver innovations that are more efficient and provide extra comfort with a wire and spring system. This system allows the keyboard user to press it just a little so there is no need for big pressure. That’s why mechanical keyboards are considered more suitable for the needs of playing games, writing articles or documents. Based on reviews of several users, mechanical keyboards have better stamina so typing will not be tired.

Here’s the Difference Between Mechanical and Ordinary Keyboards

In the midst of the esports trend, especially on the PC platform, many of you may have heard of a mechanical keyboard which is always attached to a gaming keyboard. As the name implies, this keyboard is more intended for gaming.

However, for ordinary keyboards, there is a discussion that this type of device uses a component called a membrane. This certainly bothers some users, what is the difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards?

1. Interior Design

Interior Design
Interior Design

Mechanical keyboard refers to the mechanical system of how the keyboard works when the keys are pressed. This keyboard uses a mechanical component design in the form of a switch that connects the keycap or keyboard keys with the electronic circuit underneath to send input to a PC and the output appears on the screen display.

Mechanical keyboards have a switch component for each keycap or key. This is different from a regular keyboard that uses a membrane. The membrane is a layer under the keyboard keys which is usually in the form of rubber for tar, different from switches although they work the same way.

The membrane part is usually a rubber ridge that will drop down to touch the circuit and send input when a key is pressed, again the way it works is the same but nowadays this type of technology is more commonly found on ordinary keyboards or laptops.

2. How to work together, what’s the difference?

On a mechanical keyboard the switches under the keycap or keys can work more accurately because each key has its own switch for input. The design of the switch has been ensured to accept the lightest pressure on the button and accept input.

Unlike the membrane, the rubber bulge (dome) under the button can slide to the side, not down when pressed. This condition makes you when typing using a membrane keyboard you have to press deeper so that the input is actually accepted.

3. What is the effect?

Based on the previous explanation, the mechanical keyboard can provide input accuracy for those who type quickly. For gamers, they can press a number of buttons quickly in the middle of the game. That’s why gaming keyboards often mention the N-key Rollover feature as an advantage.

On a membrane keyboard, it is certain that this is not found, when you press several keys at the same time or very quickly, there is a high probability that there is a part that is not accepted by the input so it does not appear on the screen display.

On the other hand, membrane keyboards that use rubber materials more quickly degrade in performance as the elastic properties of rubber decrease over time. Switches on mechanical keyboards are the same, but they last longer, besides that, switch components can be replaced easily because they are one of the superior features of gaming keyboards.

Currently, many gaming keyboards offer switch and PCB replacement features that support hot swappable features. In the gaming accessory industry, there are switches with various types of characteristics according to gamers’ tastes, for example Cherry MX with red, blue, and brown variants, Gateron Switch, Kailh Switch, and many other mechanical switch products available on the market that can be tailored to your taste.


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