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Which Mechanical Keyboard Switch?

Which Mechanical Keyboard Switch?

A mechanical keyboard has several important components such as PCB, Keycaps, Switch, Casing, plate, and Stabilizers. One of the most important components on a mechanical keyboard is a switch. The switch is a mechanical keyboard component that is attached to the PCB, either soldered or can be installed and removed at any time (as in […]

Cherry MX vs Gateron Switches

Cherry MX vs Gateron – Which is Better for You?

When it comes to mechanical keyboard switches, the most widely used and best known for now are Cherry MX and Gateron. These two brands of switches have been used in a wide variety of custom and pre-built mechanical keyboards on the market today. But, which is better, Cherry MX or Gateron? Cherry MX is the […]

Cherry vs OEM: Which Keycap Profile is Better?

Cherry Profile Keycaps vs OEM Profile Keycaps

On profile keycaps between Cherry Profil and OEM Profile are the most common types of profiles we find on the market today. OEM profile is usually more widely used in mechanical keyboards sold today. OEM keycaps profiles are very affordable and easy to find. In contrast to Cherry profile keycaps which are rarely found, and […]

A Complete Guide to Elecom Trackballs

A Complete Guide to Elecom Trackballs [2022]

If you’ve ever heard of one of the best trackball making brands from JAPAN, then ELECOM is that brand. Elecom has a wide variety of ergonomic trackball products that you can buy anywhere, including many of their products on Amazon with various variants. Through this article, we would like to introduce products from Elecom, especially […]

Trackball Vs Normal Mouse

Trackball vs Normal Mouse

There are many different objects to move the cursor on the computer to run programs, click, select files, scroll, and drag files. Starting from the mouse, trackpad, touchpad, trackball, and even today you can touch the monitor screen to move the cursor. There is one thing that should not be forgotten by us, that there […]