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Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Typing?

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Typing?

Currently, the mechanical keyboard has become one of the fastest growing industries. Of course, nowadays almost everyone prefers a mechanical keyboard to a membrane keyboard to accompany their typing or playing games. This is because the mechanical keyboard has so many benefits that ordinary keyboards or membrane keyboards don’t have. For typing, the mechanical keyboard […]

Best Keyboards For Typing

The Best Keyboards For Typing [2022]

Of course when you buy a keyboard its main function is to type. Currently, there are so many manufacturers that make keyboards that are very pleasant to use for typing, be it mechanical keyboards, optical keyboards, and also membrane keyboards. In this article, we want to provide a complete guide on how to choose a […]

Best Keycaps Sets for Typing And Coding

The 15 Best Keycaps for Typing And Coding [2022]

If you are looking for the best set of keycaps that can give you an amazing typing experience that can be used for typing or coding if you are a programmer, you have come to the right article. In this article we would like to recommend keycaps sets with different profiles that are very reliable […]

15 Best Mechanical Keyboards for Typing

The 15 Best Keyboards For Typing [2022]

If you are a person who uses your time to do activities at the computer to do business or reports for the office, you are a person who type a lot with your keyboard. If you are currently still using a membrane keyboard, you must often make mistakes in typing, this is because the membrane […]