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Best Cheap Full Size (100%) Mechanical Keyboards

The 14 Best Cheap Full Size (100%) Keyboards [2022]

Keyboard with Full Size layout is one of the keyboards with the most complete functions because all function keys such as numpad, F1 to F12, Arrow Keys, even multimedia keys can also be available in a full size keyboard. Currently, there are many manufacturers who make full-size keyboards, so that full-size keyboards have a very […]

Best Full Size (100%) Hot Swappable Keyboards

The 5 Best Full Size (100%) Hot Swappable Keyboards [2022]

If you are confused about choosing a full size keyboard that has hot swappable features that can meet your needs, you have come to the right article. Because in this article we want to provide information about some of the best full size hot swappable keyboard recommendations on the market today. The hot swappable feature […]

Best Full Size Mechanical Keyboards For Gaming And Typing

The 12 Best Full Size (100%) Keyboards [2022]

A full-size keyboard is a keyboard that has a layout with the most and most complete keys and functions. The full size or 100% keyboard has a total of 104 keys which are equipped with numpad, arrow keys and F1 to F12 keys. This is the traditional layout from which other keyboard layouts are derived. […]

ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for FPS Gamers

The ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX Review [2022]

ASUS ROG Strix Scope RX could be a solid candidate for a reliable gaming keyboard. Because in addition to the aesthetic value which is much more positive, the presence of the ROG RX Red Switch has a big meaning that it can make any activity that you throw on the device more comfortable to go […]

Hexgears Impulse - The Hot Swappable Full Size Mechanical Keyboard

The Hexgears Impulse Review [2022]

Hexgears Impulse is a Hot- Swappable full-sized mechanical keyboard equipped with a very attractive Double Shot PBT Pudding Keycap at a very affordable price. If you want a Hot-Swappable full-sized mechanical keyboard with great RGB Backlight, great build quality, and decent features for just under $100, then Hexgears Impulse is the best choice for you. […]