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Best Profile Keycaps for Gaming

The Best Keycaps Profile for Gaming [2022]

If you are confused about which keycaps profile to choose to meet your gaming needs, you have come to the right article because in this article we will discuss the best profile keycaps for gaming. There are 3 best profile keycaps for gaming, namely DSA profile, Cherry Profile, and OEM profile. DSA and Cherry Profile […]

Best OEM Profile Keycaps Sets

The 14 Best OEM Keycaps [2022]

Keycap OEM profile is one of the most ideal keycap profiles besides Cherry Profile and DSA Profile. The OEM Profile has a very ideal height and is sure to fit various types of user hand sizes. This makes the keycap OEM profile a standard that should be used on every prebuilt keyboard on the market […]

Best MT3 Keycaps Sets

The 13 Best MT3 Keycaps [2022]

The MT3 profile is quite popular among enthusiasts of custom mechanical keyboards and this MT3 profile keycap is perfect for use on low profile keyboards or keyboards that have a thin design so that when you use the MT3 profile keycap for typing you still get a more precise and ergonomic typing experience. . But […]

Best XDA Keycaps

The 15 Best XDA Keycaps [2022]

The XDA profile is a very pleasant keycap profile for typing. This is a fairly low profile keycap and is one of the most popular keycap profiles for typing. The height of the XDA Keycap is below the OEM, SA, MDA, and slightly higher than the DSA profile. If you want to have a pleasant […]

Best DSA Keycaps

The 13 Best DSA Keycaps [2022]

Keycap DSA Profile is a type of keycap that is very easy and fun to use for typing or playing games. This is a type of profile keycap where all keycaps have the same height. If you are used to using the keycap on your Macbook or Laptop for typing, you will get the same […]

Best Alternative to GMK Keycaps Sets

The 18 Cheapest Cherry Profile Keycaps [2022]

If you want to have a cherry profile keycap set with the best quality like the GMK Keycap set but you have a fairly limited budget to get a keycap set from GMK because the price is very expensive, therefore you want a cherry profile keycap set that has a fairly good quality that can […]