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Best Keycaps for Anne Pro 2

The 26 Best Keycaps for Anne Pro 2 [2022]

The Anne Pro 2 is one of the most popular 60% keyboards among mechanical custom keyboard enthusiasts. This keyboard is known as a quality compact keyboard that has a cool design, has excellent build quality, and also uses quality components. The easiest thing you can do to upgrade the Anne Pro 2 is to replace […]

Best Keycaps for GMMK Pro

The 22 Best Keycaps for GMMK Pro [2022]

If you are building your custom keyboard using GMMK Pro 75% Barebone Keyboard but you are confused about what keycaps set you should use for your build this time. GMMK Pro has several keycaps with non-standard sizes such as the right Shift key with a size of 1.75u and there are several other keys that […]

GMMK Pro 75% Barebone Keyboard - First Impressions And Review

The GMMK Pro Review [2022]

GMMK Pro 75% is a barebones keyboard that is very popular after it was officially launched in November 2021. This 75% keyboard has become the target of custom keyboard mechanical enthusiasts. How not, this keyboard has a very cool design with a rotary knob which indicates that this is a custom keyboard. In addition, this […]

Elecom Deft Pro Review

The Elecom Deft Pro Review [2022]

Are you looking for a finger trackball with dimensions similar to an ergonomic mouse? You have come to the right article, because in this article we will introduce a trackball from elecom that has a grip that is almost the same as an ergonomic gaming mouse grip, the trackball is the Elecom Deft Pro (M-DPT1MRXBK). […]

Elecom EX-G Pro Thumb Trackball Review

The Elecom EX-G Pro Thumb Trackball Review [2022]

Ergonomics mouse market is currently starting to be in demand again by many users. Trackball mice are not new, trackball mice have been used for the first time 60 years ago. But the trackballs that you find on the market today are updates from trackballs that have been rebuilt with new technologies and features. Most […]