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Best OEM Profile Keycaps Sets

The 14 Best OEM Keycaps [2022]

Keycap OEM profile is one of the most ideal keycap profiles besides Cherry Profile and DSA Profile. The OEM Profile has a very ideal height and is sure to fit various types of user hand sizes. This makes the keycap OEM profile a standard that should be used on every prebuilt keyboard on the market […]

Cherry vs OEM: Which Keycap Profile is Better?

Cherry Profile Keycaps vs OEM Profile Keycaps

On profile keycaps between Cherry Profil and OEM Profile are the most common types of profiles we find on the market today. OEM profile is usually more widely used in mechanical keyboards sold today. OEM keycaps profiles are very affordable and easy to find. In contrast to Cherry profile keycaps which are rarely found, and […]