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Best Keycaps Brand

The 15 Best Keycaps Brands [2022]

Keycap is an important component in a mechanical keyboard that without this component you will not be able to use a mechanical keyboard to type. Keycap is a component that is installed on the Stem Switch and functions as a button to enter letters, numbers, and symbols as you type. With keycaps, you can locate […]

Epomaker NT68 65% Portable Mechanical Keyboard Review

The Epomaker NT68 Review [2022]

Epomaker NT68 is a 65% Portable Mechanical Keyboard equipped with a magnetic case which makes this keyboard very portable to carry anywhere. This keyboard is a bluetooth wireless keyboard that can connect with various types of devices with different operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS. The features found on the […]

Bloody A70 Light Strike Gaming Mice - All Things You Should Know About it

The Bloody A70 Light Strike Gaming Mice Review [2022]

Bloody A70 Light Strike Gaming Mice is a very reliable gaming mouse for drag clicking, jitter clicking, bridging, moonwalking, dan Butterfly clicking. There are very few mice capable of drag clicking on the market, besides drag clicking it is quite difficult to do, a mouse that can perfectly drag clicking must have a very fast […]