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Maintenance Tips and How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

How to Clean a Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards have many advantages over the flat-panel keyboards commonly found on laptops and Macintosh computers. For tech geeks who use mechanical keyboards, of course, they often face problems such as dust that accumulates under the keys, or the threat of being splashed by water that can hit the device inside. Maintaining the mechanical keyboard […]


The HyperX Pudding Keycaps Review [2022]

If you’re having trouble finding the right keycaps for your mechanical keyboard, then HyperX Pudding Double Shot PBT Keycaps is the best choice for you, because this Keycaps set from HyperX will definitely fit any mechanical keyboard. HyperX Pudding is the perfect solution if you are afraid that the size of the replacement keycaps you […]

Is Razer a Good Brand?
Buyer's Guide

Is Razer a Good Brand?

Is Razer a Good Brand? Being the first company to create computer gear for gamers. Razer known as a Really Good Brand for Gaming Accessories. from Razer Gaming mouses, Keyboards, Headset, Microphones and more. Razer has a characteristic black and green color which is the main DNA color selection in their products. But not only […]