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Outemu Switches Guide

The Outemu Switches Guide [2022]

Most people in the world only know a few brands of mechanical switches such as Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh they may forget that there is a brand that produces mechanical switches with fairly reliable quality and sold at very affordable prices, even more affordable than Gateron and Kailh which are 2 brands of mechanical […]

Best Way to Clean Keycaps

Best Way to Clean Keycaps – A Complete Guide

Keycaps on a keyboard are the most frequently used components and are the most susceptible to dirt, smudges, and dust. But to clean keycaps is not difficult, there are already some of the most appropriate methods to clean keycaps so you can use your keycaps again in a clean state without stains and dust. How […]

Quietest Mechanical Switches

The 10 Quietest Switches for your Keyboard [2022]

If you want to get a smooth and quiet typing experience on your mechanical keyboard, of course one of the best options you can choose is to use the silent switch or use the soft switch that produces silent typing sounds. In this article, we will provide recommendations for the Quietest Mechanical Switches on the […]

Cherry MX Switches Guide

The Cherry MX Switches Guide [2022]

Cherry MX is a manufacturer from Germany that produces quality mechanical switches with switch products that have passed various European standard testing processes so that Cherry MX’s switch products have the best quality and have excellent durability. It is also recognized by many that the Cherry MX Switch is one of the quality mechanical switches […]

Best Star Wars Keycaps

The 7 Best Star Wars Keycaps [2022]

Star wars is one of the most famous films released from 1977 which tells about the war of heroes against monsters and villains which has released about 8 titles to date and is one of the most popular action film titles and is almost known by all circles. . This makes keycap set producers start […]

Best Minimalist Keycaps

The 14 Best Minimalist Keycaps [2022]

Keycaps with a minimalist design are keycaps that fit perfectly and are ideal for you to use on your keyboard. The minimalist keycap design has the appearance of a standard keyboard default keycap which usually uses a standard color combination of white or black with ordinary letter engraving without any animated images on the surface […]