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Best Keyboards with Gateron Switches

The 15 Best Keyboards with Gateron Switches [2022]

In addition to Cherry MX, Outemu, Kaihl switches, the Gateron switch brand is one of the switches that are often used in various mechanical gaming keyboard products. Gateron switches are manufactured by Huizhou Gateron Electronic Technology Co., Ltd..a semiconductor company from China that was founded in 2000. Together with Outemu, Kaihua, and Kaihl, Gateron is […]

Cherry MX vs Gateron Switches

Cherry MX vs Gateron – Which is Better for You?

When it comes to mechanical keyboard switches, the most widely used and best known for now are Cherry MX and Gateron. These two brands of switches have been used in a wide variety of custom and pre-built mechanical keyboards on the market today. But, which is better, Cherry MX or Gateron? Cherry MX is the […]

Gateron Switch Guide - The Best Budget Switches Options!

The Gateron Switches Guide [2022]

If you are looking for an affordable switch that has a quality that is almost close to the quality of a Cherry MX switch, then Gateron’s Siwtch is the right choice for you. Indeed Gateron does not have a reputation as good as Cherry MX in quality and user trust in their products. But lately […]