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Best PCBs for Tofu65 Custom Keyboard

The Best PCBs for Tofu65 Keyboard

Tofu65 is a 65% keyboard with dedicated arrow keys. Tofu65 is one of the most popular custom keyboard among mechanical custom keyboard enthusiasts. The Tofu65 has a cool design and excellent build quality and is one of the best-selling custom keyboard and has a very good reputation. When you buy Tofu65, you can freely choose […]

Best Barebone Keyboards For Custom Build

The 11 Best Barebones Keyboards [2022]

If you are confused about where to start building a custom mechanical keyboard and are thinking about the right components for you to use and you still don’t get the right composition, you should use an easier solution, namely by buying a Barebone Keyboard which you only need to add switches and keycap set only. […]

Cost for a Custom Mechanical Keyboard

How Much Does A Custom Keyboard Cost?

Building a dream custom mechanical keyboard is a dream for many gamers or clicker addicts today. How not, typing on a mechanical keyboard is a very pleasant opportunity. You will only get great clicky feedback and sound when using a mechanical keyboard. To get a custom mechanical keyboard, what is the minimum budget that must […]

How to Build a Custom Mechanical Keyboard

How to Build Your Own Custom Mechanical Keyboard

How to Build a Custom Mechanical Keyboard – Having a custom mechanical keyboard has its own meaning for everyone. Custom mechanical keyboard is a form of art in the computer world. To build a custom mechanical keyboard, there are many important things you should consider before starting. Through this article, we will reveal secrets that […]