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Best Keyboards with Cherry MX Blue Switches

The 12 Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboards [2022]

Cherry MX Blue Actuation Type Actuation Force Travel Distance Clicky 50g 4mm If you want a typing experience with bumpy feedback and produce a loud typing sound, of course the option you should use is the blue switch. One of the best blue switches on the market today is the Cherry MX Blue. Cherry MX […]

Best Keyboards with Cherry MX Brown

The 11 Best Cherry MX Brown Keyboards [2022]

Cherry MX Brown Actuation Type Actuation Force Travel Distance Tactile 45g 4mm The Cherry MX Brown is a very popular tactile type switch among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. The typing feeling provided by Cherry MX Brown is a combination of Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Blue which feels smooth but can provide slightly bumpy tactile […]

Cherry MX Brown vs Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Brown vs Cherry MX Red

If you are in a confused choice between Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown, you have come to the right article because we will provide a very detailed explanation of these two mechanical switches so that it will be easier for you to decide which switch. the one that best fits your preferences. Following […]

Best Cherry MX Keycaps

The 25 Best Cherry MX Keycaps [2022]

Cherry MX Mount is one of the most popular mounting keycaps and is most widely used by people around the world because most mechanical switch manufacturers are clones of Cherry MX Switches such as Gateron, Kailh, Otemu, Akko and many other switch manufacturers so the keycaps used are keycaps which can be paired with cherry […]

Best keyboards with Cherry MX Red Switch

The 12 Best Cherry MX Red Keyboards [2022]

The red switch is a mechanical keyboard switch whose stem is red and this is a linear type switch that can give you a smooth typing experience and produce a fairly quiet typing sound. There are several red switches that are of excellent quality and have a very good reputation among mechanical keyboard custom enthusiasts […]

Cherry MX Switches Guide

The Cherry MX Switches Guide [2022]

Cherry MX is a manufacturer from Germany that produces quality mechanical switches with switch products that have passed various European standard testing processes so that Cherry MX’s switch products have the best quality and have excellent durability. It is also recognized by many that the Cherry MX Switch is one of the quality mechanical switches […]