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HK GAMING GK61 Mechanical Keyboard should be a very decent choice for you to consider. HK GAMING GK61 has a 60% layout size with double shot ABS keycaps which are of fairly good quality. This is the most affordable 60% mechanical keyboard available today. Is HK Gaming GK61 worth it for you?

The HK GAMING GK61 Review [2022]

The 60% mechanical keyboard market is already very busy at the moment. Various kinds of products from various manufacturers have enlivened the 60% mechanical keyboard market. Are you confused which mechanical keyboard can give you confidence to choose it? Or are you looking for a 60% mechanical keyboard at the most affordable price? which one […]

Gateron Switch Guide - The Best Budget Switches Options!

The Gateron Switches Guide [2022]

If you are looking for an affordable switch that has a quality that is almost close to the quality of a Cherry MX switch, then Gateron’s Siwtch is the right choice for you. Indeed Gateron does not have a reputation as good as Cherry MX in quality and user trust in their products. But lately […]