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Outemu Switches Guide

The Outemu Switches Guide [2022]

Most people in the world only know a few brands of mechanical switches such as Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh they may forget that there is a brand that produces mechanical switches with fairly reliable quality and sold at very affordable prices, even more affordable than Gateron and Kailh which are 2 brands of mechanical […]

Best Way to Clean Keycaps

Best Way to Clean Keycaps – A Complete Guide

Keycaps on a keyboard are the most frequently used components and are the most susceptible to dirt, smudges, and dust. But to clean keycaps is not difficult, there are already some of the most appropriate methods to clean keycaps so you can use your keycaps again in a clean state without stains and dust. How […]

Razer Phantom Keycap - Does it Worth?

The Razer Phantom Keycap Review [2022]

Razer is one of the manufacturers that has a pretty good reputation in producing quality keycap sets. All keycaps from Razer are made of thick and solid PBT plastic with fairly reliable durability. The RAZER PHANTOM KEYCAP is one of the newest products from Razer that has a cool feature because the letters on the […]

Best 75% Keyboards Cases for DIY Builds – Great Design And Build Quality

The 8 Best 75% Keyboards Cases [2022]

75% keyboard is one of the ideal keyboard sizes because there are still keys that have very important functions such as the F1 to F12 keys and there are also several other important function keys that are still available. 75% keyboard is one of the most compact keyboard sizes after the TKL keyboard and is […]

Best PCB for a 65% Keyboard

The 10 Best PCB for 65% Keyboards [2022]

To build a custom 65% mechanical keyboard one of the components you must have is a PCB. PCB is an important component in a mechanical keyboard because the PCB is the center of information processing for the input you enter from the keys to be converted into input to the computer. 11 Best 65% Keyboards […]