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Best Cheap 1800-Compact (96%) Mechanical Keyboards

The 6 Best Cheap 1800-Compact (96%) Keyboards [2022]

The 1800-Compact (96%) keyboard is a very ideal and compact keyboard layout with all function keys still complete such as numpad, arrow keys, and also the F1 to F12 key rows are still available on this keyboard layout. In the market today, there are many 1800-Compact keyboard products available, but the price is quite expensive […]

Best 1800 Compact (96%) Mechanical Keyboards

The 17 Best 1800 Compact (96%) Mechanical Keyboards [2022]

Have you ever seen the size of a mechanical keyboard that is slightly more compact than the full size? Yes, the 1800-Compact mechanical keyboard (96%) is indeed very rare, most people say the 1800-Compact keyboard is the same as a full Size mechanical keyboard. The Full Size and 1800-Compact keyboards don’t really have any difference […]