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Best 60 Percent Keyboards

The 15 Best 60% Keyboards [2022]

There are various sizes of keyboard layouts on the market today, ranging from 40%, 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, 1800-Compact, to Full Size which can make it easier for users to choose and get a keyboard size according to their preferences. . If you want a keyboard that doesn’t take up too much space on your […]

Best 60% Keyboards With PBT Keycaps

The 17 Best 60% Keyboards With PBT Keycaps [2022]

The quality of the keycaps is one of the things you should pay attention to when buying a 60% keyboard. Keycaps can determine how good a typing or gaming experience a 60% keyboard can provide when you use them. When you buy a 60% keyboard that uses a regular ABS keycap set then you will […]

Best 60% Hot-Swappable Keyboards

The 11 Best 60% Hot-Swappable Keyboards [2022]

A mechanical keyboard with hot swappable features is a very good option if you want a keyboard that is very flexible to modify. The hot swappable feature can make it easy for you to replace the switches on the keyboard without having to solder them to the PCB. In this article, we would like to […]

Best 60% Keyboards Cases for DIY Builds

The 16 Best 60% Keyboards Cases for DIY Builds [2022]

To build a custom 60% mechanical keyboard, the case is one of the important components that you must have. The case functions as a container to put all 60% of the keyboard’s mechanical components such as PCBs, silencers, and plates. A good quality case will make 60% of your keyboard more durable and long lasting. […]

Best Keycaps for 60% Keyboard

The 21 Best Keycaps for 60% Keyboards [2022]

60% keyboard is a keyboard size which is ideal for modification for example to replace keycaps with cool custom keycaps available in the market today. Currently there are various types and brands of quality keycaps sets with different keycaps profiles on the market which will make you a little confused about which keycap set for […]

HK GAMING GK61 Mechanical Keyboard should be a very decent choice for you to consider. HK GAMING GK61 has a 60% layout size with double shot ABS keycaps which are of fairly good quality. This is the most affordable 60% mechanical keyboard available today. Is HK Gaming GK61 worth it for you?

The HK GAMING GK61 Review [2022]

The 60% mechanical keyboard market is already very busy at the moment. Various kinds of products from various manufacturers have enlivened the 60% mechanical keyboard market. Are you confused which mechanical keyboard can give you confidence to choose it? Or are you looking for a 60% mechanical keyboard at the most affordable price? which one […]