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Loudest Mechanical Keyboard Switches

The Loudest Keyboard Switches [2022]

Discussing about the mechanical keyboard feels incomplete if we don’t talk about switches. After in several articles I discussed about silent switches, quietest switches, fastest switches, and best switches for gaming, now it’s time to talk about the loudest switches. To date, several clicky switches from Kailh dominate the market for the type of switches […]

Best Switches For Gaming

The Best Switches For Gaming [2022]

One of the advantages of a mechanical keyboard is that it can provide a more enjoyable and satisfying gaming experience compared to other types of keyboards, including for gaming. The mechanical keyboard provides convenience for you to change switches according to your needs. Did you know that the type of switches used on a mechanical […]

Best O-Rings For Mechanical Keyboards

The Best O-Rings For Your Keyboard [2022]

O-rings are one of the easiest and cheapest solutions to muffle typing sounds that are too loud on your keyboard. The use of the o-ring is also quite easy and can be done by anyone. The O-rings are mounted on the keycap stems that are attached to the keyboard stem. The way the O-ring works […]

Keyboards with Best Build Quality

The 20 Keyboards with Best Build Quality [2022]

Currently, there are so many mechanical keyboard products on the market made by various well-known manufacturers as well as newcomer manufacturers. The price variants are also different, ranging from mechanical keyboards which are sold at very high, medium, to very affordable prices. Because of this, potential customers can buy a mechanical keyboard according to their […]

Best Keyboards with Blue Swithces

The 14 Best Keyboards with Blue Swithces [2022]

There are many blue switches on the market made by several well-known manufacturers such as Cherry MX Blue, Gateron Blue, Kailh Blue, and Outemu Blue. Blue switch is a switch with Clicky actuation type which can give you a very bumpy typing experience and produce a very loud sound. In this article, we want to […]