Setting PPTP VPN Mikrotik Using IP Pool

Setting PPTP VPN Mikrotik Using IP Pool

How to make the Mikrotik VPN PPTP Username can be used by many users/clients? Can one user VPN be used by many users/clients? The answer is of course you can.

Here I will share how to make a Mikrotik VPN PPTP user can be used by many users simultaneously by utilizing the Mikrotik IP Pool feature.

What is Mikrotik IP Pool? Please read about the Definition of Mikrotik IP Pool and its Application here.

So basically we will determine the IP Address range that will be used as the Remote Address (the IP given to the user), later each user / client who logs in with a VPN username will be given the IP Address specified in this IP Pool.

Let’s just look at it:

How to Make a Mikrotik PPTP VPN Using IP Pool

1. Login to Winbox Mikrotik.

2. Create a new IP Pool, go to IP menu –> Pool –> Click the “+” button.

3. Name the IP Pool in the Name column. Fill in the IP Address range in the Addresses column. For example, the IP range used is from to, so it can be written: Examples such as the following image:

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4. Now we are setting on the VPN Server. Go to the PPP menu –> click the Profiles tab –> Add a new profile by clicking the “+” button –> Enter data as follows:

  • Name: The name of the profile.
  • Local Address: IP Address assigned to the VPN Server. Make sure it is a subnet with the IP Pool that was created, but outside the IP Pool range.
  • Remote Address: Select the IP Pool name that was created

Then, Click OK.

5. Add a user to the Mikrotik VPN Server –> Go to the Secrets Tab. If the user already exists, just open the settings and replace the profile with the profile that was previously created. An example of making a VPN User is as shown in the following picture:

6. Before trying to connect the VPN, make sure the VPN Server is active. To activate the PPTP VPN Server, please read the previous tutorial: How to Make a Mikrotik PPTP VPN Server

7. Now we can try to connect to the VPN by using the user with the new profile. For how to connect to the PPTP VPN, you can read the previous Mikrotik tutorial:

8. We can check the use of VPN users on the PPP menu –> Interface. To check the IP address given to the client, go to the IP menu -> Address. The example below is a Mikrotik VPN user used by 3 clients with different IP addresses (Remote Address).