Is Adguard Safe?

Is Adguard Safe for your Android? – A Complete Guide

Adguard is a secure application. This paid application is a premium application that has the most complete features among other ad-blocking applications. When compared to adblock and NoRoot Firewall, I think Adguard has better performance in terms of features and others. But Adblock also has Adblock plus which is no less great.

This Adguard application is a solution for you who have not rooted Android, this application will protect your Android phone from ads. Adguard will also perform a scan on any installed applications that are indicated to contain malicious code.

Besides being able to eliminate ads, the adguard application can also make your smartphone safer, this application also has an interface that looks modern because it uses design materials.

Advantages of adguard application:

  • Adguard has super tight filter quality.
  • Just one click to start the ad filter process.
  • Strongly protects the privacy and security of user data.
  • Able to filter spyware at any time.
  • Can monitor internet traffic on a smartphone.
  • Save bandwidth so it will speed up the internet.
  • Adguard can block ads on apps and games on android smartphones.

Disadvantages of adguard app:

  • This application is not free or paid. So to get the benefits, you have to subscribe every month. Take it easy, the price offered is not too expensive and very affordable.

Steps to remove ads with adguard:

  • Download the adguard application.
  • Install and run the application.
  • Click on the power icon to start the ad blocking feature.
  • Follow the following configuration so that your adguard application becomes more leverage.
  • Finish!

Now you can be free from the ads that will appear when you use your android. Not only ads on browsers, adguard can even block ads that appear on certain apps. Great isn’t it?


Wonder how to remove ads from Android?

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