The HyperX Pudding Keycaps Review [2022]

If you’re having trouble finding the right keycaps for your mechanical keyboard, then HyperX Pudding Double Shot PBT Keycaps is the best choice for you, because this Keycaps set from HyperX will definitely fit any mechanical keyboard.

HyperX Pudding is the perfect solution if you are afraid that the size of the replacement keycaps you are going to buy will not fit your mechanical keyboard. HyperX Pudding is made to make your mechanical keyboard more glowing when it lights up on your desk pc.

Are these HyperX Pudding Double Shot PBT Keycaps worth it for you? Let’s unload!

HyperX Pudding Double Shot PBT Keycaps Set

HyperX Pudding is a keycaps set made by HyperX with very high quality materials. HyperX Pudding is sold at a very affordable price and is very easy to get on Amazon.

This is a set of double shot keycaps made of quality PBT plastic which has a comfortable texture for typing. This is much better when compared to the default mechanical keyboard set keycaps made of ABS plastic which are generally slippery and stick to the surface of the keycaps.

In addition, Hyperx made this pudding keycap set so that it can be used in various types of mechanical keyboards, this is because many people don’t know how to get the right keycaps set for their mechanical keyboard.

We do not recommend that you buy the HyperX Pudding keycaps set if your mechanical keyboard does not have RGB LEDs, because HyperX Pudding is dedicated to maximizing RGB lighting on your mechanical keyboard. But if you still want it even if your mechanical keyboard doesn’t have RGB, this Keycaps Set is great for making your mechanical keyboard look low profile.

How Good The HyperX Pudding Keycaps Set?

Design And Build Quality

For design and build quality, HyperX pudding has a unique design with white on the sides and black on the surface. The white and slightly transparent side aims to maximize the RGB Light reflection on your keyboard PCB so that it can produce maximum lighting and looks very aesthetic when RGB lights up on your desk pc.

For Build quality on HyperX Pudding is very good. The HyperX Pudding keycaps set is made of high-quality PBT plastic, resulting in thicker, sturdy, and textured keycaps that are very comfortable on the surface of the keys for typing or playing games.

This may depend on taste, the too boxy shape on each keycaps is a bit strange to some people, but I think using it on my Red Dragon TKL mechanical keyboard feels very suitable.

Typing Experience with HyperX Pudding Keycaps Set

Typing using the HyperX Pudding keycaps set feels much better than using the default ABS plastic mechanical keyboard keycaps set. HyperX Pudding is an ABS keycap that has a smooth texture but is not slippery when used for typing. This makes it very comfortable for typing or playing games.

Since HyperX Pudding is made of PBT, this keycap set feels thick and can provide quite good attenuation as the thickness of the keycaps helps to minimize sound resonance in keycap gaps.

For typing experience, HyperX Pudding with PBT material is very comfortable and not slippery when used to type for a long duration.

HyperX Pudding is OEM Profile

The HyperX Pudding keycaps set are keycaps with OEM profile which are the most widely used keycaps by people. Keycaps with OEM profiles are the standard used on mechanical keyboards sold today.

OEM keycaps are very easy to get anywhere at very affordable prices. This is much better than looking for Cherry profile keycaps which are hard to find and very expensive.

The general difference between OEM and Cherry profile keycaps is that OEM profile keycaps are higher on each key as compared to Cherry profile keycaps. You can see it in the image below.

As long as a keycap with an OEM profile is made with quality PBT plastic, this will definitely increase typing comfort. It’s different from OEM keycaps which are made with ABS plastic which is a bit less comfortable for typing.

How about RGB after using Keycaps Set HyperX Pudding?

As I said before, HyperX pudding keycaps are made to maximize RGB Led lighting on the mechanical keyboard by making the side design white like the color of milk which will produce a color like milk pudding.

HyperX Pudding really does its job of maximizing the RGB LEDs on the mechanical keyboard, RGB light reflections are evenly distributed on each side of the keycaps and make the ambient feel very alive.

Can we use HyperX Pudding Without RGB?

HyperX Pudding With No RGB LED

These keycaps have a very nice design with white on the sides and black on the surface of the keycaps. Even if your mechanical keyboard doesn’t have RGB LEDs, these keycaps will look great on your mechanical keyboard.

How about the price?

The HyperX Pudding Double Shot PBT keycaps are available in 2 color variants, namely white and black. HyperX white is perfect for use on your mechanical keyboard that has bright colors like red, blue, or yellow. But we’d prefer to see HyperX Pudding White paired with a mechanical keyboard that has a white case.

While the black HyperX Pudding keycaps match the dark mechanical keyboard perfectly, we really like it when the black HyperX Pudding is paired with the black mechanical keyboard.

Both black and white HyperX Pudding Double Shot PBT variants are priced at the same $24.99. This is a very cheap price for quality PBT keycaps from a very well-known brand in the mechanical keyboard world. You can buy HyperX pudding for that price on Amazon.

Compatibility With Mechanical Keyboard

The HyperX Pudding Keycaps Set has a total of 104 keys which corresponds to the number of keys on a full size keyboard. You can use these keycaps on all kinds of mechanical keyboard sizes such as Full Size, 1800-Compact, TKL, 75%, 65%, 60%, even at 40% will fit these keycaps.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HyperX Pudding Keycaps Set

Advantages Disadvantages
Prices are very affordable under $30.

Boxed Design, but it depends on your taste.

Using quality PBT plastic material.Didn’t get the keycaps puller on the purchase package.
The total number of complete Keycaps is 104 for all sizes of mechanical keyboards with ANSI layout.There is a HyperX Logo on the Spacebar button (Preferably None)
Advantages and Disadvantages of HyperX Pudding Keycaps Set

Alternative to HyperX Pudding

If you are looking for an alternative to HyperX pudding, we recommend Havit Pudding Double Shot PBT Keycaps which are quite good quality and cheaper than HyeprX Pudding. Havit Pudding retails for $16.99 on Amazon.

The next alternative is the Happy Balls PBT Keycaps Backlit Doubleshot Keycap Set OEM profile which retails for $28.99 a bit more than HyperX Pudding.

Should You Buy the HyperX Pudding Keycaps Set?

If you want a double shot keycap set made of quality PBT plastic for under $30 which is very affordable, then the HyperX Pudding Keycaps Set is the right choice for you.

In addition to having excellent quality, hyperX Pudding is very comfortable for typing and can maximize the mechanical RGB lighting of your keyboard.

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