How to Upgrade Mikrotik Mass (Mass Upgrade) Using The Dude

How to Upgrade Mikrotik Mass (Mass Upgrade) Using The Dude

Upgrading Mikrotik to the latest RouterOS version is quite important, because by upgrading Mikrotik, there are many benefits that we will receive. In the latest RouterOS version there are several fixes and sometimes there are also additional features that were not in the previous ROS version.

If the Mikrotik that we want to upgrade is only 1 or 2, it’s easy. What if there are dozens of Mikrotik that you want to upgrade and the locations are far apart?
Do you have to upgrade one by one?
This time we will discuss How to Upgrade Mikrotik in Mass (Mass Upgrade) Using The Dude Network Monitor.

Network Map on The Dude Network Monitor Application

So before starting, make sure your Mikrotik device has been inserted into the Network Map in The Dude Application.

Example Network Map The Dude
Intsall Foam Inside The Keyboards C...
Intsall Foam Inside The Keyboards Case

After the Network Map is created, you can monitor your Mikrotik device through The Dude Application. Then we will try to take advantage of one of the features of The Dude, namely Mass Upgrade to perform a Mass Upgrade / Update Mikrotik RouterOS.

Previously, make sure that the Mikrotik that you put in the Network Map can be remote directly from The Dude. The trick, double-click the device in the network map, make sure the Username and Password are filled in correctly, and the RouterOS option is checked.

Make sure the Mikrotik login data is correct and the RouterOS option is checked

To check whether the Mikrotik login data is correct, please go to the Devices menu –> Go to the RouterOS Tab –> Device. Look at the Status column:

Check Status on the Device to be Upgraded
  • If a red cross appears and Status failed, it means the device cannot be accessed by The Dude (cannot be pinged).
  • If a blue minus sign appears and Status auth failed, it means that the device can be accessed but the login data is incorrect.
  • If a blue check mark appears and Status ok, it means the data is correct and there is no problem.

So, make sure the device is blue ticked and the status is ok.

Next, please download the latest RouterOS package on the website according to the type of Mikrotik you want to upgrade (.npk file).

Go to the Files menu –> Packages Tab –> click the red plus icon –> select the package you downloaded (.npk file) –> Open. If there are different types of mikrotik, for example x86 and mipsbe types, please also include both packages.

Upload RouterOS Package (.npk file) on The Dude

Now we can start the process of upgrading the Mikrotik mass. Please return to the Devices menu –> RouterOS –> Device. Select the Mikrotik device that you want to upgrade (can be by clicking + shift, or clicking + ctrl) –> Right click –> select the Upgrade menu –> select the RouterOS version.

Mass Execution of Mikrotik Upgrades on The Dude

The Dude will do a mass upload to all upgraded Mikrotik devices, after that Mikrotik will upgrade its RouterOS. This process can take a few minutes, just wait. There will be a status of the upgrade process in the Upgrade Status column.

If the upgrade process is complete, check the Version column. Make sure the ROS version is the same as the package we uploaded earlier. If not, it means the upgrade has not been successful. Sometimes there are indeed some devices that cannot be upgraded en masse, as shown below:

Mikrotik Mass Upgrade Results on The Dude

From the picture above, there are several devices whose versions have not changed, and there is an error message in the Upgrade Status column. If it’s like this, like it or not, you have to upgrade manually 😀

After this mass upgrade there was a problem that I found, namely the Mikrotik was working normally, but it couldn’t be remote either via IP Address or MAC Address. The solution is easy, just restart the Mikrotik (unplug the power, plug it in again) okay. Of the dozens of Mikrotik that I upgraded to mass only one wrote this error. Maybe he’s getting tired.. hehe

That’s all the Mikrotik tutorial this time is about How to Upgrade Mikrotik Mass (Mass Upgrade) Using The Dude. May be useful 🙂