How to Run Mikrotik Winbox on Linux Mint, Ubuntu, etc

How to Run Mikrotik Winbox on Linux Mint, Ubuntu, etc

How to run Mikrotik Winbox Application on Linux? The question may have popped up in your mind, especially Linux open source users. As we know winbox is an application that functions to configure the Mikrotik RouterOS network operating system where the Winbox application runs on Windows OS. So how do I get Winbox to run on Linux? Well, this time we will discuss this question.

Winbox Mikrotik can run on Linux operating systems, such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, and other linux distros. How to run Winbox Mikrotik on Ubuntu and Linux Mint is quite easy. The method is the same, namely by using the Windows Emulator application or often called wine. By using wine we can run windows applications on Linux.

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Wine Installation

Please install wine first on your respective linux. You can see how to install wine here. Here is my guide for installing Wine on Linux Mint and Ubuntu. In this case I am using Linux Mint 18.1 codename “Serena”.

1. Open Terminal.
2. Add the wine repository via the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa

3. Repository updates

sudo apt-get update

 4. Download dan Install Wine

sudo apt-get install wine

5. Please wait until the installation process is complete. This process is a bit long, depending on your internet connection, because it will take several times to download the installer.

Download Winbox

After Wine is installed, please download Winbox Mikrotik for the latest Linux from Mikrotik. The trick is to open a web browser, go to the Mikrotik web and look for the Winbox download link, the same as what I have written here: Download the latest version of Winbox Mikrotik

Well, the download results in the form of a winbox.exe file in the Downloads folder. Please open the File Manager, go to the Downloads folder. Open the winbox.exe file by double-clicking.

Download Winbox Mikrotik on Linux

If the Wine application has been successfully installed before, then when the winbox.exe file is opened a Mikrotik Winbox window will appear.

Remote Mikrotik on Linux Using Winbox

The Mikrotik Winbox loader will appear as shown in the image above. Just fill in the IP address, and login details and click connect. The appearance of Winbox on Linux is as shown in the following image:

Winbox Mikrotik running on Linux Mint

Winbox Mikrotik I run on Linux Mint 18.1 can work well and run smoothly. Please try using Winbox Mikrotik on your respective Linux.