How to Create & Unbind Moonton Mobile Legends Account

How to Create & Unbind Moonton Mobile Legends Account (SOLVED)

To avoid losing your Mobile Legends account, it is highly recommended that you link it to another account. Usually there are several options that players can choose, we can connect an ML account using email, facebook, Google play games and Moonton.

Of the four options, the most recommended option is to bind a Mobile Legends account with a Moonton account. Because this way will make our account safe.

So you don’t have to worry about your heroes, items or emblems being lost when deleting or updating the game.

How to Create a Moonton Account

Before we can link an ML account with Moonton, of course we must know how to register a Moonton account first. For the manufacturing process is very easy, we can directly sign up from within the application itself.

1. Go to Account Profile

First of all, please open the Mobile Legends game first. After that tap the Account option in the upper left corner to view our account data.

2. Create Moonton Account

To start the registration process, you go to the Account Settings menu. Well there will be several binding options / account linking. Please select the Moonton Account option at the top.

3. Enter your data

Next, please enter the required data for the registration process. Starting from the name, active email address, password consisting of letters and numbers. If so, click Accept Approval and Sign Up.

4. Account Email Verification

Finally, we only need to verify the email that we used to create a Moonton account. Please open the email inbox, there will be an incoming email. Click Activate Now to verify it.

Now if the display appears as in the image above, that means you have successfully confirmed it. So far, the registration process for a new Moonton account has been successfully carried out.

5. Account Linked Successfully

Now try to check again on your Mobile Legends Account Settings. It must have been successfully linked there with the Moonton account. Is that easy?

How to Change Moonton Account

Well, this is also what many Mobile Legends players often ask. How to unbind Moonton ML account? Unfortunately, for now we cannot unbind accounts that are already linked to Moonton.

But don’t worry, because we can still change the moonton account email. So if you really want to change it for some reason (eg change owner/sell), then you can do it. How to?

1. Login to Account Profile

First, please open your Account Profile the same as before. After that, click on the Account Settings menu and select the Account Center option.

2. Change Moonton Email Address

Now several menus will appear, you select Change Moonton Account Mail Address. Next, we will be sent an email to verify ourselves.

3. Open Email Inbox

You check the inbox of your old Moonton account email. There will be a verification email, click the link contained in the email message.

4. Enter New Address

Now, we continue with the replacement process by entering a new email address. Make sure the email is active. If so, click Send Verification Code.

5. Check and Enter Code

Finally, you check the inbox of the new email that you used earlier. There will be a message containing a verification code.

Write down these numbers, then re-open the email replacement page earlier. You enter the code at the bottom then click Confirm. So, until here, we have succeeded in changing Moonton’s email.

How to Unbind Moonton Account

The next step is to unbind the moonton account. Here we can unbind mobile legends facebook, vk, moonton and google play accounts.

1. Enter Main Menu

The first step is to go to the first page, then go to the profile. Click the top left corner of the profile photo.

2. Account settings

Next in the account settings section, click on the section in the lower left corner.

3. Do Unbind

Then a list of related accounts appears, to delete them, click the associated social media icon, such as Google Play, Facebook or VK, to be able to unbind the account.


Thus the tutorial on how to create a Moonton account. With the tips above, we will make our ML game account safe and not worry about being lost. For those who want to unbind and change ownership, you can also follow the method above. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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