How to Connect Canon Camera to Laptop Via Wifi

How to Connect Canon Camera to Laptop Via Wifi

When we are experiencing certain moments that are quite memorable such as when we are on vacation, graduation, graduation events and other moments. Usually so that the moment can be remembered, we capture it through camera shots with the results in the form of photos or videos.

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In this day and age, you can use the camera on your cellphone to take photos, the results are very clear. With the size of the front and rear camera resolution of a dozen megapixels. Even so, there are still people who like photography using a digital camera compared to a cell phone camera because of the advantages of features and photo effects they have like professional photos, such as the autofocus (blur) feature.

When finished shooting using a digital camera, we usually transfer data from the camera to other devices such as laptops using a data cable or SD card installed in the camera slot by removing it.

Even though there is another way that is more practical, namely by using a Wifi network. Before we discuss how, we will first explain the camera that will be connected to the Wifi network. The camera itself is called a Canon camera.

Then what is Canon Inc?

Canon Inc. is an optical company founded by Takeshi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Saburo Uchida and Takeo Maeda on August 10, 1937. This company specializes in manufacturing imaging and optical products such as cameras, printers and photocopiers.

After we know what Canon Inc. is. Then what products are made by the Canon Inc. company?

Canon Inc Company Products

  • Digital camera. The Canon company has been manufacturing and marketing digital cameras since 1984. Starting with the first camera model RC-701. Until the current model camera that is widely used by users is a DSLR camera (Digital Single Lens Reflex)
  • Printing Machine (Printer). Canon Inc. first produced and marketed printers in 2002 under the product name Canon Pixma. Those who no longer use the BC series ink types but are already using the Cli, Bci and other series. There are three types of naming of the Canon Pixma printer series, namely the iP Series followed by 4 digit numbers for A4 type paper, iP Series followed by 2 digit numbers for R4 paper and mobile printers and the iX Series for A3 paper size
  • lasers. This Canon product is commonly used for certain fields in hospitals or companies. Such as the Medical Field that uses an X-Ray laser and the broadcasting field that uses a broadcast lens from Canon.
  • Scanners. Canon Inc also produces paper scanners (Scanner) with various models such as the R40, DR-C225, to the DR-S150 model that are capable of connecting to a Wifi network.

After we know the main products marketed by Canon Inc. Company. At this time we will explain one product from Canon, namely Canon Digital Camera.

What is a Canon Camera?

Canon Cameras are cameras produced by the Canon Inc. company since 1937. Which has the initial name Kwanon. However, to make it easier to pronounce when it will be marketed internationally, the name is changed to Canon Camera.

Before becoming the ruler of the digital camera market in the world with the superior features of its DLSR Camera. Canon also experienced several phases in its development history. Which we will briefly explain below.

Canon Camera History

  1. In 1933 the Canon Inc company made its first camera prototype called the Kwanon which was a development of an earlier camera called the Leica II 35 mm with a viewfinder system (3 windows) and a separate rangefinder.
  2. In 1946 Canon Inc. introduced the SII camera series by offering superior features in the form of a Viewfinder system (a small viewfinder on the camera to view objects).
  3. In 1956 Canon Inc. developed a contemporary camera design with a timer level and self timer located to the left of the lens mount
  4. In 1959 the Canon Company produced Canon R lenses for film SLR cameras
  5. Then In 1964 the FL lens mount lens replaced the R mount lens
  6. In 1969 Canon introduced an economy lens in which three rear elements were attached to the camera
  7. In 1971 the Canon Company produced the Canon FD lens mount camera to replace the Standard Fl lens mount. Where the FD mount has two variants, the original lens uses a breechlock collar while the latest version uses a standard bayonet swivel lock.
  8. In 1987 the Canon company introduced the EOS single lens camera system coupled with a standard EF mount lens to replace the FD mount lens mount that had been around for 16 years. The EOS Autofocus Camera System is still in use today

After we know the History of Canon Cameras. This time we will discuss how to use it. Especially when transferring data from the camera to other devices.

Usually after a user has finished a shooting session. The data stored in the camera’s memory will be sent to other devices such as PCs/laptops using a data cable or card reader. Even though there is another way that is more practical by using a wifi network which we will explain below.

Before connecting Laptop with Canon Camera. First, prepare the tools as below:

Tools That Must Be Prepared

  • Canon Camera (Example Canon EOS 200D Camera)
  • Internet-connected laptop or PC (Modem/Wifi)
  • Canon EOS Utility 3.11.0 software for windows which you can download on the official Canon website

After all the equipment has been prepared. The first step is to install the Canon EOS Utility software which we will explain below.

How to Install Canon EOS Utility 3.11.0 Software For Windows

  • First of all, we download the Canon EOS Utility 3.11.0 software for Windows on the Canon Official website
  • After the download is complete, open the Canon EOS utility 3.11.0 software for windows that has been downloaded
  • Once open we select our country and area
  • Then a description appears about the terms and conditions that apply, we select Yes
  • Then a list of applications and features that must be installed appears. We choose to install all applications
  • Then we wait for the installation process to complete
  • After the installation process is complete, click Finish
  • Finished. Now Canon EOS Utility 3.11.0 software for windows is installed on our laptop/computer

After the Canon EOS Utility software is installed on our laptop. The next step is to connect the Laptop with our Canon Camera.

First of all, we first set the Wifi settings on the camera in the way below.

How to Set Wifi on Canon Cameras

  • First of all we Select the Menu button
  • Then select Wireless Communication Settings
  • Next we select Wifi Function
  • If previously there was a network, press the right direction
  • Then we select Remote Control (EOS Utility)
  • Then we select Register a Device For Connection
  • After that we will get the network name and password to be able to connect to our laptop

After finishing doing the Wifi settings on the camera. The next step is to set up the Wifi on our laptop or computer as below.

How to Set Wifi on a Laptop

  • First of all, we open our laptop / computer and connect to the internet via modem / LAN
  • After that we open the EOS Utility software
  • Then we click the Pairing over Wi-Fi/LAN button
  • Then when a warning appears about the Firewall, we click the yes option
  • Then a list of camera names will appear (pairing)
  • After finding our camera, click the Connect button
  • Finished. Now our laptops are also connected to Canon cameras

After the Canon Camera is connected to our laptop / computer. We can also use some of the features in the Canon EOS Utility Software, such as transferring data (photos/videos) on the camera via Wifi, remotely shooting the camera via a computer or laptop, setting up the camera via our computer/laptop.

So that way we don’t have to bother anymore to remove the SD card memory on the camera which can cause damage to the SD card because it is often swiped. Which when we buy a new SD card costs between $10 till $40.