Here's How to Export Import Mikrotik Configuration

Here’s How to Export Import Mikrotik Configuration

Export and Import Configurations / settings on Mikrotik Devices can be done easily using Winbox. But before we discuss further about How to Export Import Mikrotik Config, it’s good to first see the explanation and function of the Mikrotik export import config.

Mikrotik Config Export Import Function

What is the function of the export & import config feature on Mikrotik? How is it different from the backup & restore function? Well, to answer this question, let’s first discuss the backup & restore function on the proxy.

As the name implies, Backup & Restore on Mikrotik serves to backup and restore the MikroTik config. However, this config backup file can only be used on Mikrotik devices of the same type.

If it is restored on another Mikrotik device, it will cause an error and maybe the Mikrotik can’t even be used.

Difference between Export & Import with Backup & Restore:

  • The backup config file cannot be opened in notepad, while the exported file can be opened in notepad.
  • The export config file contains the Mikrotik command line which can be directly copied and pasted and executed directly on the Mikrotik terminal.

Well, to be able to move the different Mikrotik config types, you can use this Export & Import feature.

The core function of the Mikrotik export feature is to export the config command into a text file that we can open using notepad or other text reader applications.

This export file is in the form of a command line on the Mikrotik terminal which represents all the configs on the exported Mikrotik.

While the function of the import feature is to import the config. But actually there is no need to use this import feature, because we just need to copy – paste the command line on the export (rsc) file directly to the Mikrotik terminal.

So, this Export feature can also be used to view Mikrotik settings in the form of a terminal command line by first opening the .rsc file in notepad.

How to Export Import Mikrotik Config

To export the proxy config it’s quite easy, but we have to use the Mikrotik terminal because there is no export menu on Winbox.

How to Export Mikrotik Config

1. Open the Winbox application, if you don’t have it, please download Winbox Mikrotik here.
2. Login to Mikrotik using Winbox
3. Open Terminal, type the following command:

export file=filename 

4. Rename the file as you wish

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5. We can also export specific configurations, for example, export firewall configurations only, the command is like this:

ip firewall export file=filename

6. The export config file is stored in Mikrotik memory, we can see it on the File menu.

7. To retrieve the export config file, open the File menu -> select the export file (extension .rsc) you want to copy -> click the copy button -> Open Windows Explorer -> Paste in the folder you want.

How to Import Mikrotik Config

1. Copy-paste the exported file (.rsc) to Mikrotik using the File menu.
2. Open Terminal Manu
3. Type Command:

import file-name=filename

4. We can also import the command line by opening the .rsc file in notepad, and copy-pasting the command line id terminal.