GMMK Pro 75% Barebone Keyboard - First Impressions And Review

The GMMK Pro Review [2022]

GMMK Pro 75% is a barebones keyboard that is very popular after it was officially launched in November 2021. This 75% keyboard has become the target of custom keyboard mechanical enthusiasts. How not, this keyboard has a very cool design with a rotary knob which indicates that this is a custom keyboard. In addition, this barebones keyboard has an extraordinary build quality.

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In this article I will discuss in detail about the GMMK Pro 75% barebones keyboard. We will discuss about component quality and build quality and their features in depth. To be able to use this keyboard, you have to add a fee to buy a switch and keycap set separately. Let’s get started.

Why is GMMK Pro So Expensive?

GMMK Pro is sold at a very expensive price because it uses quality components such as a body made of aluminum, Gasket Mount which can give you a flex effect when using this keyboard for typing, the stabilizer on GMMK Pro includes a very high quality stabilizer and is named GOAT stabilizer by Glorious. The existence of a rotary knob feature is also one of the factors that makes this keyboard very expensive.

The Hot Swappable feature on the GMMK Pro is what makes this keyboard priced at a higher price. In addition, components such as plates, PCBs, additional accessories are factors that make this barbone keyboard so expensive. But this pays off with the quality of the keyboard you get.

Unboxing The GMMK Pro

In the packaging of the GMMK Pro purchase box, you get several accessories that can be useful for using this keyboard. The following is a list of accessories included in the GMMK Pro packaging box:

  • The GMMK Barebones Keyboard
  • A Barided USB Type C
  • Orange Plastic Keycap Puller
  • Metal Switch Puller
  • Warranty Book

Build Quality

The build quality of the GMMK Pro is extraordinary with the overall body material made of premium aluminum which is sturdy and solid. The barebones weight of this keyboard when weighed without switches and keycaps is almost 2kg, this is proof that this aluminum is thick, heavy, and of good quality. There is a “Glorious” engraving under the body of this keyboard.

Design And Layout

GMMK Pro carries a standard design with a high keyboard profile and uses a 75% keyboard layout. There is a rotary knob on the right which is something that really grabs the attention of keyboard custom enthusiasts.

For keycaps size, GMMK Pro uses standard keycaps size, but in some keys like Right Shift, this keyboard uses 1.75u size. The rest use standard keycaps sizes. You can use the best keycaps sets that we recommend for GMMK Pro. GMK Keycaps Cherry Profile or XDA Profile keycaps will fit perfectly on this barebones keyboard. If you are a programmer, we highly recommend that you use Keycaps Cherry Profile or XDA Profile for GMMK Pro.

Overall, the design and size of the GMMK Pro layout is very cool and unique. This is a keyboard that is very suitable for you to make a modification object because this barebones keyboard is very easy to modify.

Are GMMK Pro Hot Swappable?

Yes, GMMK Pro supports universal hot swappable features for mechanical switches with 3 or 5 pins so this keyboard can use various types and brands of mechanical switches such as Cherry MX, Gateron, Kailh, Novelkeys, and other mechanical switches. We have also made a list of recommended best custom switches that you can use on this GMMK Pro 75% Barebone Keyboard.

Software And RGB Feature

GMMK Pro has a very cool RGB feature with various animation options. The RGB on this keyboard is individually lit and includes RGB that is very bright and reliable in low-light spaces.

You can customize RGB on GMMK Pro through the layer function on the keyboard and also using software from Glorious. Overall, the RBG on this keyboard is very cool and has a lot of customization options.

The thing that makes it even cooler is the LED line on the side of the body which you can also replace with other colors according to your preferences. This LED strip feature can light up without you having to turn on the RGB on the keyboard PCB, because this RGB and LED Strip have separate installations.

Gasket That Makes Better Typing Experience

A very cool feature of GMMK Pro is the gasket feature on this keyboard plate which will give you a flex effect when using it to type. Gesture typing using a mechanical keyboard that has gaskets is very pleasant because you feel very different feedback from keyboards that don’t have gaskets that have stiff feedback.

Are GMMK Pro Stabilizers Good?

GOAT has the meaning of Greatest Of All Time which indicates that the stabilizer on the GMMK Pro has a very great quality compared to other ordinary stabilizers.

The stabilizer on the GMMK Pro is pre-lubricated from the factory and this may be enough for very long-term use. We highly recommend that you modify this stabilizer for a more pleasant typing experience. The stabilizer on the GMMK Pro still feels rattle and not too solid.

The PCB on the GMMK Pro supports the Screw-in stabilizer and the Plate on the GMMK Pro can also be used for the Plate Mounted stabilizer. We strongly recommend that you use a Screw-in Stabilizer, because the stabilizer with this installation method is much more stable than the other methods.

Using Glorious Panda Switches is Great Choice

We tried using the Glorious Panda Switch on this GMMK Pro 75% barebones keyboard and it turned out to be very pleasant. This Panda switch is a tactile type switch with an actuation force of about 67g. When used on the GMMK Pro, it feels very precise and precise. The sound produced from each typing feels very good.

Akko Neon Keycaps Set on GMMK Pro

We used the Akko Neon Keycaps Set on this GMMK Pro Barebone keyboard. This keycap set is a cherry profile keycap made of thick and high quality PBT plastic. This keycap is very reliable for typing or playing games, besides that Akko Neon is also a keycap set at a very affordable price. With a black body color on the GMMK Pro, it will perfectly match the blue and red color combination on the Akko Neon.

Typing Experience With GMMK Pro

In the typing experiment with GMMK pro, we used the Glorious Panda switch which is a tactile switch and we used the Akko Neon Cherry Profile Keycaps Set. Here are the results of our typing test using GMKK Pro:

For GamingWhile not made specifically for gaming, the GMMK Pro could be an excellent gaming pick. With your choice of mechanical switch, you can opt for a gaming switch such as the Cherry MX Speed Silver or Cherry MX Red. Not to mention the polling rate is 1000 Hz resulting in a low 1ms latency.
For TypingFor typing, the GMMK Pro is a dream. Made with the typing experience in mind, this keyboard offers satisfying sound, feel, and aesthetics. The gasket mount offers a springy feel and the heavy case with insulated foam allows for a nice sounding keystroke. The GOAT stabilizers feel stable, although the spacebar does tend to rattle a little.
For Programming If you’re a programmer who never uses the number pad, the 75% layout of the GMMK Pro should be sufficient. With the excellent typing experience and strong software, you have a lot of power at your fingertips. The GMMK Pro is an excellent choice for programmers who are passionate about keyboards.
General UsageFor browsing the internet, writing emails, and more, this keyboard is perfect. You’ll have a satisfying experience and the 75% layout includes all of the keys needed at your fingertips. The software allows for remapping keys, macros, and more for a streamlined experience.
Typing Experience With GMMK Pro

Connectivity and Compatibility

GMMK Pro only supports connection via USB Type C cable, this keyboard does not support bluetooth wireless connectivity. But this is not a problem, GMMK Pro is made for mechanical keyboard custom enthusiasts. For a custom keyboard, connectivity using a detachable cable is best. For compatibility, this keyboard can be used on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.

Price and Variants

GMMK Pro 75% Barebone Keyboard is available in two color options, namely GMMK Pro black and GMMK Pro white. Both variants are priced at the same $214.99 for now. You can find it on amazon.

Pros And Cons Of GMMK Pro

Body Aluminium PremiumNo Manual
Aesthetic AppearanceExpensive
Great For Typing
Gasket Mounts Are So Fun
Rotary Knob
Great Software Support
Amazing RGB

Is GMMK Pro Wireless?

No, GMMK Pro only supports connectivity via a detachable USB Type C Cable. GMMK Pro does not support Wireless or Bluetooth connectivity.

Is GMMK Pro Good For Gaming?

If you want to use GMMK Pro to play games, we highly recommend you use a Switch that has responsive actuation such as Cherry MX Speed Silver or at least you use Cherry MX Red which is a linear switch. In addition, you can simply use the Keycap Set Cherry Profile to get a more enjoyable gaming experience with GMMK Pro.

Is GMMK Pro Worth it?

Yes, GMMK Pro is a very high quality 75% Barbone keyboard with great build quality and very complete features. GMMK Pro is very reliable for typing, coding, or playing games. You can customize this keyboard according to your usage needs because it is a very easy to modify keyboard. For mechanical keyboard custom enthusiasts, GMMK Pro is a really great option.

GMMK Pro vs NK65

SpecsGMMK ProNK65
Size75% Keyboard65% Keyboard
Body MaterialAluminiumPBT Plastic
Number Of Keys83 Keys68 Keys
Hot SwappableYesYes
RGB BacklitYesYes
Software SupportGlorious SoftwareVIA Firmware

GMMK Pro has a better design and build quality than the NK65. The GMMK Pro has a body made of aluminum while the NK65 has a body made of solid plastic. Functionally, the GMMK Pro is certainly superior because it has a larger layout, which is 75%, while the NK65 is a 65% keyboard that doesn’t have as many keys as the GMMK Pro.

GMMK Pro and NK65 both feature RGB, Gasket Mount which can provide a pleasant typing experience. GMMK Pro is supported by software from Glorious with a very cool interface when compared to the VIA Firmware owned by NK65. Both of these keyboards also support hot swappable features. For connectivity, these two keyboards only support connection via a detachable USB Type C cable.

For the price, the NK65 is indeed much more affordable than the GMMK Pro, the GMMK Pro is priced at $214.00 and the NK65 is only sold at $95.00. Overall, the GMMK Pro is better than the NK65 in terms of design, features, and of course the GMMK Pro has a rotary knob that the NK65 doesn’t have.

GMMK Pro vs KBD75 V2

SpecsGMMK ProKBD75 V2
Size75% Keyboard75% Keyboard
Body MaterialAluminiumAlmuminium
Number Of Keys83 Keys81 Keys
Hot SwappableYesNo
RGB BacklitYesYes
Software SupportGlorious SoftwareQMK Firmware

By design, build quality, features, supporting software, and the appearance of GMMK Pro are far superior to the KBD75 V2. KBD75 V2 is a custom keyboard that does not support hot swappable features, therefore when ordering you must specify the switch you want to use and also the keycap you want to use on this keyboard.

While GMMK Pro is a barebones keyboard that supports hot swappable features so you can buy your own switch and keycap components according to your wishes. Of course this makes the flexibility of GMMK Pro better than the KBD75 V2.

For software support, GMMK Pro has cooler software because it uses Glorious Software which has complete functions and a very cool appearance. While KBD75 V2 only supports customization via QMK Firmware only.

In terms of price, the GMMK Pro is indeed sold at a higher price than the KBD75 V2. But it all pays off with good flexibility, cool features, great software support and also great design and build quality. GMMK Pro also has a Rotary Knob which is not found on the KBD75 V2. So overall, GMMK Pro is much better than KBD75 V2.


SpecsGMMK ProKBD75 V2
Size75% Keyboard75% Keyboard
Body MaterialAluminiumAlmuminium
Number Of Keys83 Keys80 Keys
Hot SwappableYesYes
RGB BacklitYes (Under Glow)Yes (Under Glow)
Software SupportGlorious SoftwareQMK Firmware

For design and build quality, the GMMK Pro and IDOBAO ID80 have the same premium quality design and build quality with a body made of thick and solid aluminum. Unfortunately the design of the GMMK Pro looks better than the IDOBAO ID80 because the GMMK Pro has a very cool rotary knob and is most sought after by custom keyboard mechanical enthusiasts.

GMMK Pro is superior in the quality of the components used both in the quality of the plate and also the gasket mount which will provide a greater typing experience compared to IDOBAO ID80.

GMMK Pro software support is certainly better than IDOBAO ID80. GMMK Pro uses Glorious software with a very cool appearance, while IDOBAO ID80 is only supported by QMK Firmware which has a very old-school appearance.

For the price, the GMMK Pro is indeed sold at a higher price than the IDOBAO ID80. But with various advantages that are better than IDOBAO ID80, this is a very reasonable thing. Overall, GMMK Pro is superior to IDOBAO ID80 in almost all aspects

GMMK Pro vs Drop ALT

SpecsGMMK ProKBD75 V2
Size75% Keyboard65% Keyboard
Body MaterialAluminiumAlmuminium
Number Of Keys83 Keys67 Keys
Hot SwappableYesYes
RGB BacklitYes (Under Glow)Yes
Software SupportGlorious SoftwareQMK Firmware

GMMK Pro and Drop ALT are keyboards with different layouts. GMMK Pro is 75% of the keyboard and Drop ALT is 65% of the keyboard so that in terms of completeness of keys and functionality, GMMK Pro is certainly superior to Drop ALT.

By design and build quality, GMMK Pro and Drop ALT have the same cool design and great build quality. Both of these keyboards also have the same good features with cool RGB, good software support. But the display of Glorious software is certainly better than the display of QMK Firmware which looks very ancient.

Another feature that makes GMMK Pro superior is the Rotary Knob which is a rare feature on a mechanical keyboard. Drop ALT doesn’t have this feature so we prefer GMMK Pro over Drop ALT.

Drop ALT is indeed sold at a cheaper price than GMMK Pro, but GMMK Pro has several advantages such as a rotary knob, cool software support, RGB Underglow, and a larger layout so that functionally GMMK Pro is much better than Drop ALT .


GMMK Pro is 75% Barebone Keyboard which can give you very great quality. You can use this Barbone keyboard as an option to build a custom keyboard of your dreams. You only need to add a switch and keycap set on GMMK Pro and this keyboard is ready to use. Rotary knobs, good software support, cool RGB with various animation options, great build quality with a body made of aluminum, and of course this is a very cool keyboard to have because it is very easy to modify.

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