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GMMK Full Size Keyboard: Does it Worth for 2023?

Glorious GMMK Keyboard Review

Glorious GMMK Keyboard Review

If you want a full size mechanical gaming keyboard that you can change switches and keycaps at any time you want, then the GMMK Full Size Keyboard is the perfect choice for you.

Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard or better known as GMMK is a modular keyboard or Hot-Swappable keyboard which means you can change switches at any time without soldering and soldering. You can use various kinds of switches available in the market such as Cherry MX Switch, Gateron, and also Kailh Siwtch.

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This keyboard was created for those of you who want a different typing feeling on your keyboard. Besides being able to replace switches easily, of course you can also replace the GMMK keyboard keycaps with the custom keycaps you want. The GMMK keyboard is available in various layout sizes, ranging from Full Size, TKL, and 60%.

Why Buy Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GMMK)?

GMMK Full Size

Having a modular or Hot-Swappable Mechanical keyboard is everyone’s dream. You don’t have to do complicated things like soldering the switch when you open it, and you don’t have to solder the switch when you put it back together. Those are the advantages offered by the Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard or GMMK.

Generally people will build from their 0 Hot-Swappable. From buying PCBs, switches, keycaps, bodies and more to building a hot-swappable keyboard. GMMK provides a solution by creating a hot-swappable modular or mechanical keyboard without you having to bother assembling the keyboard parts again. Everything is just plug and play. Support for an unlimited variety of switch types. Starting from Cherry MX switches, Gateron, Kailh, and Otemu can be used on the Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (GMMK).

GMMK Full Size Design And Build Quality

GMMK Full Size Design And Build Quality

This Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has a Full Size layout that is quite wide like a full size mechanical keyboard in general. If you want a more ideal size, you can also buy GMMK which has a more ideal layout. TKL and 60% Compact sizes are available in the market. GMMK has a long USB cable, unfortunately the cable on this GMMK is not detachable.

This full size GMMK has very good build quality. The overall body of this keyboard is made of thick and solid plastic, and the GMMK frame uses metal plates, making this keyboard feel very premium. This keyboard is embedded with Kycaps double shot made of ABS plastic. We recommend that you replace the ABS keycaps with the thicker and more solid double shot PBT keycaps for your typing pleasure. Don’t worry, GMMK is a hot swappable keyboard, you can change it anytime.

For the overall design and build quality, this full size GMMK feels very premium and high quality.

Are GMMK Full Size Ergonomic?

What about ergonomics?

This Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Full Size has a high profile like most straight keyboards. But for ergonomics, this keyboard is pretty good even though it doesn’t have a wrist rest. You can adjust the keyboard tilt with your foot in front of the bottom for the best position. If you want a wrist rest, Glorious sells it separately.

Is GMMK Full Size RGB Backlighting good?

Is GMMK RGB Backlighting good?

GMMK has a nice RGB Backlight, all RGB lights up individually on each button. You can also adjust the RGB on this keyboard through the default software from Glorious. If you use PBT keycaps, the RGB lighting may not be as bright as when using ABS keycaps.

Inside The Glorious GMMK Box

Inside The Glorious GMMK Box
Glorious Modular Gaming Keyboard
Extra keycaps
Switch puller
Keycap puller (not pictured)
User Manuals
Inside The Glorious GMMK Box

How about the GMMK Full Size features?

How about the GMMK features?

GMMK lacks many features like wireless connection and various. But GMMK has standard features like Media key which can be accessed with FN key combination. You can also reprogram the macro keys on this keyboard through the built-in software from Glorious. There is a feature to lock the Windows key too of course.

How is the Typing Experience with GMMK?

GMMK Keycaps and Switch

Glorious GMMK when you first buy it already installed Gateron Brown Switch which tastes very similar to Cherry MX Brown. GMMK’s built-in ABS keycaps feel a bit slick and thin, but the typing experience using the default standard Kyecaps with the Gateron Brown Switch feels pretty good. If you want to change the switches or keycaps on this GMMK keyboard, don’t worry, this is one of the best hot swappable keyboards available today.

GMMK Typing Quality

Typing with this keyboard feels really good. Keycaps and switches feel very accurate and fast when pressed. Keycaps that feel light when pressed can make you feel comfortable typing for a long time. The position of the keycaps is positioned perfectly and is quite accurate when moving the finger. The built-in ABS keycaps feel quite sturdy and don’t vibrate when in use. The stabilizer is also quite good at maintaining the balance of the GMMK keycaps. The Gateron Brown switch on this keyboard feels quite quiet when used to type.

GMMK Typing Test

Is GMMK Software Good?

Is GMMK Software Good?

GMMK software made by Glorious is compatible with all keyboard products from GMMK. GMMK Software can be used to adjust RGB backlight, reprogram macro keys, create presets for your keyboard, and you can also create keyboard profiles according to your needs (Maximum 3 profiles). GMMK Software feels a bit delayed when used, hopefully there will be a new update so that GMMK software is more responsive.

How about GMMK Compatibility?

GMMK keyboard is perfectly compatible with Windows operating system. For MacOS and Linux, there are some shortcut function keys that don’t work. The GMMK software is only available for Windows operating systems.

Glorious GMMK Usability Test

Here are the results of our testing of GMMK in several different uses. The test data is in the table below:

Mixed usageThe Glorious GMMK is a pretty good keyboard all around. It’s pretty versatile thanks to its hotswappable board that allows you to pull out switches and put in new ones. This makes it easier to try different types of switches and find the best ones for your needs, whether it’s for gaming or the office. Overall, the frame is very well-made and each key features RGB lighting, which is nice.
For GamingThe Glorious GMMK is an excellent gaming keyboard. Our unit has Gateron Brown switches that seem to have a bit more pre-travel than other keyboards, but most people shouldn’t notice this and it’s within the manufacturer’s tolerance. Nevertheless, since this board is hotswappable, you’re able to choose your favorite gaming switches without any issues. The board is well-built and the RGB lighting is great to have.
For OfficeThe Glorious GMMK is a good office keyboard. Its full-size format gives you access to all necessary keys, including a NumPad. It offers a great overall typing quality thanks to steady keys and a very well-built frame. Thanks to its hotswappable board, you can easily put in and change the switches based on your needs.
For ProgrammingThe Glorious GMMK is a very good programming keyboard. All keys can be remapped and they feel solid and steady. Typing on this board feels very nice, and you can choose your preferred switches thanks to the hotswappable board. The board is almost fully compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, although some non-alphanumerical keys don’t work on the latter two.
Glorious GMMK Usability Test Data

Glorious GMMK Pros & Cons

Hotswappable board.

Typical non-ergonomic design.

Very well-built design.Not Bluetooth compatible.
Available in different sizes.
Software unavailable for macOS and Linux.
Full customizable RGB backlighting.
Glorious GMMK Pros & Cons

GMMK Differences Variants And Price

GMMK is available in three different sizes and variants. GMMK is available in Full Size, TKL (87%), and 60% Compact. On all GMMK keyboards the USB cable cannot be removed. The following is a list of GMMK variants that we summarize in the table below:

GMMK VariantsPrice
Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Full Size
Glorious GMMK Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – TENKEYLESS (87 Key)
Glorious GMMK Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 60% Compact Size (61 Key)

All variants of GMMK are sold at the same price of $109.99.

Are gmmk keyboards good?

If you are looking for a 60%, TKL, and Full Size mechanical keyboard that has the Hot Swappable feature, then GMMK keyboards are the right choice. All three keyboard sizes from GMMK support Hotswappable with Switches from Cherry MX, Gateron, Kalih, and the like.

GMMK keyboards is the best solution for those of you who want to have a hot swappable and easy to customize keyboard. In addition, GMMK keyboards are also sold at quite affordable prices.

Are glorious gmmk rgb keyboard?

All GMMK keyboards have very nice RGB LEDs with a wide selection of animation effects that you can customize to your liking.

The RGB on the GMMK Keyboard lights up individually on each key and the RGB on the GMMK keyboard is quite bright and cool.

Are glorious gmmk wireless keyboards?

GMMK keyboards only support connectivity via USB Cable, none of the GMMK keyboard products have wireless or bluetooth connectivity options.

Are glorious gmmk keyboard compact?

There are two variants of the GMMK keyboard that have a compact size, namely GMMK TKL and GMMK 60%. GMMK 60% is the most compact with only 61 keys.

Are the glorious gmmk keyboard brown switch?

All GMMK Keyboards products are only available with the Brown Switch option. Don’t worry, all GMMK keyboards support the hot swappable switch feature, which means you can replace GMMK keyboard switches without having to solder them.

You can use switches from Cherry MX, Kailh, Gateron, and other similar mechanical switches.

Are glorious gmmk keyboard custom switch tkl?

No, GMMK TKL does not come with a custom switch. The GMMk TKL comes with standard GMMK Brown switches. But GMMK TKL is a keyboard that supports the hot swappable switch feature, so you can use custom switches on GMMK TKL.

Are glorious gmmk keyboard white?

For GMMK Keyboard with white color, it is only available for Full Size and TKL. White color is not available for GMMK 60% Keyboard.

Are gmmk keyboards good for gaming?

By default, GMMK Keyboard uses Brown Tactile Switch which is pretty good for gaming. The standard GMMK keyboard keycap with OEM Keycap profile is also great for gaming.


Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard GMMK is a great manufacturer of Hot Swappable mechanical keyboards. With excellent build quality, GMMK sells their Hot Swappable keyboard at a very affordable price. If you need a modular/hot swappable mechanical keyboard at an affordable price, then GMMK is the right choice for you. Or maybe you feel that building a mechanical keyboard from scratch is too much of a hassle for you, buying a GMMK is one of the best solutions for you.


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