Free Tubemate Download

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TubeMate APK is a Free Youtube Video downloader application that can make it easier for you to search and download youtube videos through your smartphone. The advantage you get when downloading videos using TubeMate is that you can still watch videos or run other applications, because the download process occurs behind the scenes.

About The TubeMate Apk

  • Tubemate is a free android-based application that is used to download videos from youtube via your android device.
  • Last TubeMate update in August 2020
  • TubeMate updates are usually done every 6 months. A notification will appear when a data update is required.

What we really like about the TubeMate application is that every downloaded video file is automatically saved to the SD Card (In Default Settings). This application is also classified as very easy to use with a display and navigation that is easy to understand even for ordinary users. Another advantage is that you can choose the resolution and capacity of the video you want to download, so the user’s needs can be said to have been met by the maker of this TubeMate application.

What is TubeMate?

Free Tubemate Download

Free Tubemate Download

Devian Studios has created an excellent app for people who love to download videos. Besides being able to help make the use of internet data packages more efficient, users can have other options besides streaming videos, namely downloading files directly and being able to watch them anytime without using the internet. Besides being able to be used on smartphones, TubeMate can also be used on your computer.

I usually do this when I want to travel by plane or train where in those conditions internet access is very limited. It’s true that YouTube has the option to download videos offline that can be accessed at any time, but isn’t it more interesting to have video files that can be moved at any time? Because offline videos downloaded on youtube have other types of formats while videos downloaded via TubeMate are available with .3gp (Full HD) file types.

Downloaded Video Formats

TubeMate downloaded files are available in .3GP format. In addition, if you have internet connection problems while downloading, you can postpone it and you can continue when your internet connection is back to normal. The resolution of the downloaded video is based on the resolution of the original file uploaded on youtube, meaning that if you want to download a video with a certain resolution, but it is not available in the options, it means that the original video resolution from the youtube server is already like that.

The following video resolutions are generally available on TubeMate:

  • 1920×1080(Full-HD)
  • 1280×720(HD)
  • 640×360
  • 320x240p
  • 854×480(FLV) for Android 2.1 and over

I almost forgot one of the advantages of TubeMate, which is that there is an option to convert video files into .MP3 files.

How TubeMate Work and How to use it?

  • Download Tubemate.
  • Open the TubeMate App.
  • The appearance of the tubemate application at a glance looks like you are on Youtube.
  • Do a search for the video you want to download.
  • After downloading the video, you can access the file on your SD Card.
  • Now, you can watch the video anytime and anywhere without the need for an internet connection.
  • You can also share the video file to social media or to other devices such as your friend’s PC or Smartphone.
Free Tubemate Download

Is it safe to use TubeMate?

Free Tubemate Download
Free Tubemate Download

As long as you download TubeMate from a trusted source, this application is very safe. During use I have never experienced problems such as the presence of malware or viruses. TubeMate is not available on the Google Play Store, that doesn’t mean this app is harmfull for your smartphone. Google Play Store does not allow this kind of application to be in the Play Store for some reason. So, make sure you download the TubeMate application via the link we have provided below.

The uploaded youtube video may not be downloaded and used without the permission of the video owner. As we know, videos on the YouTube platform are copyrighted. If you are worried about this kind of policy, you can take advantage of offline youtube as a solution.

Is TubeMate a Chinese app?

TubeMate is not an app originating from China. TubeMate is a video downloading application developed in India. Besides TubeMate, there are several video downloading applications that you can use as an alternative to replace TubeMate:

TubeMate Alternative

If you want to know an alternative to TubeMate that has a similar function, here’s a list of available TubeMate alternatives that you can try to download videos:

What is better than TubeMate?

One of the most popular video downloading applications is Snaptube. You could say that Snaptube is better than TubeMate with the features they provide. Besides having a lot of features, Snaptube is also faster and easier to use compared to TubeMate. We have made a full review of Snaptube.

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Is TubeMate a virus?

TubeMate is not a virus or a harmfull application, if you download TubeMate through an untrusted source, there is a possibility that the application has been loaded with malware or viruses that will interfere with the performance of your smartphone. So, make sure you download TubeMate through a trusted source, the link we have provided below.

Which is better Vidmate or TubeMate?

Vidmate and TubeMate are similar apps, the only difference being in some of the notification features. Apart from the download function and ease of use, TubeMate and Vidmate are equally very easy to use. You can also try both and you can compare yourself, it all depends on the experience of the user to determine which one is more suitable to be installed on your smartphone.

Can you use Free TubeMate to Download Video on iPhone?

TubeMate for iOS is not yet available. So far we have not found a TubeMate Application that can be used on iOS/iPhone devices. But if you want to download videos through your iOS device, we have an alternative for that. That said, this is Snaptube for iOS/iPhone devices.

Is Free Tubemate Download Legal?

It feels strange if we say using TubeMate is LEGAL, if you download videos on youtube using the TubeMate application, it is an illegal act because the videos you download are copyrighted videos. As long as you use the video only for your own viewing, it can still be said to be legal. In addition, TubeMate can also be used to watch videos like the Youtube application.

Is it illegal to download from YouTube?

Under applicable digital law, using downloaded videos only to be watched at any time or converted to .MP3 is not illegal, as long as it is within reasonable limits. But downloading copyrighted videos is illegal and can be said to be a violation of youtube’s terms of service. Legal or illegal is determined from the use of the video file, if you download the video for your own needs it can still be said to be legal because you are not selling, or manipulating the video for other purposes.

How to Use Free Tubemate to Download Files:

Free Tubemate Download
  • Access the TubeMate.APK file that you have downloaded.
  • Tap the TubeMate.apk file and follow the installation steps.
  • After the TubeMate application is installed, follow the instructions shown in the image below:
Free Tubemate Download
  • Do a search for the YouTube video you want to download (Video Title).
  • Select the video resolution you want to download.
  • After selecting the video download resolution, you can proceed to the download.
  • The download process is done behind the scenes.
  • You can add a queue of videos to be downloaded at the same time.
  • There is an option to download when you are connected to a WiFi connection only.
  • Downloaded videos can be played at any time, with any available video player on your device.
  • Video files that have been downloaded can be converted into .MP3 files.
  • By default, files that have been downloaded will be stored on the SD Card (If Available SD Card)

Tubemate Pros And Cons

It is free.
You can browse YouTube videos directly.
TubeMate can download videos faster with its multiple connecting features.
TubeMate allows you to pause the download anytime you want.
TubeMate enables you to download the videos in 240p, 720p and higher.
You can convert YouTube videos to MP3 audio files.
Can be difficult to download certain videos at times.
TubeMate needs you to install Media converter to download high quality videos.
The app crashes sometimes during downloading.
Users sometimes find that they cannot download videos with high speed.

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