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Downloading videos and converting videos to mp3 may not be a rare thing nowadays. Android-based mobile application developers are racing to get the interest of users who need applications to download videos from YouTube or other video platforms.

Snaptube is a free android application created to make it easier for users to download videos from youtube via their android devices. Not only from youtube, there are several other platforms where videos can be downloaded with the snaptube application.

Important things you should know before download:

  • Before you download Snaptube apk, you have to read this article.
  • We will explain all about Snaptube & how it’s work.
  • If you already have the snaptube app installed, you will love this article
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Main features of SnapTube Video

It’s a really decent tool that we can use to carry out the following functions:

  • Download videos in different resolutions.
  • Direct downloads of audio in MP3 format.
  • Search for videos using keywords.
  • Manage all the videos downloaded.

How Does Snaptube Work?

Download Free Snaptube APK

Snaptube is quite easy to use, there is a content explorer feature to find the target video you want to download. The snaptube application is not available on the Google Play Store for some reason, but you can still download snaptube through several trusted websites and also the official snaptube website.

What’s New in The Latest Version of Snaptube APK?

Download Free Snaptube APK

In the latest update only focus on Bug fixes and several performance and stability improvements.

SnapTube Tips & Tricks

How to download from SnapTube straight to an SD card

In SnapTube, you can send your downloads straight to your device’s SD card to save internal storage space. To configure these downloads, you simply have to follow these steps.

FAQs About Snaptube APK:

How do I download Snaptube?

Get Snaptube from its website and save its APK on your phone. Tap on the downloaded APK to complete the app installation. Just be sure that you grant your browser permission to install apps. After completing the Snaptube app download for Android, launch the app and look for any video to download.

Why is Snaptube not on Google Play Store?

Google Play Store doesn’t allow video downloading apps like snaptube and similar apps for some reason. But snaptube is very easy to download because it already has its own official website. For additional information, snaptube is an application developed in china, so if you want to get snaptube, just visit the official website or do a search through a search engine.

Is Snaptube Safe?

Snaptube is an application that is safe and does not harm the device. So far, no malware or viruses have been found that interfere with smartphone performance while using the Snaptube application. But only ads and notifications often appear in the form of pop ups. For security, snaptube is quite safe to install on your smartphone.

Why is Snaptube not downloading?

This usually happens because there are several factors, your internet connection is being interrupted, there is a crash in the application, your internal memory capacity is not sufficient to accommodate the file to be downloaded. The solution is to make sure you have a good internet connection, close the snaptube application and reopen it, repeat your download process again.

Can I download Snaptube on iPhone?

Snaptube is not yet available for iOS or iPhone devices. But there is another alternative besides snaptube for iPhone, namely Snappea which is indeed made to download videos via IOS or iPhone devices. Visit the article you wrote about Alternative Snaptube for iPhone.

Which is better Snaptube or VidMate?

It is true that Snaptube and VidMate are applications that are used to download video and music files, but there are slight differences between the two. Snaptube has a interface that is easier for end-users to use and there is also a player feature for files that have been downloaded. This can be used as an advantage of Snaptube compared to VidMate.

How to update my Snaptube app?

  1. There will be a notification popup when you open the app notifying you that you need to update. Tap on the download button and the app will immediately be downloaded and can be used again.
  2. You can also do a manual update by accessing the profile settings by clicking “Me” > “About” > “Update Now”

How to Use Snaptube?

  1. Install Snaptube on your smartphone, download it at the link listed at the end of this article. Snaptube files are in .APK format. Make sure you download on the official site for the safety of your device.
  2. In the search field, find the title of the video you want to download.
  3. Start the video download, wait for the video to finish downloading, and you can play it.

Is Snaptube a Chinese app?

Yes, Snaptube is an android application developed by a developer from China. Snaptube is a pioneer of mobile-based applications for downloading videos which is the beginning of the emergence of video downloader applications that have appeared quite a lot now. Unfortunately, snaptbe is not yet available on the Google Play Store.


  • Snaptube is a good app and easy to use.
  • Snaptube is Safe, no malware.
  • Sometimes it’s has some bugs, but easy to fix.
  • Snaptube only Support For Android in APK Extension.

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