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Do You Need a Wrist Rest for Mechanical Keyboard?

Last Updated on November 18, 2022

Do You Need a Wrist Rest for Mechanical Keyboard? One of the most functional keyboard or mouse accessories is a palm rest or some call it a wrist rest pad. The device is in the form of a sheet as thick as the height of the keyboard which cushions the wrist when typing.

Currently, the use of wrist rest pads is widely applied to keyboards and mice. Both of these gaming devices do force the wrist position on the table surface so that the reach of the fingers is limited or in a raised wrist position so that it has the potential to cause fatigue in the body part that supports the hand, such as the shoulder or elbow.

To get more comfortable when using a mechanical keyboard, especially when you are working, playing games, or doing other typing activities, the role of a wrist rest can be quite helpful to provide comfort and can reduce fatigue. The presence of a wrist rest on the mechanical keyboard can make it easier for your hands to reach the buttons on the mechanical keyboard, so that the typing experience becomes more comfortable, precise and more accurate.

What is Wrist Rest on the Keyboard and What Are Its Uses?

Do You Need a Wrist Rest for Mechanical Keyboard?
What is Wrist Rest on the Keyboard and What Are Its Uses?

What is Wirst Rest on the keyboard? Wirst Rest on the keyboard is a device that serves to support the wrist when typing on the keyboard. Wrist rest is not only on the keyboard, but also on the mouse.

Not all computer keyboards have the Wrist Rest feature because it is not a basic feature. Usually only keyboards that are devoted to gaming and offices only adopt this feature.

Ergonomics has an important role in our technical use of computers as defined by Merriam-Webster. Ergonomics is the practice of designing items or spaces so that they can be used in a safe and efficient manner. Examples are wrist rest (wrist rest), tilted keyboard, oval mouse shape and others.

The debate about the usefulness of the Wrist Rest feature is actually still questionable in terms of health. Many people complain about their hand problems when typing too long. However, can this wrist rest be the best solution to this problem?

Most health experts do not recommend for some users to use this keyboard with wrist rest board. This is due to the absence of an accurate basis regarding the needs of each hand position. In addition, its use is also influenced by the mood of each user.

A keyboard back or a place to rest the keyboard has received less attention from health researchers. There is no big topic that discusses gaming keyboards that use wrist rests other than for sheer convenience.

Benefits of Wrist Rest for Mechanical Keyboard

Have you ever felt pain in your wrist due to working in front of a computer for a long time? When you work with a mouse, the bottom of your palm can be injured due to constant pressure. In addition, blood circulation can be disrupted and neck or head pain due to arm positions that do not match the keyboard.

To solve this problem, you can use a wrist rest pad or a palm rest pad. Simply place the wrist rest pad under your wrist for cushioning. Here are some of the benefits of using a wrist rest.

  • Reducing the risk of getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome injury, which is a condition when the fingers feel tingling, painful, or numb.
  • Helps free hand movement while remaining in control.
  • Provides comfort on the wrist.
  • Helps the shoulder and neck muscles relax.
  • Promotes better blood circulation in the arms.

Know the Types and Materials of Wrist Rest for Keyboards on the market today

Currently, the market for wrist rests for mechanical keyboards is quite a lot on the market. Manufacturers innovate in various ways to find wrist rest products that can be tailored to the preferences of users who need them.

Mechanical keyboard manufacturers have also started selling mechanical keyboards that are equipped with a wrist rest by default. But there are also wrist rest products that you can buy separately.

The following are the types of wrist rests on the market today that you can choose according to your preferences:

1. Wrist Rest from Polyurethane

Wrist Rest from Polyurethane
Wrist Rest from Polyurethane

Wrist rest made of polyurethane material has a very elastic design and is one of the most ideal types of wrist rest material to use. Polyurethane is used to coat the outside of the wrist rest and the inside is usually memory foam. One of the wrist rest products from Polyurethane that we recommend is the Tofun PU Wrist Rest.

2. Wrist Rest from Memory Foam

Wrist Rest from Memory Foam
Wrist Rest from Memory Foam

One of the most common wrist rest materials on the market today is a wrist rest made of memory foam. Usually, this type of wrist rest is made with memory foam as a soft material where your hand rests and the memory foam is wrapped using a combined cloth or rubber.

For long-term use, a wrist rest made of memory foam is highly recommended. One of the wrist rest memory foam products that we recommend is Logitech MX Palm Rest.

3. Wrist Rest from Leather

Wrist Rest from Leather
Wrist Rest from Leather

The use of leather not only makes this wrist rest softer, but also looks more exclusive. The decoration in the form of contrasting colored stitches on the edges also strengthens its charming aura. Leather Wrist Rests are extremely durable and very easy to maintain. One of the wrist rest leather products that we recommend is the MAIDERN Leather Wrist Rest.

4. Wrist Rest from Wood

Wrist Rest from Wood
Wrist Rest from Wood

Wrist rests made of wood have the advantage of not being easily deflated. For long term use wooden wrist rests are very reliable. Besides having great durability, wooden wrist rest also has an aesthetic appearance and can give a classic appearance to your desk. One of the wooden wrist rests that we recommend is the Meatanty Wooden Keyboard Wrist Rest.

5. Cotton Wrist Rest

Cotton Wrist Rest
Cotton Wrist Rest

This is the easiest and most widely available type of wrist rest on the market for both keyboards and mice. Wrist rests made of cotton fabric have a light weight and are quite soft like a pillow because foam is usually placed inside which is also used on your sleeping pillow. The advantage of this type of wrist rest is that it is cheaper, but has the disadvantage of getting dirty quickly if it gets wet with your hands and if it comes into contact with water, it is quite difficult to clean it because water can seep easily into the wrist rest made of cotton.

If you can guarantee that you can keep the cotton wrist rest safe from water, choosing this type of wrist rest is not a bad thing. We recommend the cotton wrist rest from CandoCraft which is of excellent quality.

6. Gel Wrist Rest

Gel Wrist Rest
Gel Wrist Rest

One of the most popular wrist rest materials is a wrist rest made of gel. using a wrist rest gel can provide quite a pleasant experience and can provide quite good ergonomics when you use a wrist rest gel with your keyboard.

Wrist rest gel is quite cheap in the market and very easy to get. As for the drawbacks, wrist rest gels are usually coated with rubber or plastic so there is a risk of holes or sharp objects punctured so that the gel can come out and leak. One of the wrist rest gel products that we recommend is Fellowes Gel Crystals Wrist Rest.

How to choose a wrist rest

First, we will explain in advance how to choose a wrist pad. You can use the following points as a reference.

1. Match the type to the intended use

Will you use the wrist rest pad to support both hands typing on the keyboard? You can also use the tool to support the right hand that uses the mouse. For that, you need to choose the length of the wrist base that suits its intended use.

If you do a lot of typing with the keyboard, the long wrist rest pad is the right choice. If you type on a keyboard that is not equipped with a numeric pad, for example on a notebook or small keyboard, the regular long type will suffice. However, if you want to type using the numeric pad as well, choose a product of the appropriate length.

The important thing to remember is that each keyboard can be a different size. Therefore, adjust the size of the wrist rest pad to the size of your laptop or computer keyboard. Don’t let the wrist rest pad not even function optimally because the length is inadequate.

Then, both long and mini types, each wrist rest has its own advantages and you are free to have it according to your needs. However, if the available space on the workbench is still quite large, a long product is highly recommended.

When using the keyboard and mouse, your hands will certainly keep moving left and right. Well, a long palm rest or wrist rest is certainly more versatile because it is able to support the hand well. Also consider this point before deciding to buy.

2. Make sure the thickness matches the position and size of the hand

It is said that the recommended elbow angle when working on a computer is 90 degrees or more. In addition, it is recommended that the wrist is not too curved when working to prevent tendonitis. Depending on the height of the table and chair or keyboard you are using, your wrists may be too raised or curved. As a result, you will tire more quickly and feel pain in your wrists, shoulders, neck, or other areas.

In addition, for those of you who have big hands, your wrist rest pad may actually collapse when your hand hits it. For that, choose a product with a thickness according to the size and position of your hand. The thickness of the wrist rest itself varies, you can choose a thickness of around 17–25 mm to make it more comfortable.

3. Choose a wrist rest with the right material

Common materials used for wrist rest pads or palm rest pads are urethane and gel. Different materials, of course, also differ in the ease of deflation, ease of cleaning, and the sensation of use.

Therefore, we will describe the characteristics of each material. Actually, although relatively rare, there is also a wooden wrist rest pad. Products made of wood are the right choice for those of you who are looking for an anti-collapse wrist pad.

Urethane material, absorbs and disperses pressure according to hand movement

Urethane is a material that has a low reflectance / repulsion. Its main characteristic is the ability to take pressure very well. The pressure received by this material can change, for example due to changes in body posture or slight movement. At that moment, this material is still able to absorb and distribute pressure optimally according to changes that occur.

If you suffer from stiff shoulders because blood circulation is not smooth due to wrong posture, this material is suitable to try. The characteristics of urethane that we have described will help you avoid bad posture while working. For information, other materials such as memory foam and other foams also have characteristics such as urethane, you know!

How to clean urethane products can vary depending on the material used on the surface. However, many products can be cleaned by wiping. There are also products that can be washed for easy cleaning of sweat.

Gel material, easy to clean with water while feeling cool and elastic

The main characteristic of the gel material is that it is elastic as well as easy to flow. When compared to urethane, the gel is able to respond better even when there is a slight movement. This material is able to follow your every move, but is less stable than urethane.

To clean it, you can wipe it with water, alcohol, or a detergent solution. It’s easy to keep the gel wrist rest pad clean. In addition, this material will provide a cool sensation when used so it is suitable for hot weather.

4. Check the surface material and anti-slip on the bottom of the product

What if the wrist rest pad shifts when your hand moves or feels hot because the surface material is not breathable? Of course, a product like that can make you feel less comfortable working in front of a laptop.

To prevent the wrist pad from shifting, you can choose a product that has a non-slip base. In addition, to make air circulation run more smoothly, choose products that are breathable or designed with small holes.

As discussed earlier, the ease of cleaning is also affected by the surface material of the product. If the shape or material on the surface is too special, you may not even want to clean it. Especially when you choose a product with a focus on design, make sure the surface is still relatively easy to clean.

Why is there still debate over the Wrist Rest issue?

Contact that occurs between the wrist and the armrest if it is too heavy can cause problems. This is due to excessive pressure on the smooth tendons at the bottom of the wrist. The result is inflammation of the tendon sheath and its surroundings.

This condition may be the reason why many people consider the existence of a wrist rest. Many people become skeptical and feel they should not use armrests.

But on the other hand, a mechanical gaming keyboard that is not equipped with a wrist rest will make the user’s hand rest on the sharp edge of the table. That way, the armrest becomes more important, right? With a softer base, of course, the typing experience or playing games will be more comfortable.

What advice do researchers have regarding wrist rest?

There is no need to use a palm rest and instead choose a keyboard that has a comfortable tilt. This will keep your hands in a neutral position and more relaxed. A neutral condition on the wrist is that the wrist position is not too tilted up or down.

Means returning to the beginning, namely the use of the board does not necessarily make your comfort better. But everyone has their own standard of comfort. And if you want to buy a keyboard with a wrist rest, make sure the board is removable. In order to provide the most convenient choice for you.

Why Using wrist rest on the keyboard?

Wrist rest is another alternative for those who want to try a different sensation when they linger in front of the computer. It’s not mandatory like the other features, but it’s an option to choose the wrist position.

For long-term use, it will certainly support your health, from the health of your wrist to the tendons of your arm. In the end, the existence of this board is only a match or a mismatch.

What is the reason for using a wrist rest board on a keyboard?

A good board or mat is one that makes you comfortable when typing or playing games. The following are health tips to make your gaming and typing experience much healthier

  • Make sure your hands are free to move and use your lower palms for support, not your wrists.
  • Reduce wrist bending by setting the best workplace layout.
  • Use the wrist pad only to adjust the wrist posture so that it is straight.
  • Provide a soft wrist support to minimize pressure on the wrist.
  • Make sure your wrists are no higher than your elbows. This is to prevent molculosekeletal injury.


Wrist rest pads can help you work with your laptop/PC more comfortably. Without pain in the hands, neck, or shoulders, of course you can work more quickly and productively. Both products made from gel, cloth, wood, leather, and urethane have their own advantages.

Know the size and specifications of each product that is right for your keyboard.

Only use a wrist rest if it supports the health of your wrist. For that, don’t use it if its existence is only a nuisance. The existence of this board is actually only optional in case serious problems occur when you are not using it.

As long as you’re comfortable in your usual position without this board, you won’t need it anymore.

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