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Cherry MX Brown vs Cherry MX Red: Which Better for You?

Last Updated on November 17, 2022

In this post, we will be comparing Cherry MX Brown vs Cherry MX Red. Guess which switch is the most appropriate for you?

We will discuss in detail what the comparison between Cherry MX Brown vs Cherry MX Red looks like in terms of quality, type sound produced, and also how the typing experience can be provided by each of these switches.

If you’re looking for a keyboard, you’ll probably find Cherry MX Reds and Browns among the often available configurations for many well-liked keyboard models.

This article is meant to assist you in choosing the best Cherry MX switch for your preferences by providing you with the information you need.

Specs comparison

In our switch comparison table, you can see how these MX switches stack up against the wonderful world of mechanical switches.

TermsCherry MX BrownCherry MX Red
Actuation Force55g45g
Actuation Point2mm2mm
Total Travel Distance4mm4mm
Rated Lifespan>100 million actuations >100 million actuations
Cherry MX Brown vs Red

The main distinction between Reds and Browns is the difference in actuation force, as well as the fact that Browns have a deliberate hump in their travel—thus making them tactile—while Reds are entirely smooth, thus making them linear.

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Brown vs Cherry MX Red: Cherry MX Brown
Tactile| 55g | 2mm actuation point

For those who prefer more feedback from their keyboard so they can accurately determine when a key has been depressed, Cherry MX Browns are fantastic. Before the actuation point, Cherry MX Browns have a tactile bump that indicates the key has been depressed.

For those who type more frequently, Cherry MX Browns are preferable since they require less practice to use than Reds, which require a lighter touch to prevent inadvertent key presses.

Cherry MX Browns are a more adaptable choice if you need your keyboard to be used both for typing and for playing video games frequently. The switches are nevertheless sufficiently light and quick to withstand demanding gameplay while also providing sufficient feedback for keyboardists.

Here is a typing test using Cherry MX Brown switches and sound:

Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Brown vs Cherry MX Red: Cherry MX Red
Linear | 45g | 2mm actuation point

As a linear switch, Cherry MX Red switches have no obstruction from their top to their actuation point. Keystrokes are executed more quickly, and until the switches bottom out, there is no physical feedback.

Fans of MX Red welcome the transition since it makes the game feel faster and key pushes are more immediate without any wearisome elements. In addition to being smooth, Cherry MX Reds have a more throaty sound than tactiles and are pleasurable to game and type on.

Reds are excellent for gaming in general, as their straight WASD cluster (FPS) and quicker key pushes frequently result in quicker reactions and more fluid gameplay.

Here is a typing test using Cherry MX Red switches and sound:

Cherry MX Brown vs Cherry MX Red price

Both the Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Red are selling for the same price at around $1.33 per switch for now.

Cherry MX Brown Vs Red: Which Are Best For Gaming?

Cherry MX Red switches are typically preferable for gaming, but brown switches may be superior for typing, depending on the application.

What is superior? either Cherry MX Brown or Cherry MX Red

Cherry MX Brown is one of the best switch for typing. The Cherry MX Brown switch, one of the most popular switches available, is ideal for typing. Because you can tell the key is registered once you’ve pressed the little tactile bump, it helps you avoid mistakes.

A smooth typing experience with lightning-fast switch reactions can be had with Cherry MX Red, one of the best switch options for gaming.
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