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How to Access The Home and End Keys on a 60 Keyboard?

Compact keyboards, commonly referred to as 60% keyboards due to their reduced size, offer a sleek and space-saving solution for users seeking a clutter-free desk setup. While these keyboards provide portability and aesthetic appeal, they often come with one notable drawback: the absence of dedicated Home and End keys. These keys are crucial for navigating […]

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Fn Key Stuck on RK61 (Solved)

Are you grappling with the vexing problem of your “FN Key Stuck on RK61” keyboard? The RK61, renowned for its compact design and customizable features, can occasionally present users with an irksome challenge: a persistently engaged FN key. This seemingly minor issue can disrupt your workflow, making typing and gaming experiences less enjoyable. In this […]

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Are Ortholinear Keyboards Better? A Comprehensive Guide

Are Ortholinear Keyboards Better? This question has intrigued writers, programmers, gamers, and keyboard enthusiasts alike. In a world where keyboard design has remained relatively unchanged for decades, ortholinear keyboards emerge as a unique and innovative option. With their uniform grid layout and distinct arrangement of keys, ortholinear keyboards promise a typing experience that challenges tradition. […]

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