Can't Connect WiFi On Windows 10 - Here How to Fix it!

Can’t Connect WiFi On Windows 10? – Here How to Fix it!

Sometimes you find it difficult to access the internet with a laptop that cannot connect to wifi and other problems arise.

This problem causes the laptop to not be able to connect wifi windows 10 no internet secured.

Therefore you must immediately fix the wifi not connecting in the right way.

Usually Wifi Can’t Connect Internet In Windows, a warning like this will appear.

cannot connect to this network / can’t connect to this network / no internet access

This problem often occurs, the admin has experienced it several times.

How to handle it? Here’s how to fix it.

Fix wifi network on windows 7, 8 and 10

Overcoming wifi doesn’t want to connect to a WIFI network, not just a wifi id, but also a hostpot on a cellphone can also be affected by this problem.

It’s even hard to fix. Here’s how to deal with wifi won’t connect:

  • Enable Airplane Mode
  • Restart PC
  • Deleting Saved WiFi
  • Change HP WiFi Password
  • Change APN
  • Change WiFi Name
  • Set Proxy Browser

1. Enable Airplane Mode On Laptop

Turning on airplane mode will refresh our laptop’s WLAN system as we restart the PC.

iI windows 8 and 10 have this airplane mode feature, for windows 7 I have not experimented,

If there is airplane mode, why don’t you use it to overcome this wifi that won’t connect?

Before looking on the internet, you can do experiments to find a solution in order to fix a problematic wifi network and can’t connect.

2. Reboot Laptop or Computer

Restarting the laptop also works as a network refresher on your wifi. This function is intended to restore the system that failed to respond earlier to the original before it crashed.

Why do crashes happen? This error is caused by a virus or garbage that has infected some laptop wifi drivers.

Therefore, the thing to do to fix this wifi error and limited is to reboot the system.

3. Delete All Connected Wifi Networks

Delete all networks that were previously connected to your laptop or computer.

This is the cause that often happens when you can’t connect to the internet and usually a notification like this will appear, internet access limited.

Well that’s the key in this matter. So you have to delete it. How to delete connected wifi?

It’s easy, you just go to the Settings menu -> Network and Internet -> Wifi -> Manage Known Network -> Click one of the wifi -> click forget

4. Change Hostspot Password

Maybe changing the hp hotspot password will solve this problem. Changing the password is the same as airplane mode, which is refreshing the wifi network.

This method can also anticipate people who want to know your wifi password. If you still can’t, you have to do this next method.

5. Changing APN

APN or access point names is an internet server that is used to detect signals on your cellphone.

Therefore you should try to change the settings on the APN which was the default change to the internet APN or something else.

6. Changing the Hostspot Name/SSID Name

This method may be quite flexible in its settings. Only by changing the name of the hotspot / tethering this problem will be solved easily.

How come? Because by changing the hotspot name, the laptop will automatically detect that there is a new network that must be connected.

Therefore, this method is quite effective because this technique is arguably the simplest than the previous method.

Not only that, changing the hotspot name also affects the new network, and your laptop or computer must reconnect to this new hotspot network.

7. Set Proxy Browser

Well sometimes your browser has problems with the proxy. Where this proxy limits the network that is being used. To remove the proxy from the browser, refer to the following guide.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Enter the browser.
  • Select Tools.
  • Select Options.
  • Select Advanced.
  • Then select Network.
  • Next select Settings.
  • Next select No Proxy, to remove the proxy field.
  • Select OK, after the above process you do try to surf.

Google Chrome

  • Open the google chrome browser.
  • Then select Settings.
  • Then find the Show Advanced Settings option to open all the settings.
  • In Use Proxy Server For… uncheck the checkbox or checkbox.

How to fix wifi is connected but can’t get internet laptop windows 10

Previously, you first noticed the wifi section in the lower right corner. There is a yellow triangle sign or not, if there is then you cannot connect to the wifi network. How to solve it as follows.

  • First open the control panel, then select the Network and Internet option -> Network and Sharing Center, finally go to Change Adapter Settings.
  • On WIFI right-click, then select the Properties option looks like the picture.
  • The WI-FI Properties window appears, look for Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) by double-clicking it.
  • Just select the Obtain an IP address automatically option and the option below that is Obtain DNS server address automatically. This selection aims to get an automatic ip address and DNS.

The last step is just press – press OK. Now try to connect to wifi. Wait a few moments more or less only seconds. You can surf to your heart’s content because the internet is already connected.

If the laptop still can’t connect to wifi, maybe the problem appears in the windows driver. Do the analysis first using the following steps.

  • Click start -> type This PC -> Right click -> Select Manage.
  • Then select Device Manager, In this menu you can search for network adapters. If the menu finds a yellow sign, it is possible that the driver has a problem or has not been installed.

The method this time is just a trivial thing, but if you can’t handle wifi on windows 10 on / on then your network will be difficult to connect. Even so, you can analyze it with the steps above.

If there is no way out anymore, you can visit the service center to get a solution. Usually it will be fixed on network adapters.

How to remove the red cross so that the laptop connects to wifi

Your laptop does not have internet network access because a red cross icon appears? Here’s how to fix it.

  • Open Control Panel
  • Open the Network and Internet menu
  • Open the Network and Sharing Center menu
  • Select the Change Adapter Settings menu on the left
  • In the WI-FI options section, Right click
  • Then select the Enable menu
  • Wait a moment
  • Then the red cross icon is gone, and now you can connect to the internet hotspot/WIFI.

Overcoming Windows 10 Can’t Access the Internet Even though Wifi is Connected

The problem of wifi that is connected but can’t be used for browsing and the internet is actually a complicated thing.

To fix the wifi problem, do the following methods:

  • DNS Flush
  • Restart/turn off computer/laptop
  • Make sure the Wifi network is not problematic
  • Set proxy in control panel/remove proxy so it fetches proxy automatically
  • Perform Automatic Network troubleshooting.

The final word

That’s enough from the article how to solve wifi can’t connect on windows 10, hopefully it’s useful.

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