Can You Use a Mechanical Keyboard on a Laptop?

Can You Use a Mechanical Keyboard on a Laptop?

Using the default keyboard on a laptop is something that certainly makes it easier for you because laptops are indeed created to be used in various places on the move without having to carry other additional external devices such as keyboards, mice, and various other additional devices. You only need to bring your laptop charger and be ready to use it anywhere you want.

Then, can you use a mechanical keyboard on a laptop? Of course it can, especially for those of you who use your laptop as the main computer device used on your desk and use an external screen. Laptops are just like computers, they provide a USB port that can be used to connect external devices to the laptop such as headsets, mice, mechanical keyboards, webcams and various other external devices.

What conditions are most appropriate for using a mechanical keyboard on a laptop?

There are various conditions when you are strongly advised to use a mechanical keyboard on your laptop. Here are some conditions and their full explanation:

1. When you use your laptop to play games

Have you ever tried playing games using the default keyboard on your laptop? How does it feel? Surely you will feel something is not comfortable because the size of the button is small and the distance between the buttons is very tight and often causes errors in pressing buttons while playing games.

When playing games using a laptop, using an external keyboard device is highly recommended for a more precise and enjoyable gaming experience.

Mechanical keyboards are basically designed to provide a more enjoyable gaming and typing experience. So when you play games using a laptop, just use an external mechanical keyboard to enhance your gaming experience.

2. If you use a laptop as your main computer at your desk

It will look strange when you use a laptop with an external monitor and still use your laptop’s default keyboard to type.

For a laptop setup on a work desk, using an external keyboard such as a mechanical keyboard is highly recommended because in addition to being able to provide a cool work desk appearance, of course you can more freely find a better sitting position and typing position than using your laptop’s default keyboard.

3. If you work using a laptop with a very high typing intensity

Mechanical keyboards were created to provide a better typing experience compared to other types of keyboards. When compared to the default laptop keyboard, a mechanical keyboard can certainly provide a better typing experience.

The default keyboard on a laptop pad generally uses a layout with a limited number of keys, such as the absence of a numpad. On a mechanical keyboard with a full size layout, you can find complete keyboard keys such as numpad, media keys, and even macro functions.

A mechanical keyboard that uses switches on each key can provide a very precise typing experience and can prevent you from typing errors because of the N-Key Rollover and Anti Ghosting features.

4. If you want a more pleasant typing experience with better ergonomics

Using a laptop’s built-in keyboard is not a bad thing, but when you want better comfort, ergonomics, and typing accuracy, then using a mechanical keyboard on your laptop is a choice that we highly recommend.

The default keyboard on a laptop is generally only made to complete the function but not necessarily with ergonomic features and can provide good comfort.

To get good comfort and ergonomics, you should use an external mechanical keyboard on your laptop.

What kind of mechanical keyboard is best to use on a laptop?

For this, there is no definite answer. But based on surveys and answers that I got from the mechanical keyboard community “mechanical keyboard layout is an important thing that must be considered such as avoiding mechanical keyboards with layouts that are too large such as full size or 1800-Compact.

Most people who use mechanical keyboards on their laptops use mechanical keyboards with layouts of 60%, 65%, 75%, up to TKL which they think is the most ideal size and suitable for use with laptops.

However, it all comes back to your own preference. You can customize the mechanical keyboard layout according to your needs while working or typing using an external keyboard on your laptop.

Which is more appropriate? Wired or wireless mechanical keyboard to use on a laptop?

Generally, using a mechanical keyboard with a wireless or bluetooth connection is a better option. Besides you can keep the USB port on your laptop plugged in because it’s not often plugged in a USB cable, using a mechanical keyboard with a wireless connection provides more convenience, such as when you’re moving, you don’t need to pull the USB keyboard cable attached to your laptop.

Using a wireless mechanical keyboard on a laptop can give you better mobility and much more flexibility because you don’t have to bother with long cables and look cooler when using a wireless mechanical keyboard with your laptop.

Which is the best mechanical keyboard to use on a laptop?

Here are the best mechanical keyboards that you can use on your laptop. You can find the recommendations in the table below:

Mechanical Keyboards for LaptopSize/LayoutConnectivity
Razer BlackWidow V3 ProFull SizeWireless
Logitech G915 Lightspeed TKLTKLWireless
Keychron K3 Version 275%Wireless
Mistel BAROCCO MD770Split KeyboardWireless
Razer Pro Type UltraFull SizeWireless
CORN Anne Pro 260%Wireless
CORSAIR K63 WirelessTKLWireless
Razer DeathStalker V2 ProFull SizeWireless
Epomaker NT6865%Wireless
Keychron K2 Version 275%Wireless
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