Are Pewdiepie Keyboard Good?

The Pewdiepie X Ghost A1 Keyboard Review [2022]

Ghost A1 is a 60% wireless mechanical keyboard which is a keyboard product that is the result of collaboration between Pewdiepie and Ghost Keyboard, hence the name Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard. Ghost A1 is the keyboard that Pewdiepie currently uses to play games on every stream. Besides that, this is also one way to promote 60% of this gaming keyboard.

In this article, we would like to discuss in detail the specifications, design, build quality, features, and components used in the Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 60% Wireless Keyboard as a guide that you can use before deciding to buy this keyboard. Let’s get started…

Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard Specs

ModelGhost A1
Keyboard Size60% Keyboard
Number OF Keys61 Keys
SwitchesCherry MX Switches
KeycapsDouble Shot PBT
Battery Capacity2000mAh
ConnectionWireless Bluetooth or USB-C
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth 5.1
Working Hours40 Hours
USB TypeUSB Type C
Cable Length1.5 meters
CompatibilityWindows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, iPad
Keyboard Dimension10 x 12 x 5 inches
RGB BacklitYes, 9 RGB Animations Effects
Hot Swappable SwitchNo
Software SupportYes
Programmable KeysYes
Multimedia KeysYes
Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard Specs

Design And Build Quality

Amazing Design And Build Quality

Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard has a very cool design with a very dynamic color pattern of keycaps with red and black designs that you may never see before. This keyboard design is like 60% of other keyboards with a standard keyboard profile. There is an engraving on the right side of the keyboard with the words “Pews” in white which gives a quite interesting impression.

This keyboard has a very good build quality with a body made of sturdy and solid aluminum. You will not find flexible parts on this keyboard because the components used are of very high quality. The position of the USB Type C port is on the left which is an ideal position for a keyboard. There are no feet to adjust the keyboard’s height angle, but you only get rubber feet that can provide a good grip when you use this keyboard at your desk.

The Keycaps

Double Shot PBT Keycaps OEM Profile With Cool Modifier

The Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard uses quality PBT double shot keycaps that have a thick and solid design. This keycaps set has a cool design with red keycaps modifier. On the “ASDW” button you get special keycaps dedicated to playing FPS games that have engraved on the surface of the keycaps which gives you a really great grip when using it playing FPS games.

The Switches

Cherry MX Switches

The Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard uses the Cherry MX Switch which is known for its excellent quality and durability. This is the most well-known switch brand and is very well known among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts. There are Cherry MX Red, Brown, and Blue options that you can choose when you buy this keyboard. We highly recommend Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Brown to choose from as they will give you a smooth typing experience.

The Stabilizers

Plate Mounted Screw-in Stabilizer

The Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard uses a plate mounted Screw-in stabilizer that has been lubricated from the factory, the stabilizer on this keyboard is quite good and stable to maintain the balance of the keys and provide attenuation of vibration and sound when you press the keys on this keyboard.

The RGB Backlit

Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard has a very cool RGB backlit with various animation options that you can customize to your taste. RGB lights up individually on each button. Due to the use of PBT double shot keycaps, the RGB on this keyboard is not too bright and only looks bright in the gaps between the keycaps.

Connectivity And Compatibility

Wired And Wireless Bluetooth

The Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard supports a wide range of connectivity options. You can use this keyboard using a detachable USB Type C cable as well as using Wireless Bluetooth. Unfortunately the bluetooth wireless latency on this keyboard is not very good when used to play games because it still feels delay. We strongly recommend that you use a USB connection when using this keyboard for gaming.

Because it supports a full range of connectivity options, this keyboard is fully compatible with different types of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Android, and iOS.

Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard Software

No Software Support

Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard does not have special software support to customize this keyboard. Most likely the PCB on this keyboard supports QMK Firmware if you want to customize the keys and layer functions.

Typing Experience

Bluetooth Wireless Connection Slightly Delay

With the use of quality components such as Cherry MX Switches, PBT double shot keycaps, and a stabilizer that is pre-lubricated from the factory, the Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard can give you a typing experience that is quite good and very enjoyable to use to play games.

Unfortunately, this keyboard does not have an additional silencer in the case and it still feels a bit noisy when used for typing or playing games. In addition, when you use a Bluetooth wireless connection, you will feel a little delay when using this keyboard to play games. We highly recommend that you use a USB Type C Cable connection when using this keyboard for gaming.

Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard Price


There are 2 color variants for Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard Price, namely Shadow Black and Bone White. Both variants are priced at the same $134.99 for now. While the normal price is $ 179.99. You can buy this keyboard on the official ghostkeyboards website or through Amazon.

Pewdiepie Keycaps?

To get cool keycaps like the keycaps on the Ghost A1, you have to buy the keyboard itself because we haven’t found any keycaps with a similar design or modifier keycaps like the one on the Pewdiepie X Ghost A1 Keyboard.

Is Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard Hot Swappable?


This keyboard does not support the hot swappable switch feature which is a feature to make it easier for you to replace keyboard switches without having to solder them. You must desoldering the switches on this keyboard when opening it and you must solder the switches when installing them.

Is Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard Worth It?

Worth it

If you are a fan of YouTuber Pewdiepie, then this keyboard is definitely for you. Overall, this keyboard has a cool design, very good build quality because the body is made of aluminum. The use of Cherry MX components and quality PBT double shot keycaps are a pleasure to type on. With a very affordable price today, the Pewdiepie x Ghost A1 Keyboard is really worth having.