Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth It?

Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth It? One computer device that can be considered a premium device is a mechanical keyboard. When compared to a membrane keyboard or a scissor switch keyboard, a mechanical keyboard is certainly the best choice with various advantages.

So, Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth It? With quality, durability, and a more pleasant experience using the mechanical keyboard, the keyboard becomes very worth it. The mechanical keyboard has a solid construction and very reliable build quality that can last a very long time. On average, a mechanical keyboard can last at least 10 to 15 years. In addition to great durability, mechanical keyboards can also provide a pleasant typing experience that you will not get on other types of keyboards.

You will probably spend more to own a mechanical keyboard than a membrane keyboard or a scissor switch keyboard. But you will get values such as good durability, good build quality, easy to maintain, and the feeling of typing on a mechanical keyboard is much more pleasant.

In this article, I want to discuss what makes a mechanical keyboard worth having. Let’s get started!

Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Mechanical Keyboard Switches
Mechanical Keyboard Switches

One of the components that makes a mechanical keyboard special is the presence of a mechanical switch component on each key.

Mechanical keyboards use mechanical switches on each of the keys that are installed individually. Unlike the membrane keyboard or scissor switch keyboard, which is installed collectively on a single PCB or module.

There are currently several brands of mechanical switches on the market today. Each of these brands can provide a different experience when you use it to type.

The following are some of the most popular brands of mechanical switches such as:

  • Cherry MX: Known for its great build quality and great durability.
  • ZealPC: Has a very solid construction.
  • Gateron: Known for its subtlety and quite affordable.
  • Kailh: Has many switch options that can be tailored to your needs.
  • Outemu: Known as a manufacturer that sells its products at the most affordable prices.

If you want a mechanical switch with proven quality, choosing Cherry MX or ZealPC is the best option. They can last longer than other switch brands and can also provide performance that is well worth it.

If you want a smooth typing experience, Gateron is the switch option you should choose. Gateron is in the middle class which has very decent quality with a pretty decent reputation.

Kailh is also a switch option that provides various types of switches with unique designs. One of them is Kailh BOX Switches which are known as mechanical switches that are resistant to dust because they have a sturdy and solid construction.

The switch brand with the most affordable price is a switch from Outemu. Outemu is known for its fairly cheap prices with very decent quality.

The choice of the switch brand will affect the quality, durability and performance that you will get on a mechanical keyboard. So this is something that is quite vital and should be your consideration.

Different types of Mechanical Switches by Color

Although mechanical switches are made by several different brands, the colors on the switches have the same meaning.

The color difference on the mechanical switch defines the typing experience or typing feeling that you will get.

Based on actuation, mechanical switches are divided into three, namely:

  • Linear: Soft and produces quiet typing
  • Tactile: Less noise and provides slightly bumpy typing feedback.
  • Clicky: The resulting typing sound is very loud (Noisy)

Each type of mechanical switches can provide a significant difference in typing feel.

In the following table are the color differences on the mechanical switches and what kind of typing experience you can feel:

Switch TypesSwitch CategoryKeypress HardnessMy Experience
Red SwitchLinear TypeKeypress is light, silent clicks, fast and accurate when you type.I found the red switches a delight to type as they are fast to actuate and also because they require a low actuation force to activate them.

With the red switch, I felt like I was typing almost effortlessly.
Brown SwitchTactile TypeThe keypress is moderate.Brown switches are comparatively more silent than blue but have a good amount of bumpy tactile feedback.

I love the feedback that the MX Browns give.
Blue SwitchClicky TypeKeypress required is initially a bit hard but with time the keys get easy to click and improve the typing experience.Blue switches are of a clicky type and would make a clicking noise as you type.

You would also receive feedback for each keypress.
Different types of Mechanical Switches by Color

Who gets the most benefits from mechanical keyboards?

Who gets the most benefits from mechanical keyboards?
Who gets the most benefits from mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards can be enjoyed by a wide range of people regardless of their type of work, especially for some of these professions the benefits are felt, such as for:

  • Typists
  • Gamers,
  • Programmers,
  • Bloggers,
  • Content Creators, etc.

For the productivity of the professions listed above, using a mechanical keyboard is absolutely essential because it can significantly increase their productivity.

Especially for gamers, a mechanical keyboard that uses mechanical switches can provide instant and responsive actuation.

For now, the use of mechanical keyboards for competitive games has become a standard that must be met.

Mechanical Keyboard Advantages

Mechanical Keyboard Advantages
Mechanical Keyboard Advantages

Mechanical keyboards have several advantages that make it very worth it to have. The following are the benefits of having a mechanical keyboard that you can take into consideration before deciding to buy it:

1. Durability

Mechanical keyboards have a more solid construction, are sturdy, and have a heavier weight than membrane keyboards or scissor switch keyboards.

Mechanical keyboards use components that have better durability and build quality that can last for years.

For a variety of usage styles such as intense gaming, typing, or coding, the mechanical keyboard has been proven to provide faster and more efficient performance.

2. Satisfying Typing Experience

Mechanical keyboards can provide a very pleasant typing experience and can provide instant and responsive actuation.

Every time you press the button, the feedback you will get is so precise and feels very pleasant. The feedback and typing sounds are very special.

3. Have Better Performance

The use of mechanical switches on the mechanical keyboard is an important key that can improve the performance of your every activity such as playing games or typing your work.

With actuation that feels more instant and responsive when you press a button on the mechanical keyboard, it will feel faster to complete your work.

4. Modifiable

Mechanical keyboards were born to be used as a hobby field for keyboard enthusiasts. How not, mechanical keyboards use components that you can replace or modify to your liking.

You can replace and modify components such as casing, keycaps, switches, and stabilizers to your liking. Also if you buy a mechanical keyboard that uses a detachable USB cable, you can buy a custom cable or modify your cable.

5. Feature

Mechanical keyboards also have some very important features that membrane keyboards and scissor switch keyboards don’t have. Here are the features of the mechanical keyboard:


When using the keyboard for normal activities, such as typing, press multiple keys at the same time (except when using the shift key). And when that happens, it’s usually an error where the button wasn’t inputted.

This is called the ghosting effect. There will be no problem if you only use it for typing, but it’s a different story when gaming.

When you are gaming, pressing multiple buttons at the same time always happens because every button is important. Therefore, the best gaming keyboard must have an anti-ghosting feature so you can input multiple keys at the same time.

Poll Rate

This feature is a bit technical. The polling rate is the average speed required for the keyboard to convey messages to the computer’s CPU. So, if you write the letter A on the keyboard, then in a fraction of a second it will appear on the screen.

N-Key Rollover

This feature is often referred to in the abbreviation N-KRO, and refers to the keyboard’s ability to register multiple keys being pressed at the same time. Mechanically expensive gaming keyboards usually include True (or Full) N-Key Rollover specifications. But you can also still find keyboards that list the X-Key Rollover specs.

What you should know is the number that is usually used instead of the “X” in X-Key Rollover writing. The True N-KRO type is a keyboard device that can input correctly, no matter how many keyboard keys are pressed at the same time. So, for example, if you press the letter “JIKAHEINEA” at the same time, a keyboard with the True N-KRO feature will receive the input properly and can execute it perfectly.

6. You can Save Money and Time

Having a mechanical keyboard can actually be interpreted as you are saving money and time. Save money, you only need one time to buy a mechanical keyboard that you can use for the next 10 or even 15 years.

If the mechanical keyboard is damaged, you can easily repair it and replace damaged components such as switches, keycaps, and stabilizers. The cost you need is also quite cheap and to fix it does not take a long time.

When compared to you buying a membrane keyboard whose use period is only able to last up to 3 to 5 years. This is because the use of membranes that do not have reliable durability. When the membrane on the keyboard membrane is damaged, then you have to replace it and replacing the membrane on a keyboard membrane is not an easy thing. Everything must be precise and installed properly, otherwise you will experience many typing errors due to the imprecise position of the membrane.

Mechanical Keyboards Disadvantages

Mechanical Keyboards Disadvantages
Mechanical Keyboards Disadvantages

Although the mechanical keyboard has so many advantages, it is still a man-made product that definitely has its drawbacks. The following are some of the shortcomings of the mechanical keyboard:

1. Has a fairly heavy weight

For mobility or for those of you who work and carry your keyboard to work, the mechanical keyboard has a fairly heavy weight and maybe you will be a little sore to carry it every day to your workplace.

2. Expensive

With quality, durability, build quality, and the use of quality components, mechanical keyboards are devices that are sold at quite expensive prices. Although currently available mechanical keyboards at affordable prices, the price difference is still more expensive than membrane keyboards.

3. Blue Switch that produces a very loud typing sound

Mechanical keyboards that use blue switches such as Cherry MX Blue, Gateron Blue, Kailh Blue, or Outemu blue are mechanical keyboards that produce very loud typing sounds.

Loud typing sounds make mechanical keyboards that use blue switches unsuitable for use in public spaces such as workplaces that are inhabited by many people because the typing sound produced can annoy people around you.

So, Are Mechanical Keyboards Worth It?

Mechanical keyboards are a much better option and more worth it when compared to membrane keyboards or scissor switch keyboards.

Better construction, a more solid build quality, good quality components, features that membrane keyboards and scissor switch keyboards don’t have, and the typing experience that a mechanical keyboard can provide makes it really worth it to have.

Especially those of you who have intense activities using the keyboard such as for playing games, coding, typing, and various other activities. Mechanical keyboard is the right choice for you if you are an intense user.


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