Are Mechanical Keyboards Loud?

Are Mechanical Keyboards Loud?

You may be curious about how the typing sound produced by a mechanical keyboard. Does the typing sound from each actuation on a mechanical keyboard produce the same sound as a regular keyboard or membrane keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard produces different typing sounds depending on the type of switches used by the mechanical keyboard. Linear and tactile type switches have a fairly quiet typing sound and for a mechanical keyboard that uses a clicky type switch will produce a very loud typing sound.

Recognizing the type of switch on a mechanical keyboard based on the typed sound it produces

Linear Switch

Some of the popular linear type switches based on their color such as red, black, gray, white, and silver switches are linear switches that generally produce a fairly quiet typing sound. The lineard type switch can provide smooth typing feedback without a bumpy effect when you use it to type. If you want a mechanical keyboard that produces the quietest typing sound, choose a mechanical keyboard that uses linear switches.

Tactile Switch

Some of the popular tactile switches based on their color such as the brown switch or the orange switch are the best options for those of you who want a typing experience with slightly tactile typing feedback and produces a slightly louder typing sound compared to linear switches.
Tactile switches are switches that are in the middle between linear switches and clicky switches where tactile switches are one of the most ideal types of switches for use in your various needs.

Clicky Switch

If you’ve ever seen a blue or green mechanical switch, you can be sure that it’s a clicky switch. Clicky switch is a switch that can provide very bumpy typing feedback and produces a very loud typing sound. This type of switch is not suitable for use on a mechanical keyboard that you use to work in a public room because the typing sound is likely to be able to distract the focus of people around you. A mechanical keyboard with a clicky switch is more suitable for use in your personal room or your private office.

What if your mechanical keyboard produces loud typing sounds?

If you already have a mechanical keyboard with a clicky switch or your mechanical keyboard produces a typing sound that’s too loud for you, you still have a few things to do to solve this problem.

The good thing about having a mechanical keyboard is that you can easily customize it to your liking, including by modifying the keyboard to produce a quiet typing sound to your liking. Here are some things you can do to make your mechanical keyboard produce a quieter typing sound:

Using a Thick Desk Mat

Desk Mat on your desk can also be a factor that makes your mechanical keyboard produce loud typing sounds. Using a thick desk mat under your mechanical keyboard can help drown out the typing sound produced by your mechanical keyboard. This is the easiest way you can do, but you have to be prepared for the cost of buying a thick desk mat of decent quality.

Replace your mechanical keyboard switches with linear or tactile switches

One of the things you can do so that your mechanical keyboard can produce a quieter typing sound is to replace your keyboard’s mechanical switches using tactile or linear switches. Today there are many silent switches available in the market. For the smoothest and quietest typing experience, linear switch is the best switch option you can use.

Adding O-Oring on your keyboard

The easiest and quite cheap step is to add an O-Ring to your mechanical keyboard. Adding an O-ring can significantly dampen the typing sound produced on a mechanical keyboard. Installation of the O-ring is also very easy and can be done by anyone. You just need to open the keycaps on your keyboard and attach the O-ring to the keycaps bar.

Adding Damping Foam To Your Mechanical Keyboard

One of the most popular methods used to muffle the typing sound produced by a mechanical keyboard is to add dampening foam to the casing of your mechanical keyboard. You will need a tutorial or watch a youtube video to do this. However, adding silencer to a mechanical keyboard case is relatively easy.

Replacing your Mechanical Keyboard’s Case using a thicker case

The mechanical keyboard casing which has a thin construction will provide a wider sound resonance space so that the resulting typed sound will be louder and even echo. By replacing your mechanical keyboard casing with a keyboard casing that has a thick construction, it will reduce the sound resonance space so that the resulting typing sound becomes quieter.

Lubricating Mechanical Switch

One way that is quite effective and is most often used by mechanical keyboard enthusiasts to drown out the typing sound produced by their mechanical keyboard is by lubricating all of their mechanical switches. Lubricating the mechanical switch can make the switch smoother and produce a softer typing sound. In addition, lubricating the switch is also a way to maintain the mechanical switch to make it more durable and durable. Lubricating the switch is not easy and takes a long time, but I’m sure you can do it too.