Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Typing?

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Typing?

Currently, the mechanical keyboard has become one of the fastest growing industries. Of course, nowadays almost everyone prefers a mechanical keyboard to a membrane keyboard to accompany their typing or playing games. This is because the mechanical keyboard has so many benefits that ordinary keyboards or membrane keyboards don’t have.

For typing, the mechanical keyboard is definitely much better and can provide a more pleasant typing experience than the membrane keyboard. This is because the mechanical keyboard uses a mechanical switch which can provide responsive typing accuracy, a pleasant typing feeling, has an anti-ghosting feature that can prevent you from typing errors, and several other features that ordinary keyboards or membrane keyboards don’t have.

Is a Mechanical Keyboard Good for Typing?

A mechanical keyboard is better for typing than a membrane keyboard that uses a rubber membrane as a switch. The mechanical keyboard has a switch on each key which makes the typing experience feel better and more precise. The pleasant typing feedback on a mechanical keyboard you will never feel on a membrane keyboard.

Besides being able to provide a more enjoyable typing experience, mechanical keyboards are also known to have better durability, are easier to customize, easier to maintain, and you can even replace components on a mechanical keyboard such as switches, keycaps, and stabilizers to get a better typing feel. even more fun.

Note: For some people who have just moved from membrane keyboards to mechanical keyboards, they will experience a little discomfort because of the slightly tactile feeling of the switches and typing feedback. But this transition period won’t take long to start enjoying the typing feeling provided by a mechanical keyboard.

Why Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Typing?

Before you decide to switch from a membrane keyboard to a mechanical keyboard, you should know a few things that make a mechanical keyboard better for typing than a regular keyboard and a mechanical keyboard. here is the full explanation:

  • More comfortable mechanical keyboard: The mechanical keyboard has a switch on each key that can provide a more responsive and accurate typing feeling. The tactile typing feedback that is felt with the distinctive typing sound can make the mechanical keyboard more comfortable and more enjoyable when used for typing.
  • Mechanical Keyboard can provide a more precise and accurate typing experience: Using a mechanical keyboard for typing can provide better typing accuracy so that mechanical keyboard typing feels more precise. This is because the switch that has been pressed can return very quickly so that it can prevent you from typing errors. This will be very useful for some professions such as programmer or copy writer.
  • Mechanical Keyboard Has a Heavier Weight: With a heavier weight compared to a membrane keyboard, a mechanical keyboard can provide better ergonomics and comfort because when you use it, the mechanical keyboard does not shift or move from your best typing position. This certainly can provide more comfort when compared to typing using a membrane keyboard which has a light weight and is easy to shift when you use it to type.
  • Has Longer Durability: Mechanical keyboards have better durability when compared to membrane keyboards. This is because the mechanical keyboard uses components that you can replace at any time if one of these components is damaged. Switches on mechanical keyboards can also withstand up to 50 million keystrokes and there are even some premium mechanical switches like the Cherry MX Switch which have been tested to last up to more than 100 million keystrokes.
  • Mechanical Keyboards Can Provide Different Typing Sense Options: Mechanical keyboards have 3 Mechanical Keyboards Can Provide Different Types of Typing: Mechanical keyboards have 3 different types of switch options, namely linear, tactile, and clicky switches. The three types of switches for this mechanical keyboard can provide a different feel and typing feedback that you can adjust to your liking.

What Are the Different Types of Mechanical Keyboards?

Based on the feeling and typing feedback that can be given, mechanical keyboards can be divided into 3, namely mechanical keyboards with linear switches, with tactile switches, and also with clicky switches. Here is the full explanation:

  • Mechanical Keyboard with Linear Switches: The linear switches on the mechanical keyboard has the smoothest feel, the feedback is not very pronounced (no bumpy) and produces a fairly quiet typing sound. To get actuation or typing speed, a mechanical keyboard with linear switches is the best option. Linear switches are perfect for playing games.
  • Mechanical Keyboard with Tactile Switches: Tactile switches has a significant difference compared to linear switch. Tactile switches can provide a typing experience that feels a little bumpy and produces a rather loud typing sound. If you like loud typing sounds and want bumpy feedback when typing, the tactile switches is a great option. For its use, the tactile switches is suitable in various uses such as for work or playing games.
  • Mechanical Keyboard with Clicky Switches: In this section, I want to say that mechanical keyboard with clicky switches is a special segment for people who really like mechanical switches. Clicky switches is a switch that can give a bumpy effect that is quite loud and produces a very loud typing sound. So, a mechanical keyboard with a clicky switches is not very suitable for use in public rooms such as libraries or workspaces where many people live because the typing sound produced by the clicky switches is very loud and can disturb people around you. We recommend that you use a mechanical keyboard with a clicky switches in your private room or your private office.

What Is the Best Mechanical Keyboard for Typing

A mechanical keyboard with Tactile Switches is the best option if you are a user who uses your mechanical keyboard a lot for typing. The tactile switch is halfway between the linear and clicky switches where you get slightly bumpy feedback and the resulting typing sound isn’t too loud. For long duration typing, the mechanical keyboard with tactile switches is very reliable and can provide a very precise typing feel.