Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming?

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming?

The advantages of a mechanical keyboard are arguably important for gamers. For information, modern keyboards are generally divided into two, namely mechanical and flat-panel or membrane keyboard. A mechanical keyboard is a keyboard you can find on older computers with large, protruding keys. While the flat-panel keyboard is a keyboard development that is often found on laptops.

For some people, the keyboard is nothing more than a device for converting ideas into writing with its basic function as a keyboard. The evolution since his first appearance in 1874 as a typewriter or typewriter has made him more efficient and concise. Along with the times, keyboards have also evolved, which includes the advantages of mechanical keyboards.

Advantages of mechanical keyboards

The mechanical system used by this keyboard makes it more solid when pressed. In addition, the mechanical keyboard is also not easily damaged. Even so, the mechanism that it carries forces the mechanical keyboard to have large dimensions.

Well, for those who want to know what are the plus points of a mechanical keyboard, see the following article:

9 Reasons Mechanical Keyboards Are Better For Gaming

1. Switches are very diverse, can be selected as desired

The most important component of a mechanical keyboard is a switch. That said, one of the most important reasons why people buy this type of keyboard is the switch.

The switch itself is located under the keycaps. The type of switch that will determine the feel and volume of the sound when keycaps are typed.

There are three types of Switch that are generally sold in the market. The three are:

linear. This type of switch does not provide touch or click feedback when you press it. This type of switch will feel very soft when pressed, even seems to float. This is suitable for those of you who don’t want to have a mechanical keyboard with a noisy sound when pressed. Usually, Linear type switches are denoted by the color Red or Red.

Tactile. This is the “middle” switch between Linear and Clicky. You will feel a little feedback when typing, although not as loud and noisy as Switch Clicky feedback. The typing experience is also slightly smoother, though not as smooth as Linear. Tactile switches usually have a Brown color.

Clicky. Just as the name suggests, the Switch has a loud sound when pressed. It’s also pretty tough compared to other Switches, although it’s still comfortable to press. People choose this type of Switch because they want to have a keyboard with keys that provide a sensation when typing. Usually, Switch Clicky uses the color Blue.

There are various brands of switches on the market. Some well-known brands are Gateron, Cherry Switch MX, and Kalih.

Non-mechanical keyboards usually don’t allow you to define your own Switch. Before buying a mechanical keyboard, you can find out in advance which Switch you like the most.

Interestingly, some mechanical keyboards allow you to change the type of Switch yourself! So, when you start to feel like you don’t fit in with one type of Switch, you don’t need to change the keyboard. Just buy another type of Switch!

2. Very easy to “decorate”

Mechanical keyboards are very easy to “decorate”. In a sense, the parts on the mechanical keyboard can be easily replaced by yourself.

Many companies sell keycaps with very beautiful and cool designs. So, you can change keycaps whenever you feel bored.

3. Relatively longer lifespan than flat-panel or membrane keyboards

Most mechanical keyboard products have gone through a test phase of up to 30 to 70 million finger presses.

Why it lasts so long, is that each key is made up of multiple layers of components which make it more robust, which gives it an advantage over flat-panel keyboards with an average endurance of up to 5 million finger presses.

4. Easier maintenance

For those of you tech-geeks who use mechanical keyboards, of course you already know the advantages of this one. Because the components are removable, you can clean every mechanical keyboard key easily.

5. Makes a pleasant typing sound in the ear

Although this point is completely subjective, it should also be included in the list of advantages. Comparison between a flat-panel keyboard and a mechanical keyboard in terms of feedback, the advantage of a mechanical keyboard is the sound produced and the kick back from its key springs.

It’s the sound and bounce of the spring that makes it stand out in the eyes of vintage-geeks.

6. More weight, so it is more stable and not easy to shift

Considering the aspect of weight, mechanical keyboards offer stability when used because they are heavier than flat-panel keyboards, so you will no longer be bothered by the sliding of the keyboard due to touching hands.

7. Can be modified with LED/RGB or repainted

This point is the most important for you PC modders who like to modify the physical appearance of computer components. Because the mechanical keyboard structure has removable keys, you can use it for modif needs.

Repaint each key with the same color as the CPU case, or install multi-colored LED lights under each key, all you can do on a mechanical keyboard. So, ready to try out the advantages of the mechanical keyboard?

8. Comfortable & Prevents RSI risk

What is RSI? RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury or pain that comes repeatedly. By using this mechanical keyboard, pain and cramps will be reduced.

This is because the shape of the button is slightly curved and is suitable for every finger to type and does not require a lot of energy to press it.

9. Minimizing Ghosting

Have you ever pressed 2-5 buttons simultaneously but the results were not optimal and had to be done many times? Now the name of this case is ghosting and is one of the shortcomings for membrane keyboards.

For mechanical keyboards, of course there is no more ghosting because the keyboard keys are individual and make it easier to press the keys together. Great right?

Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming?

In addition to the 9 reasons above that mechanical keyboards are much better for gaming, the main thing gamers need is responsiveness, a sense of tactile typing with a fast response, and also anti-ghosting which is a feature that you will only get on a mechanical keyboard. Mechanical keyboards can provide an instant response to typing or actuation with a very pleasant typing feeling when used to play games, making the mechanical keyboard better for gaming than other types of keyboards such as membrane keyboards.