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Are Logitech Keyboards Good?

Are Logitech Keyboards Good?

Logitech is one of the big brands that produces gaming peripherals such as gaming mice, headsets, keyboards, and many other gaming products. However, Are Logitech Keyboards Good?

In addition to offering responsive gaming keyboards and effective workplace models, Logitech also manufactures very portable keyboards for mobile devices. You may be sure that you will receive a high-performing device whether you choose a mechanical unit or a straightforward scissor switch unit.

Are Logitech Keyboards Good?

Overall, Logitech produces excellent keyboards for all purposes. Their office keyboards come in ergonomic styles or are small enough to use while traveling. Although almost many gamers will find Logitech’s mechanical keyboards comfortable, they aren’t as adaptable as the alternatives.

The following are some things that you should make a guide before buying a Logitech keyboard:

Reasons to Buy a Logitech Keyboard

Reasons Not to Buy a Logitech Keyboard

Logitech Keyboards Lineup

Logitech’s MX Series

Premium wireless keyboards for office and productivity use can be found in the MX Series. You may enable features like “Logitech Flow,” which is exclusively accessible on MX keyboards, by using the Logitech Options+ program, which makes them configurable. Despite the limited number of products available, each one has a “small” size that is more portable and a Mac-specific version with a color scheme that is influenced by Apple.

Logitech K Series

Keyboards in the K Series are made for regular, everyday use. They typically employ membrane or scissor switches and are wireless. They come in a variety of pricing ranges but are less expensive alternatives to the MX or G series boards. Though some, like the Logitech K380, are Bluetooth-only, the majority of them offer the option of utilizing the keyboard with either a USB receiver or a Bluetooth connection. They employ the Logitech Options or Options+ software, however there is significantly less customization available.

Logitech G Series

Among Logitech’s gaming products is the G Series. Although there are a few exceptions, the majority of the keyboards are high-end mechanical boards that demand a connected connection. They provide three switch selections at checkout and employ Logitech’s exclusive switches. Additionally, compared to the MX or K series keyboards, these keyboards allow a far larger range of customisation and utilise Logitech’s G HUB software.


The Logitech Pop Keys are one example of a product from Logitech that isn’t a part of any series. These keyboards frequently include the same limited customization options as the K series boards despite being designed for general use.

Best Logitech Keyboards

A Logitech keyboard can be useful whether you’re wanting to design your ideal home office, make the most of your mobile work equipment, or enhance your in-office computer setup. Anyone who has sat in front of a computer for an extended period of time knows how crucial it is to have a comfortable keyboard.

However, it’s not as easy as you may assume to select the best Logitech keyboard. There are more than a dozen variations available, along with a wide variety of mouse pairings and accessories. We’ve examined each Logitech keyboard to make your purchase experience simpler. These are the best Logitech keyboards, ranging from inexpensive ones that plug into your device to pricy wireless models that can effortlessly move between operating systems.

Logitech KeyboardsAwardPrice
Logitech G715Best Overall Logitech KeyboardCheck Price
Logitech G915 TKL LightspeedAnother Best Logitech Mechanical KeyboardCheck Price
Logitech G PRO X KeyboardThe Logitech Keyboard used by the ProsCheck Price
Logitech MX KeysBest Logitech Keyboard For Office UseCheck Price
Logitech ERGO K860Best Ergonomic Logitech KeyboardCheck Price

Logitech G715

Feels well-built.
Very low latency; great for competitive gaming.
Included wrist rest is comfortable and adds great ergonomic support.
RGB backlighting makes key legends easy to read in the dark.
Macro programming limited to F1-F12 keys.

The greatest Logitech keyboard we’ve tested is also the finest Logitech gaming keyboard since Logitech produces a wide range of goods, from office models to high-end gaming models. A TenKeyLess variant with a delicate pastel color scheme that stands out from the typical grey and black gaming selections is the Logitech G715. The oddball design continues in other ways. It includes a cloud-shaped wrist rest that is incredibly comfortable, and you can get candy-colored keycaps and top plates to give your setup even more vibrancy.

It’s also wireless, which is impressive, and connects with a USB receiver for extremely low latency. You can also use Bluetooth to utilize it for regular typing chores. We advise the Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED instead of this cute little device because it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Another high-performance wireless gaming device, it features low-profile mechanical switches instead of conventional height switches providing a hybrid experience between a laptop keyboard and a mechanical device. No matter which choice you make, you can count on a responsive gaming experience without having to bother about cable management.

The Logitech G715 is really well constructed. Its metal top plate is rigid and devoid of flex, and its plastic chassis is incredibly sturdy. The legends on the keycaps are shine-through, double-shot PBT plastic so that the RGB lights can be seen. Six rubber feet beneath the board keep it firmly in place, and a storage space for its USB receiver is also included. Regrettably, several of the modifier keys have no stabilizers at all and wobble noticeably when pressed.

The individual keys of the Logitech G715 include complete RGB backlighting that can be customized for each key. Additionally, the keyboard frame has an LED strip surrounding it that creates an underglow appearance; this strip may be programmed in the software. Unfortunately, the keyboard displays pure white with a strong blue tint, indicating poor color blending.

The Logitech G715 is wirelessly adaptable. One device can be connected to it via Bluetooth, and another can be connected via its USB receiver. With the backlighting at full brightness, Logitech claims that the battery lasts between 25 and 30 hours, however your usage may vary.

For customization, the Logitech G715 makes use of Logitech G HUB software. The F1-F12 keys can be programmed with macros, and a G-Shift button can be assigned to open up yet another level of programming. Additionally, you may fully personalize the RGB lighting and set the “Game Mode” to deactivate all keys besides the Windows key. On PCs without the G HUB software installed, these personalized settings can be saved to the keyboard’s onboard memory and accessed from there.

While using the Logitech G HUB software, many online users have reported a number of issues, including but not limited to startup issues, freezing, and connectivity issues with specific devices. During testing, there were no software issues. Feel free to post a comment in the forums if you’d want to discuss your experience utilizing the Logitech G HUB with this keyboard.

Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed

Exceptionally low latency.
Low profile switches feel very responsive.
Fully customizable RGB backlighting.
Dedicated macro keys.
No included wrist rest.

This keyboard is perfect for experienced computer users or gamers who don’t want to sacrifice performance while fixed or mobile.

Mechanical keyboards and high-end gaming keyboards are frequently bulky, loud, and difficult to transport. Thankfully, none of those issues exist with the G915 TKL. Game players and heavy typists, like myself, will love how easy the keys are to strike and how they offer a forgiving yet palpable rebound.

Additionally, this keyboard is among the few on the market that, thanks to its brushed metal body and clever backlighting technology, approaches Apple quality in terms of external look and feel. The Logitech G HUB software, which is noticeably more capable and sophisticated than the no-code Logitech Options app, powers the G915 TKL. You can use it to alter the settings and colors for particular games if you’re up to the challenge.

The craftsmanship is excellent. It has a strong plastic backing and a metal frame. Due to the thinness of the board, it flexes a little, but not much. Despite being doubleshot, which is fantastic for the longevity of the key legends, the keycaps are composed of ABS plastic, which may readily absorb oils from hands and eventually develops a gloss. In normal use, the minor wobble of the keys is not particularly visible.

The Logitech G HUB software lets you modify the complete RGB illumination on this keyboard, letting you change the lighting for each key individually. Unfortunately, it has problems rendering pure white because, despite appearing white in the photograph, there is a noticeable blue tint in person.

The wireless versatility of the Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED is superb. It can simultaneously pair with two devices (one device via the wireless USB receiver and the other via Bluetooth). When the backlight is at its brightest, the battery life, according to Logitech, is up to 30 hours. It takes approximately three hours to fully charge.

The additional functions offered by the Logitech G915 are superb. On the top right are dedicated media controls, and on the left is a column of dedicated macro keys. The M1, M2, and M3 buttons on the top left of the keyboard allow you to choose between up to three distinct profiles that you can save using the G HUB software. A bespoke set of five macros can be created for each profile, resulting in a possible total of 15 macros. Additionally, you can record a macro using the MR button rather than any software, and you can swap between attached devices using the Bluetooth and wireless connection buttons.

The Logitech G915’s companion software is excellent. You can remap the dedicated macro keys and modify the RGB backlighting on a key-by-key basis, but you cannot rebind any other keys on this keyboard. The G HUB software allows you to save as many profiles as you wish; the onboard memory can only save a maximum of three. Additionally, cloud sync storage is accessible, although it needs a Logitech account. A Bluetooth connection will not work; the program only detects the keyboard when you are using the receiver or the cord.

Logitech G PRO X Keyboard

Extremely low latency.
Hot-swappable PCB.
Feels well-built.
Software is available on both Windows and macOS.
Doesn’t include a wrist rest for extra comfort.
Macro-programming is limited to function row.

The successor to the Logitech G PRO Keyboard is the TenKeyLess (80%) game keyboard known as the Logitech G PRO X Keyboard. It is essentially identical to the earlier model, but the current model incorporates a hot-swappable printed circuit board (PCB), making it simple to replace the standard switches. Other than that, it’s a simple device that provides excellent gaming performance without many extra features.

An excellent gaming keyboard is the Logitech G PRO X Keyboard. It has very little latency and seems to be nicely constructed. The stock GX Red Linear switches are excellent for gaming because they have a short pre-travel distance and a light actuation force, but if you’d prefer a different switch, you can easily swap them out thanks to the hot-swappable circuit board. The G HUB software offers good customization options, however macro programming is only supported for the function row, and the RGB backlighting lacks brightness controls. Additionally, the absence of a built-in wrist rest makes the keyboard unpleasant after prolonged use.

The build quality of the Logitech G PRO X Keyboard is good. While the baseplate is made of solid metal, the chassis is made of plastic and has some creaking and flex. The ABS keycaps have a cheap feel to them and are prone to shining. The stabilizers on the larger modifier keys rattle noticeably, and the keys themselves shake a little. There are five rubber feet that perform a respectable job of keeping the keyboard in place, as well as grooves for cable management, underneath the keyboard.

The Logitech G PRO X TKL Keyboard boasts fully RGB backlit keys that are individually illuminated. In the companion software, the backlighting can be modified. However, there is no brightness slider or setting, so you can’t change the brightness. Instead, to reduce the brightness of the backlighting, you must pick a darker shade of the hue.

A few extra functions come with the Logitech G PRO X Keyboard. The “Game Mode” button disables the Windows key, but you can modify it with the included software to disable any other key you choose. Only the F1–F12 keys can be used to program macros, which is somewhat restrictive. A G-Shift button can be assigned to activate a second layer of commands, though. This G-Shift is also cross-platform, so you can assign a G-Shift button to a Logitech G-series mouse that is compatible and use either device to access these additional layers of commands. The printed circuit board is a novel feature for a Logitech gaming keyboard, however it only takes 3-pin switches.

The Logitech PRO X Keyboard may be customized using the G Hub program. The RGB illumination can be modified, keys can be remapped, macros can be created, and the “Game Mode” setting may be used to disable all keys except the Windows key. Note that there are no macros stored in the onboard memory; simply RGB settings.

While using the Logitech G HUB software, many online users have reported a number of issues, including but not limited to startup issues, freezing, and connectivity issues with specific devices. During testing, there were no software issues.

Logitech MX Keys

Premium and well-built design.
Good typing experience.
Works with any OS and supports multi-device pairing.
Minimal customization options through software.

A great keyboard for productivity is the Logitech MX Keys. With its wireless connectivity, you can effortlessly switch between the associated devices without having to go through the pairing process again. You can couple up to three devices with it by Bluetooth or its USB dongle. The scissor switches’ short pre-travel distance and low operating force make typing feel light and responsive, and the indented keys reduce errors. Additionally, typing noise is quiet and shouldn’t disturb anyone nearby. The low profile of the keyboard makes it reasonably comfortable to type without a wrist rest, although there are no incline options.

Sadly, despite having a large number of programmable buttons, you can only change them to pre-defined functions—not macros. Finally, because of the significant latency, it’s not recommended for using a desktop computer for quick, reaction-based games, but it should work OK otherwise.

For usage in the office, the Logitech MX Keys keyboard is excellent. Although there are no incline adjustments, you probably won’t require a wrist rest to type comfortably because of its low profile design. It offers a fantastic typing experience with quiet, user-friendly keys. Having fewer cords on your desk thanks to its wireless connectivity is a benefit, and you can couple numerous devices at once thanks to its capability for multi-device pairing.

The build quality of the Logitech MX Keys is excellent. The keys are composed of dense, high-quality plastic, and the entire frame is made of a high-quality plastic that mimics metal. Unfortunately, the spacebar’s structure feels flimsy and weak, and the keyboard itself has some bend to it. On the plus side, the keyboard has a solid overall feel and has gripping feet that keep it from moving around the desk while you’re typing.

The key legends on the Logitech MX Keys can be read in the dark thanks to white-only illumination that glows through them. The backlighting may be turned on or off to save battery life thanks to an integrated sensor that detects when your hands are close by. Additionally, this sensor features an adaptive brightness capability that modifies the backlighting’s brightness in response to ambient light. However, a lot of users have complained about proximity sensor problems, particularly when using the keyboard in dimly lit areas, such as the sensor not working or switching off too rapidly.

There are not many extra features on the Logitech MX Keys. When you hold down “Fn,” the media buttons along the top of the keyboard also function as the function keys. All of the media keys can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks, including launching any PC program or file. Additionally, you can configure a second layer of features that are accessible by pressing Fn+Esc. Sadly, you cannot assign macros to them. This keyboard is compatible with Logitech Flow, which enables you to copy and paste data between PCs even if they run different operating systems by using the same keyboard.

This keyboard’s programmable buttons are configured using the Logitech Options software. Unfortunately, you cannot apply macros to them even though you can reassign a number of buttons to a pre-set list of various functions. The absence of macros may surprise programmers, but it is probably fine for the majority of daily or office use. On the plus side, you can customize profiles for particular applications and the software still detects the keyboard when it is connected through Bluetooth.

Logitech Signature K650

Good ergonomics thanks to low-profile and built-in wrist rest.
Has both macOS and Windows key legends.
Very quiet to use.
No Bluetooth multi-device pairing.
Rubber dome switches feel mushy.
No backlighting.

The Logitech Signature K650 is the greatest affordable Logitech keyboard we’ve tested. A soft-touch wrist rest, two incline settings, and deep-set keys allow your fingertips to rest directly on top of them without putting any strain on your wrists. It’s a full-size device. The Logitech MX Keys’ scissor switches are sharp, whereas the K650’s rubber dome switches aren’t as responsive. However, this keyboard is spill-resistant because there are no exposed moving parts thanks to the deep-set design and rubber dome switches, which is perfect if you frequently eat or drink in front of your computer.

A row of specific media keys along the top, useful hotkeys like a “Mic Muting” button for video calls, and an operating system toggle to ensure full compatibility with Windows, Mac, and ChromeOS make up for the absence of a few extra features like multi-device pairing with Bluetooth and backlighting. This keyboard can be paired with one device through Bluetooth and has a USB receiver as well as being wireless. Instead of a rechargeable battery, it runs on two AA batteries, which have a 36-month lifespan.

The build quality of the Logitech Signature K650 is adequate. It has an extremely flexible chassis and is made entirely of plastic. The middle of the keyboard also exhibits a notable amount of flex when placed on a flat surface. This keyboard is designated as spill-resistant for up to 60ml of liquid since the chassis and base plate cover all exposed circuit boards and switches. The ABS keycaps are really stable and have a lovely texture, with no rattle or wobbling. They also have a little higher quality feel than the majority of other ABS keycaps. The key legends, on the other hand, are stickers, making them more prone to losing their hold over time.

Five rubber feet on the bottom of the board keep it firmly in place, and there is also a battery compartment with a hole for the USB receiver. This cover feels reasonably sturdy and isn’t likely to budge. A power switch can be found on the right side, which is also important to note.

A few extra features are available on the Logitech Signature K650, primarily in the form of shortcut keys along the function row. Emoji shortcuts, mute, screen capture, and user lock functions are a few of these function keys. Additionally, a button in the navigational cluster allows you to instantly switch the keyboard’s language. Only the F1 through F12 keys can have their functions changed or remapped. By hitting FN+P for Windows, FN+O for Mac OS, and FN+C for ChromeOS, you can change between operating systems. The user documentation contains an exhaustive guide on this.

Logitech Options+ software is used to customize this keyboard. You can just remap the function row keys, so it’s quite limited. Although profiles cannot be created, you can apply certain application-specific options.

Logitech K380

Light typing experience.
Light and compact design.
Multi-device pairing with up to three devices.
ABS keycaps feel a bit cheap.

The best inexpensive Logitech keyboard is the K380. Due to its affordable pricing and small size, this portable keyboard is a favorite among professionals who are often on the road. Its slim shape and small size make it simple to throw into a backpack, and the fact that it can couple with many devices through Bluetooth means that cords are not necessary. It also doesn’t require charging because it runs on two AAA batteries, which have a battery life of roughly 24 months.

While this device is great for travel, it should be noted that it could require some first adjustment. The scissor switches offer a fantastic, rapid typing experience, but because the keycaps are a touch smaller than usual, typing on them initially seems a little claustrophobic. You’ll have a constant helper for your daily typing jobs once you become used to it. You won’t have to settle with a plain gray device if you’d rather a little dash of color because it’s available in a variety of colorful colours, and Logitech keeps releasing new ones.

Build quality is respectable. The keyboard feels sturdy despite being constructed of plastic and having some flex. The ABS keycaps feel cheap and the key legends are pad-printed, which over time may chip or fade even though the keys are stable. Rubber feet are on the bottom to prevent slipping, and there is a minor rattling when you shake the keyboard, but this is largely because the batteries in the battery compartment are moving slightly.

There aren’t many more features on the K380. On the top row, there are hotkeys for media control that are shared with function keys. The Logitech Options software also allows you to reprogramme a small number of keys (F4–F7), however you are limited to choose from a range of predefined commands.

The software support for this keyboard is subpar. It can be customized using the Logitech Options software, which only lets you select from a range of presets but allows you to reprogramme a few function keys. If you need to transfer to a different computer, cloud sync is an option, but it needs a login.

Logitech K845

Light and responsive typing experience.
Great build quality.
Customizable backlighting.
Cherry MX Blue switches are loud.
No customization software.
No included wrist rest.

For usage in the office, the Logitech K845 is a reliable mechanical keyboard. It’s a full-size keyboard that feels solidly constructed, and although ours has Cherry MX Blue switches, you can order it with other switch types if that’s what you like. The Cherry MX Blue switches offer excellent tactile feedback and a superb typing experience, but they can be rather loud, making them unsuitable for quiet office environments. Unfortunately, it lacks software for customization and offers very few extra capabilities. Its relatively high latency for a wired keyboard may also displease some gamers.

For office use, the Logitech K845 is adequate. Although our unit’s Cherry MX Blue switches offer a superb typing experience, if you decide that they are too loud for an office environment, you may purchase the keyboard with a different type of switch to suit your tastes. Although typing on it doesn’t feel taxing, certain users might require a wrist rest, which isn’t provided. Only a few keys are inoperable on macOS, yet it is completely compatible with Windows.

The construction feels excellent. With an aluminum top plate that feels lovely and robust, it is primarily made of plastic. The body has a small bend to it, but when typing, you can’t feel it. Some of the keys, particularly the Enter, Shift, Backspace, and Spacebar keys, wobble when pressed, and the ABS keycaps have a rough texture for greater grip. The keyboard is well-secured by five rubber feet at the bottom, and the inclined feet shouldn’t break off when moving the board about.

The backlighting on the Logitech K845 is superb and individually lit. Using the function keys, you may change between five different lighting effects and adjust the brightness. Not quite white, but close enough. It has a blue/green color, but one that is more apparent in a dimly lit space than in a bright one. It could be challenging to see the secondary functions on the F keys in the dark because they are printed onto the keys and do not light up, such as the media and brightness controls.

The Logitech K845 includes only a few extra functions. FN+F5 to F11 are hotkeys you can use to control your media. Sadly, there are no macros that can be set.

Any Logitech customisation software is incompatible with this keyboard.

Logitech ERGO K860

Amazing ergonomic design.
Great typing quality.
Exceptional wireless compatibility.
Odd layout can take some time to get used to.

A good ergonomic keyboard with a curved design is the Logitech ERGO K860. While it could take some getting used to, once you do, this type of layout eliminates wrist strain and is incredibly comfortable to type on. The board has sturdy construction and negatively angled feet. Similar to the Apple Magic Keyboard 2017 or the Logitech MX Keys, it has standard scissor switches.

An good ergonomic keyboard for the office is the Logitech K860. A curved board with a negative angle can be useful if your wrists are frequently in pain. Additionally, the typing noise is minimized to a minimal so that you won’t disturb anyone nearby. The key arrangement may take some getting accustomed to, but once you do, it’s quite effective.

The build quality of the Logitech K860 is respectable. This board is made entirely of plastic, so there is some flex, but it doesn’t feel cheap enough to break. The non-detachable wrist rest is luxurious and very comfy. The legends on the ABS plastic keys are pad-printed.

The media keys on the Logitech ERGO K860 are dedicated out of the box but also serve as function keys. A few keys can be programmed, but you can only choose from predefined options; you cannot design your own macros.

Depending on the application you’re using, you can set up several layouts and personalize some keys with a set of pre-programmed commands. Additionally, using this keyboard with its receiver or via Bluetooth is fantastic because the program recognizes it both ways.


Are Logitech keyboards better than other brands?

This will entirely depend on how you now use or want to use your keyboard. There’s a strong possibility that if you’re an avid gamer, you’ll naturally lean toward SteelSeries or Razer keyboards because of their specialization. Although the Logitech G9x line of gaming keyboards is excellent, they are competing in a field that is already well-established.

Is Logitech a trustworthy company?

One of the more well-known manufacturers of computer accessories is Logitech. In 1981, the business was established in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The business then moved to Silicon Valley, California, which was just beginning to emerge as the hub of American technical innovation.

As an early innovator in the computer peripheral industry, Logitech was the first business to create and produce a wireless infrared mouse, a laser mouse, and a thumb-operated trackwheel.

And what began as a business devoted to finding new ways to enter data into a computer has evolved into a supplier of computer speakers, online and streaming cameras, video conferencing systems, and even smart home gadgets.

How much do Logitech keyboards cost?

Logitech keyboards range in price from $15 for the most basic wired models to $200 for the most advanced wireless models with tons of integrated technology. Although some of their products reach the top of the premium category for standard users, Logitech is renowned for delivering a selection of high-quality items at a fair price, so you can bet on obtaining a good value. By only purchasing the essential features and skipping the extras, you can save a lot of money if you don’t require premium features like dual-system compatibility.

Are Logitech keyboards work with Macs?

No, strictly speaking, not all Logitech keyboards are compatible with Macs. The keys on a keyboard made for Windows won’t function the same on a Mac device, therefore they won’t be entirely functional. However, you can easily connect or plug a keyboard designed for Windows into a Mac and use it for simple tasks like typing. But don’t count on the Windows key or any of the function keys to working.

Does Linux support Logitech keyboards?

Yes, you can use virtually any Logitech keyboard with a PC running Linux. However, Logitech’s Unifying receiver software is incompatible with any of the most recent Linux operating systems. This applies to both USB and Wi-Fi connected keyboards.

Do Logitech goods fail frequently?

Anecdotally speaking, I have had a variety of Logitech products throughout the years, and each one has lasted several years past its warranty period. I changed a set of speakers after at least seven years, although they weren’t broken.

Reviewing poll and survey data from different sources, it appears that the failure rate for Logitech products is in the 5% to 10% range.

Despite this, there is no way to guarantee that your Logitech keyboard or mouse will last even as long as its warranty, as all consumer computer peripherals are prone to breakage.

Are there Fake Logitech keyboards?

Yes, there are fake Logitech keyboards available right now, but there are many other counterfeit consumer electronics products as well. If a keyboard’s pricing or deal seems too good to be true, it probably is a low-quality imitation of a genuine Logitech keyboard.

Buying your Logitech keyboards from a well-known online or offline shop of computer peripherals is an easy approach to avoid this potential problem.

Are low-cost Logitech keyboards reliable?

Even the most affordable Logitech keyboards, those around $20, are still significantly better than other less expensive non-brand keyboards that you may buy for sale online. The manufacturing quality of a $20 off-brand keyboard is simply not as great as that of practically any Logitech keyboard.


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