6 Ways to Enable Bluetooth on a Windows 10 Laptop

6 Ways to Enable Bluetooth on a Windows 10 Laptop – A Complete Guide

In the past, to connect an electronic device to one another, a cable was needed. Where in a cable already installed lines for electricity and also lines for data communication. For example, such as TV sets and speakers.

However, with the development of today’s technology, several electronic devices are able to be connected in several ways, other than using cables. Examples include smartphones, laptops, TVs, speakers and others. Where all these devices can be connected to each other without using cables.

The connection between electronic devices without using cables is usually called a wireless network. Where wireless networks usually use several kinds of transmission media such as radio waves, microwaves and infrared light.

One device that uses the concept of a wireless network is a Bluetooth device. Bluetooth itself is now widely installed in several electronic devices such as keyboards, mice, remotes, speakers, printers, headsets, lights, smartphones and laptops.

In today’s laptops, Bluetooth devices are usually embedded on the motherboard, so users can just use it. But there are times when users don’t know how to activate it and assume the laptop doesn’t have a bluetooth feature. Before explaining how, this time we will discuss what Bluetooth is.

Then what is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is the industry specification for a wireless (wireless) personal area network (PAN). The specifications of Bluetooth devices are developed and distributed by a company called the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. With Bluetooth, users can exchange files, data & information between devices in use such as smartphones, PCs and laptops.

Bluetooth works in the 2.4 GHZ frequency band by using a frequency hopping transceiver that is capable of providing voice and data communication services in real time between Bluetooth hosts with a limited distance.

After we know what a Bluetooth device is. In this time we will explain the applications and services found on Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Apps and Services

Bluetooth sends signals received by other devices with a range of up to 10 meters only. With varying data transfer rates for each device channel such as voice channels (64 kbps), asynchronous channels (723.2 kbps), synchronous channels (57.6 kbps) & symmetric channels (433.9 kbps).

Bluetooth products can be in the form of a USB Adapter or PC Card that is inserted into the device (Motherboard). While some devices can be connected and combined with Bluetooth such as cameras, headsets, smartphones, laptops, printers, PDAs and others.

While the applications provided by Bluetooth device services include: PC to PC file sync (desktop to notebook), PC to PC file transfer, PC to Mobile Phone (Laptop to Android), PC to PDA, Wireless Headset and others.

After we know some of the applications and services contained in Bluetooth devices. At this time we will explain one device that can be combined with Bluetooth, namely a laptop device.

Although usually today’s laptops have Bluetooth devices installed, it is not uncommon for some users to not understand how to use and activate it. But before that check first whether our laptop is available Bluetooth feature or not. As for how to check as below.

How to Check Availability of Bluetooth Features on Windows and Mac Laptops

Check Bluetooth on Windows Laptop

  • First of all, we click the Start Menu and right-click the Windows logo in the lower left corner of the screen
  • After that Select Device Manager Options
  • Then the Device Manager window appears. Then we look for whether the Bluetooth Adapter already exists
  • If it’s already there, you can be sure that your laptop has the Bluetooth feature available

Check Bluetooth on Mac Laptop

  • First of all, we open the Apple menu until a drop down menu appears
  • After that the drop down menu appears. Then we click the About this Mac option
  • Next we select Report Options
  • Then we select the Hardware menu. And Search for Bluetooth Adapter
  • If the Bluetooth Adapter is available, you can be sure that your Mac device has the Bluetooth feature

After we finish checking the availability of the Bluetooth feature on our laptop. Only then can we do the next step to activate our Bluetooth, both laptops that have Bluetooth or not. As for how to activate Bluetooth on a laptop, we will explain as below:

6 Ways to Enable Bluetooth on a Windows 10 Laptop and Use It

1. Via the Settings Menu

The first way we will explain to activate the Bluetooth connection on our Windows 10 laptop is through the settings menu. The settings menu itself is a menu that contains several settings on our laptops, both hardware (hardware) and software (software) settings. As for how we will explain as below.

How to Activate Bluetooth on a Laptop Through the Settings Menu

  • First of all, we click the Start Menu button in the lower left corner of the laptop screen
  • After that click the Settings menu
  • Then several settings menus appear such as System, Privacy, Apps, Devices and others. Then we click the Device menu
  • After that, several Device menus appear such as Printer & Scanner, Mouse, Bluetooth & Other Device etc. Then we click the Bluetooth & Other Device menu
  • On the Bluetooth & Other Devices page we slide the Bluetooth button from left to right. So that the original Bluetooth Off button becomes On
  • After Bluetooth successfully turns on. Then several other devices (smartphones / PCs) will appear below the screen. Then click the Connect button if we want to do pairing so that laptop and smartphone devices can transfer data to each other

2. Using Fn Key + Bluetooth Icon

The second way that we will explain to activate the Bluetooth connection feature on our laptop is by pressing the Fn + Bluetooth icon combination on our laptop keyboard. Every laptop usually has a Bluetooth icon installed on the keyboard that is adjusted to the type of laptop. As for how we will explain as below.

How to Activate Bluetooth on Laptop Using Fn Key + Bluetooth Icon

  • First Turn on our Laptop
  • After the Laptop Turns On. Then we pay attention to our laptop keyboard between the F1 to F12 keys and look for the button that has the Bluetooth icon
  • After the Bluetooth icon button is found. Then Press the Fn Button + Bluetooth Icon at the same time
  • Then the bluetooth icon appears in the lower right corner of the screen (taskbar) which indicates Bluetooth is active and can be used to transfer data between devices.

3. Via Device Manager

The third way that we will explain to activate the bluetooth connection on our laptop is through the device manager menu. Device manager itself is one of the features of the Windows operating system that functions to manage hardware configuration. Both in the form of software drivers and hardware information. As for how we will explain as below.

How to Enable Bluetooth Through Device Manager

  • First of all, we click the Search button in the left corner of the laptop
  • Then we type Device Manager in the Search Column
  • Then the results appear and click Device Manager
  • After that, the Device Manager window appears which contains some hardware installed on the laptop such as audio, cameras, batteries, disk drives, Bluetooth and others.
  • Next we Right Click the Bluetooth icon
  • Then we select the Enable option
  • Finished. Now Bluetooth on our laptops is also active and can be used by users to transfer data with other devices (smartphones)

4. Installing Bluetooth Drivers

The fourth way that we will explain to enable Bluetooth on a laptop is by installing the Bluetooth driver. Bluetooth driver itself is a lightweight software that we can use when the Bluetooth device is not detected by the device (laptop or PC).

This small controller is able to add all the devices we want to connect via Bluetooth, such as PC devices, Smartphones, Headsets, Mouse and others. So that all devices can be detected quickly. As for how we will explain as below.

How to Enable Bluetooth on Laptop Using Bluetooth Driver

  • First of all, we check the type and brand of our laptop. You do this by typing dxdiag in the Taskbar Search Column and clicking the result (dxdiag). This is so that the Bluetooth driver is compatible and can be installed on our laptop
  • After knowing the type and brand of the laptop, then we look for the Bluetooth driver. You can buy it at a computer store or download it on the internet
  • If you are confused about how to download it, we can Google it by entering the keyword (Laptop Type + Laptop Driver) Example: Asus Bluetooth Driver
  • After the download site is found. Then Please Download and Install the Bluetooth Driver
  • Finished. After the Bluetooth Driver is Installed, the Bluetooth icon will automatically appear in the lower right corner of the taskbar indicating that Bluetooth on the laptop is active

5. Using Bluetooth Dongles

The fifth way that we will explain to activate Bluetooth on our laptops is to use a device called a Bluetooth Dongle. A Bluetooth dongle itself is a device that users can use to connect PC devices with other devices such as smartphones, laptops, or game consoles via a Bluetooth connection.

This device is used because not all laptops or computers have built-in Bluetooth features. How to use it yourself is easy, just plug the Bluetooth dongle into a laptop or computer USB port and the laptop already has a Bluetooth connection. This is because the Bluetooth dongle has Plug and Play properties.

In addition, its small size plus a USB plug similar to a flash drive makes the Bluetooth dongle device mobile, meaning it can be carried everywhere and is very light. The Bluetooth dongle can be plugged into any laptop or computer via a USB port.

To get a Bluetooth Dongle device, users can buy it at a computer equipment store or buy it online at marketplaces such as shopee, lazada, Bukalapak and others. With a price that is only a dozen to tens of thousands of rupiah, it certainly doesn’t drain the user’s pocket, especially with the benefits that this tool provides.

6. Installing Bluetooth on the Motherboard

The sixth way that we will explain to enable Bluetooth on a laptop or PC is to install the built-in Bluetooth on the motherboard. The motherboard itself is a circuit board installed on a laptop or PC that is used to connect several electronic components on the laptop. Such as the central processing unit, memory, and other peripheral connectors, one of which is for bluetooth devices.

To use this method, the user must at least have knowledge of computer components and how to repair them. This is because later the user is required to open the laptop or computer case and install Bluetooth on the motherboard. So if an error occurs in the installation can cause serious damage to the motherboard.

For that, if you do not have knowledge of computers, it is better to hand it over to a repairman. Bluetooth for the motherboard itself can be purchased at a computer store or online shop. Today’s Bluetooth motherboards have even been equipped with wireless technology that can pamper users at varying prices.

How to Use Bluetooth on a Laptop

After we know how to activate Bluetooth on a laptop. This time we will explain how to use Bluetooth on a laptop. So that Bluetooth that has been activated can connect with other devices and transfer files to each other. The method is as below.

How to Add a Bluetooth Device on a laptop

  • First of all, open the Settings menu on our laptop by clicking the Start Menu and then selecting the Settings option
  • After that, several menus appear on the PC Settings page. Then we select Device Options
  • On our Device Page Select the Add Device Option
  • Next Bluetooth performs a search on other devices that use Bluetooth (example: smartphone)
  • After the device is detected, we click on the name of the device
  • Then a notification appears that says Compare the passcodes, which means the laptop will send a confirmation code (pairing) to the device (Android cellphone) that wants to connect via Bluetooth. Then Click the Yes Button on the Laptop
  • Next, we will match the verification code (pairing) on our Android cellphone screen
  • Finished. If the computer screen shows a notification “this device has been successful” then the two devices are connected

How to Send and Receive Files via Bluetooth on a Laptop

  • After the two devices are successfully connected (pairing). Then we specify the file we want to send
  • After the file is specified. Then right-click the file and select the Send by Bletooth to option
  • Next we select the device (smartphone) we want to send the file to and click OK
  • The process of sending files from laptops to cellphones runs to completion which is marked with a blue moving bar line
  • Finished. After the file transfer process is complete, we open the Bluetooth folder where now there are files transferred from the laptop

Other Functions and Benefits of Bluetooth Devices on Laptops

Besides being used to transfer files from one device (laptop) to another (smartphone), it turns out that Bluetooth devices also have other functions that are no less important and sophisticated. The other functions in question will be explained as below.

Other Functions of Bluetooth Device

  • Listening to Songs Wirelessly. This function is usually used when we want to listen to songs through a headset on a laptop or smartphone without having to plug in a cable that is often annoying and coiled so that with a Bluetooth connection we are more comfortable.
  • Print Documents Wirelessly. This function is usually used when we want to print documents on the printer without having to bother installing printer and laptop cables so that it can save time and be more practical.
  • For Wireless Mouse and Keyboard. Today’s technology has presented mouse and keyboard devices that have been equipped with Bluetooth features so that users no longer need to plug the cable into the laptop port and user acceleration becomes more flexible.
  • As a Hotspot Modem. With this feature, later we can share internet connection (modem hotspot) via Bluetooth connection. So that other devices can also access the internet
  • Connecting Car Speakers. When we are in the car in the back seat and want to listen to a song. Then we can connect the speakers in front of the car dashboard with our smartphones via bluetooth. So that the songs or radio channels that we want to play can be set via a smartphone
  • Connecting the Projector. If we want to watch our favorite movie through a projector, we no longer need to connect the cable to a laptop / smartphone. Just turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone or laptop, so you can watch your favorite movies to your heart’s content


Thus our explanation of what Bluetooth is, Bluetooth applications and services and their functions. In addition, it also explains 6 ways to activate Bluetooth on a laptop and how to use it. Such as through the Settings Menu, Keyboard Key Combinations, Device Manager Menu, Install Bluetooth Drivers, Using Bluetooth Dongles and Bluetooth Motherboards.

By reading the explanation above, of course, now we know what a Bluetooth device is and its functions. In addition, by reading the explanation above, we now know how to activate and use a Bluetooth connection on our windows laptop. So that our laptops can exchange files to other devices such as smartphones for example without having to use a data cable.

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