Best Switches for Typing in 2023

People use mechanical keyboards by choosing different types of switches and colors according to their individual needs. If Cherry MX Red is one of the best for gaming, then which Switch is best for typing?

From various sources, forums, and experience, I can confirm that these three switches are the 3 best switches to use when typing. These switches are Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue, and Blue Zilents Switch. These three switches are the best tactile switches you can buy if you want the best typing experience.

The tactile type switch is indeed the right choice if you want to have the best typing experience, in addition to getting feedback in every type, you will also get medium noise which is still acceptable.

Best Switches For Typing

Based on my experience of typing with different types of switches, we found that typing using tactile switches is the best.

The tactile switch provides slightly bumpy typing feedback and produces a typing sound that is not too loud. This makes tactile switches much more enjoyable to type on compared to linear or clicky switches.

The following are the 3 best switches that are very reliable for typing:

Switces NameSwitces TypeNoise
Cherry MX BrownTactileMedium Noise
Cherry MX BlueClickyLoud Noise
Blue Zilents V2 KeyswitchTactile Silent
The Best Switches For Typing

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Brown
Cherry MX Brown

The Cherry MX Brown is a 45g actuation force tactile switch with a travel distance of 2mm to 4mm.

The Cherry MX has a high precision CAD top housing made of quality plastic polymer material. Quality components can make friction between switches more precise and accurate. This is the mechanism inside the Cherry MX Brown switch.

The Cherry MX Brown is a tactile switch with very pronounced feedback. The impact of the typing feedback and the sound produced by Cherry Brown makes us addicted to pressing it, this is something special. Cherry MX Brown has a very special feedback characteristic.

You can find Cherry MX installed on some of the most popular mechanical keyboards for typing like the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2, Durgod Taurus K320 TKL, and Leopold FC660M.

Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Blue
Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Blue has an actuation strength of 50-60g This is a Clicky switch on the other hand still giving feedback like a tactile type switch. Cherry MX Blue is well-liked because it’s great for typing.

Cherry MX blue is one of the best clicky switches for typing. Feedback is responsive and fast because this switch has a fairly high actuation force that provides an accurate touch feel.

As long as you’re not bothered by the noise from this switch, it’s one of the best switches for typing. The feedback is very similar to that of the MX Brown, but the Cherry MX Blue is louder.

You can find this switch attached to mechanical keyboards such as the Drop CTRL, Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT, Durgod Taurus K320 TKL, and Ducky One 2 Mini.

ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch

ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch
ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch

ZealPC is not a well-known brand and has products available everywhere like Cherry MX or Gateron. Switches from this brand are very rarely found on mechanical keyboards on the market. You can use this switch on a hot swappable mechanical keyboard or your custom mechanical keyboard by purchasing a separate switch.

The ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch is the quietest tactile switch I’ve ever tried. This you can use to type in public spaces without having to worry about people around you being disturbed by the sound of your keyboard. ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch is very silent. In general, the switch in blue is the switch that produces a very loud sound. However, we didn’t find that on the ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch.

ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch is sold with several actuation power options ranging from 62g, 65g, 67g, and 78g. The actuation force determines the speed of the feedback switch and also determines the sound the switch produces. But the ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch creates a switch that has a different actuation power but produces silent voice feedback. This is great.

You can buy the ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch through many websites that sell official mechanical keyboard components. If you have a hot swappable mechanical keyboard, it will be easier to install the ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch. But if you have a standard PCB, you have to solder it.

The ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch has the same sound feedback as the Cherry MX Red Silent, but the Cherry MX Red Silent doesn’t have as great a feedback as the ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch.

You can purchase the ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch via the mechanicalkeyboards website.

Things to Look for when Buying a Switch for Typing

  • Actuation Type
  • Actuation Power
  • Travel distance
  • Noise level

When you are looking for a switch used for typing you have to pay attention to several things, starting from the type of actuation, actuation strength, travel distance, and noise level. Here’s the full explanation:

Actuation type

When you want the best switches for typing, you have to know the types of actuation on switches such as linear, tactile, and clicky. For typing, we highly recommend the tactile type switch because it has good feedback and response with a sound that is not too noisy. The Tactile Silent switch is a good option.

Actuation Power

The actuation force is related to the lightness or weight of a switch button being pressed. If you need light action this can speed up typing speed but will often make typos, because the switch is too light. Meanwhile, if your fingers are too heavy you will get tired quickly.

So you’re looking for a switch with actuation that’s right for you. Such as the actuation force of 45g to 62g is the ideal switch actuation force. You can test the actuation force by using a switch tester to find your ideal actuation strength.

Travel distance

The travel distance is the distance pressed until the switch reaches its lowest point when giving instructions to the PCB as input. In general, the travel distance of the switch is at 4 mm and this is standard. The low-profile switches have a travel distance of 2mm to 3.5mm.

It also determines the speed and comfort you type on the keys. We strongly recommend that you use only 4 mm for the travel distance. This is already ideal.

Noise level

This corresponds to the sound of the switch when pressed, or commonly called voice feedback. On a liear switch the sound is very silent, on a tactile switch the sound is quite quiet, while on a clicky switch it produces a fairly loud sound.

We strongly recommend that you use a tactile switch, because it has an acceptable noise level. If you choose the clicky type switch, then you will disturb a lot of ears when typing, while the lienar switch is very quiet but has poor typing feedback.

Another way to improve the better typing experience

There are several other ways to increase your typing comfort. Apart from choosing the right type of switch there are several other factors that can improve the quality of your typing:

Using Ergonomic Equipment

This is optional to improve the quality of typing, in addition to having good benefits for your health, the ergonomic keyboard can also make you type in a longer duration compared to using a regular keyboard. Other ergonomic aspects such as the height of the mechanical keyboard profile, the distance between the keycaps and other keycaps, the height or type of chair you use will affect the quality of your typing.

Adding Accessories to the Keyboard

You can add accessories to your mechanical keyboard such as a wrist rest, this can increase your comfort when typing and can minimize fatigue. Another thing you need to consider is using an XL or larger mouse pad as your keyboard base. It can help muffle sound and be used for your armrest as well.

Changing your Keyboard Mechanical Keycaps

This is also a factor that can improve the quality of your typing. Starting from the height of the keys, the size and texture of the keycaps. The quality of the keycaps and the good material of the keycaps can improve typing accuracy. You can try it when you use regular ABS keycaps as opposed to good PBT double shot keycaps. Using Double shot PBT keycaps definitely feels more precise.


We selected the three Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Blue, and ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch mechanical keyboard switches as the best switches for typing for the reasons we described above.

You can find Cherry MX brown and Cherry MX Blue on mechanical keyboards in the upper middle class from well-known brands. Both types of switches are quite easy to obtain. As for the ZealPC Blue Zilents V2 Keyswitch, you have to buy this switch separately and install it on your mechanical keyboard. We love it if you use hot swappabale because it’s very easy to replace switches without soldering.


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