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12 Ways How to Overcome a Broken Laptop Keyboard Error: The Ultimate Guide!

Last Updated on November 17, 2022

Overcome a Broken Laptop Keyboard Error: When a user first buys a laptop or PC device at a computer store. Then the performance of the laptop can be said to be quite good and satisfying. Because all new components are installed from the manufacturer both in terms of hardware (hardware) and software (software).

But over time, our laptop devices start to experience some problems, especially if it has been running for years. Starting from an operating system error due to a virus, the computer lags because the storage is full. Up to laptop hardware that is damaged due to use or age, including laptop keyboard devices.

If it is the laptop keyboard that is damaged, of course it is a very big problem, considering that the laptop keyboard is very vital in its function. In addition to inputting text when creating documents, the keyboard can also be used to perform additional commands that complement the use of the mouse such as the Enter, Copy, Paste, etc. commands.

If it’s like that, of course, we need a special way to get our laptop keyboard back to work, either using the default features or using additional tools. Before we explain how to repair a laptop. At this time we will discuss what a laptop keyboard is and the causes of a damaged laptop keyboard.

Then what is a laptop keyboard?

Laptop keyboard is laptop hardware in the form of a keyboard consisting of several keys and functions to input data in the form of letters, numbers and symbols. Where the output is generated based on the keyboard keystrokes by the user.

Keyboard Types

  1. Maltron keyboard: This type of keyboard has a shape with a concave inward field, with the aim that users can be faster in terms of typing with 10 fingers
  2. Klockenberg Keyboard: This type of keyboard has the position of several buttons that are separated into 2 parts, namely right and left. The two halves are separated by slanting downwards at an angle of 15 degrees
  3. Dvorak Keyboard: This type of keyboard was released in 1932’an which has a mechanical function so that the right hand has more weight than the left hand
  4. Alphabetic Keyboard: This type of keyboard is an early generation keyboard that has a sequence of keys according to the letters of the alphabet (A-Z), before the Qwerty keyboard was created as it is now. Alphabetic keyboards are currently only available in children’s toys
  5. Numeric Keyboard: This type of keyboard has a sequence of keys in the form of numbers that are close together and function to make it easier when entering large numbers
  6. Serial Keyboard: This type of keyboard is used for AT type computers and is plugged into the serial port
  7. PS/2 keyboards: This type of keyboard is used for the type of ATX computer which is generally used on older computers. This type of keyboard is connected to the computer’s PS/2 port in purple (if the PS/2 mouse port is green)
  8. USB Keyboards: This type of keyboard has a USB-shaped connector and can be plugged into a laptop/computer USB port. The USB type keyboard is the most widely used type of keyboard by users today
  9. Wireless Keyboards: This type of keyboard is a new technology where users can use the keyboard without having to plug a cable into the laptop port. Because the wireless keyboard uses infrared signals, wifi and Bluetooth as the connecting medium

Keyboard Functions

  1. Input Text: With the keyboard we can enter text in the document we create
  2. Scrolls: With the keyboard we can scroll the screen when opening applications (documents, browsers etc.) down and up
  3. Choose Command: With the keyboard we can give commands to the applications that we use using key combinations. Like the Undo command (Ctrl+Z) to cancel the command, Enter to approve, Esc to cancel etc
  4. Cursor: We can also use the keyboard as a cursor (pointer) which replaces the mouse function when the mouse is damaged. Such as direction buttons (down, right, left, up), tab buttons, home, page down etc

Causes of a broken laptop keyboard

  • Hardware Damage: The first cause that usually occurs with a faulty keyboard is a problem with the keyboard hardware. This can be caused by several factors, such as the keyboard being exposed to liquid (wet), the components in the keyboard have a lot of dust (dirt), the keys are released because they are often pressed, to the temperature of the laptop being overheated which makes the keyboard undetectable and hangs.
  • Software Damage: The next cause that causes keyboard errors is because there has been damage to the driver software file installed on the operating system so that our keyboard is not detected or has problems. Which can be caused by viruses, malware, junk files etc

After we know what a keyboard is, its types, functions and causes of a damaged laptop keyboard. This time we will explain how to fix a broken laptop keyboard using either the built-in or additional features. So that it can be used as a first step before we decide to buy a new keyboard. The method is as below.

12 Easy Ways to How to Overcome a Broken Laptop Keyboard Error

1. Restart Laptop

How to Overcome a Broken Laptop Keyboard Error: Restart Laptop
Restart Laptop

The first way that we will explain to solve a broken, error and malfunctioning laptop keyboard is to restart our laptop. This method is effective when the cause of the keyboard error is because the laptop hangs because it executes too many commands.

How to restart your own laptop is easy. Just click the Start button > Shutdown > Restart and click the OK button or press the Enter button. But if the laptop screen really hangs, then we can press the power / restart button on the laptop so that after the laptop restarts and comes back to life, our laptop keyboard works again.

2. Turn off Num Lock

Turn off Num Lock
Turn off Num Lock

The second way that we will explain to solve the laptop keyboard not working is to turn off the Num Lock key. This usually happens when we are using a combination key when executing a command, then accidentally press the Num Lock key.

So that the next command that we press on the keyboard, the output on the screen does not match and the error is due to Num Lock. To overcome this, we can turn off Num Lock by pressing the Fn, NumLk, or Caps Lock keys according to the type of keyboard used so that the keyboard has the correct output.

3. Clean Dust and Dirt

Clean Dust and Dirt
Clean Dust and Dirt

The third way that we will explain to solve an error and damaged laptop keyboard is to clean dust or dirt. This is because dust and dirt stuck to the keyboard can block the sensors on the keyboard from carrying out commands. As for how to clean it as below.

How to Clean Dust and Dirt on a Laptop Keyboard

  • First of all, prepare in advance the equipment such as cloth, water, microfiber, brush, keyboard cleaning gel, keyboard vacuum, spray duster etc. For users who don’t have the tools, they can buy them at online shops such as Amazon.
  • After all the tools are available. Then we use a brush first to clean the surface of our laptop keyboard, including the hard-to-reach sides
  • Next, dip the cloth into a little water and gently wipe the top of our keyboard until it is clean and evenly distributed. Or we can also use a Cutton bud that has previously been given Alcohol 70%
  • Then we can use keyboard cleaning gel to deal with stubborn stains on the keyboard, such as scale, dust, ink, etc
  • Next, rinse the keyboard again using a slightly wet cloth
  • Then we wipe again using a Microfiber cloth so that the keyboard is dry again
  • If we want it to be drier and cleaner, we can use a Mini USB vacuum cleaner that is able to reach between the keyboard keys so that dirt and dust can be sucked out.
  • Finished. After all parts of the keyboard are clean and dry, then restart our laptop and the keyboard is working properly again
  • However, if the keyboard is not functioning optimally, then we can clean the inside of the keyboard by removing the keys and the laptop circuit board. However, this method is specifically for users who have an understanding in the IT field

4. Doing a System Restore

Doing a System Restore
Doing a System Restore

The fourth way that we will explain to solve a broken and not working keyboard is to do a system restore. System restore itself is a feature that is owned by Windows and serves to restore system settings to a previous date where the system is still in good condition.

In addition, System Restore is also often used by users for several purposes, such as removing viruses that run on the system, solving boot problems, and repairing windows when certain errors occur, including errors on our keyboard device. As for how to do a system restore, we will explain as below.

How to Perform a System Restore in Windows 10 to an Previous Date

  • First of all we Click the Windows Start Button. Then select File Explorer
  • After File Explorer opens. Then we right-click the This PC icon at the top left of the screen. Then select Properties > System Protection
  • Then we click the System Restore button
  • Then the System Restore window appears and clicks the Next button
  • Then select and click on the existing system restore point and click next
  • After that Click the Finish button
  • The process of loading the system restore point runs to completion. And when finished the laptop will automatically restart
  • Finished. After the laptop comes back to life, our keyboard function is right again and can be used

5. Reinstall Keyboard Driver

Reinstall Keyboard Driver
Reinstall Keyboard Driver

The fifth way that we will explain to solve a laptop keyboard that is damaged and not working is to reinstall our laptop keyboard driver. This method is used when our laptop has been attacked by a virus which makes some of the installation files on the laptop removed by the virus, including the keyboard driver installation file.

Automatically if the keyboard driver installation file is damaged or missing then all commands that are run by the keyboard cannot be read by the windows system on the laptop so that the keyboard does not work when the user types. As for how to reinstall the keyboard driver, we will explain as below.

How to Reinstall Keyboard Driver

  • First of all, first check the presence of the keyboard driver, whether it still reads the Windows system or not. The trick is Press (Windows + R) at the same time
  • After the Run window opens then we type devmgmt.msc in the available column and click the Ok button
  • Once the Device Manager Window opens. Then we click the Keyboard icon. If a yellow sign appears then we have to re-install the keyboard driver
  • As for reinstalling the keyboard driver, we can buy a driver CD or download it on the internet which of course must be adjusted to the type of keyboard and our laptop.
  • After the driver file has been successfully downloaded, then we install the file by double-clicking the file. Then we read all the statements and click the Next button
  • Towards the end of the installation process, usually we will see the Finish button and click the Finish button
  • After the laptop driver is finished installing. Then we check again the status of the keyboard driver in the device manager as above. If the yellow color has disappeared, then the driver is successful or matches our laptop keyboard
  • Finished. Now our laptop keyboard can be used properly again

6. Remove Laptop Battery

Remove Laptop Battery
Remove Laptop Battery

The sixth way that we will explain to solve a broken and not working laptop keyboard is to remove our laptop battery. This is usually effective for dealing with some laptop keyboard keys that are not working. As for how to remove the laptop battery, we will explain as below.

How to Remove Laptop Battery

  • First of all, turn off our laptop by clicking the Start button and selecting the Shoot down option and selecting Turn Off
  • Next, unplug the charger (adapter) from our laptop
  • After our laptop died. Then we turn our laptop over and slide the battery lock holder to the left
  • Then remove the laptop battery slowly until it can be released
  • Next we leave our laptop which is already turned off for a few minutes for the cooling process
  • After the laptop is cold, then put the battery back into our laptop and lock it until it is installed perfectly
  • Next, plug the adapter (charger) cable back into our laptop
  • Then turn on our laptop again
  • Finished. After the laptop turns on again, our laptop keyboard works again

7. Keyboard Connector Check

Keyboard Connector Check

The seventh way that we will explain to repair a damaged laptop keyboard is to check whether the keyboard connector is still attached properly or not. Even though it looks trivial, if the connector is released from the lock, our laptop keyboard will not work because the input cannot enter.

To overcome this, of course we have to disassemble our laptop keyboard which is usually attached to the motherboard and reassemble it snugly and firmly. For this reason, this method can only be used by users who have an understanding of IT.

Because if the installation is wrong, it will cause even more damage. As for how to install the connector to the keyboard lock, you can see in the youtube tutorial video by clicking the following link.

8. Use External Keyboard

Use External Keyboard
Use External Keyboard

The eighth way that we will explain to solve a broken and malfunctioning laptop keyboard is to use an external keyboard. This method is certainly effective if we still have a keyboard from a used computer that is not used in our homes. So just plug the keyboard into the laptop’s USB port, then we can again type to create documents.

But if we don’t have a spare keyboard, then we can buy an external keyboard at computer stores, printing shops or online stores with varying prices. Starting from a cheap price of around 30 thousand for the keyboard (PS/2), 50 thousand for the keyboard (USB), to 80 thousand for the keyboard (wireless).

9. Use On Screen Keyboard

Use On Screen Keyboard
Use On Screen Keyboard

The ninth way that we will explain to solve an error and malfunctioning laptop keyboard is to use the On Screen Keyboard. On Screen Keyboard itself is a default feature that is owned by the Windows operating system that functions as a backup (virtual) keyboard that is displayed on the laptop screen.

Later we are required to use the mouse or touchpad on the laptop to click the virtual keyboard button on the screen. Although it looks more complicated and troublesome, this method is effectively used when in a state of urgency, for example when we are in a remote place or in the middle of the night.

To activate the virtual keyboard itself, the method is very easy, namely Click the Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > Accessibility > and select the On Screen Keyboard option. But for Windows 10 users, you can type the keyboard in the taskbar search box > then select the On Screen Keyboard option until a virtual keyboard appears on the screen.

10. Change Keyboard Layout

Change Keyboard Layout
Change Keyboard Layout

The tenth way that we will explain to solve a broken and malfunctioning laptop keyboard is to change the keyboard layout. This is because even though the keyboard is still active and can be used, the input generated is not appropriate due to the messy location of the input buttons. As for how to solve it as below

How to Change Laptop Keyboard Layout

  • First of all we type Language in the search box on the taskbar and Enter
  • Next we click the result (Clock, Region & Language)
  • Once on the Clock, Region & Language page. Then we click the Change input methods button to the right of the Language menu
  • After that appears 3 languages that we have to choose one of them. Such as English (UK), English (United States)
  • After selecting and clicking on a language. Then click the Option button to the right of the language
  • Next on the Input Method menu, click the Add an input method button
  • Then several keyboard layout options appear such as DVORAK, QWERTY, PUSUDB etc
  • Because we want to use the keyboard layout in general, then we select the QWERTY layout option and click the Add button to apply the laptop keyboard settings that have been done
  • Finished. Now our keyboard layout is back to using QWERTY and the laptop keyboard output is back right and no error

11. Customize Keyboard Settings

The eleventh way that we will explain to solve a broken laptop keyboard is to adjust the keyboard settings. This is necessary if the keyboard is still using the default features but is not functioning properly, for example, the repeat delay or there is a long pause between the appearance of one character and another when the keyboard is typed. As for how to adjust the keyboard settings as below.

How to Customize Keyboard Settings

  • First of all Click the Start Menu and Select Control Panel Options
  • Next we click the Easy to Access menu
  • Then we click the Make the keyboard easier to use button
  • Then on the Set up filter key menu, we select Uncheck All
  • Next Check whether the laptop keyboard is working properly or not
  • If the keyboard is working, then we can click the Set up Sticky Keys button to disable it on the same menu

12. Replace Default Keyboard (Service Store)

The 12th way that we will explain to solve a laptop keyboard not working is to replace the default keyboard. For users who have knowledge in the IT field, you can buy a built-in keyboard according to the laptop brand at an online store for $15-$20 and must be able to install it yourself.

However, if the user feels that they have never disassembled the laptop’s components, then it is better to take the laptop they have to a service technician who will then replace the keyboard they have properly and we have to pay an installation fee as well as a new keyboard of around $25-$40. .


Thus our explanation of what a laptop keyboard is, its types, functions and causes of a damaged laptop keyboard. In addition, it also explains several ways to deal with an error and malfunctioning laptop keyboard. Like how to restart the laptop, turn off NumLock, clean dust & dirt, system restore, reinstall drivers, remove laptop battery, check keyboard connector, use external keyboard, use on screen keyboard, change keyboard layout, adjust settings and replace default keyboard. (Technician).

By reading the explanation above, of course now we know better what a keyboard is and its types and functions. In addition, by reading the explanation above, now we are no longer confused if suddenly our laptop keyboard is damaged, error and does not work. Simply by applying some of the methods above, our laptop keyboard will work again and no longer error.

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